Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa is not just another speaker; she is a dynamic force that electrifies the stage with her boundless energy and genuine passion for people. With a wealth of experience as a sports psychologist, she has honed practical tools and wisdom to empower individuals to elevate their performance and reach new heights.

Her dedication and expertise have been recognised on a global scale, earning her the prestigious honour of being the first Australian inducted into the International Speaker Hall of Fame. Having captivated audiences in 30 countries and shared insights with over 2½ million people, Lisa's commitment to sharing knowledge and offering practical applications knows no bounds.

What sets Lisa apart is her remarkable ability to connect with any audience, from frontline workers to top-level executives. She tailors her presentations with precision, tapping into the appropriate energy and skill to deliver impactful messages that resonate deeply.

Speaking topics

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way!

Leadership exists at all levels of life - government, business, family and community. There is no perfect model for great leadership and leaders are not "born". The best leaders are self-aware, clear in purpose, courageous and decisive - all attributes of an individual's spirit, and all learnable.

Leadership is a lifestyle - a way of living, a way of bringing out the best in those around you. This session with Lisa McInnes-Smith is about the heart of leadership and the power of choice.

We’ve All Got What It Takes, But Where Is It?

This session focuses on personal capacity, flexibility and ongoing improvement. Performance rises when we capitalise on our strengths and minimise the effect of our weaknesses. Lisa sets people on a strategic pathway of continual progress in an environment of change. 

Lisa is a performance catalyst. She steps in as the coach to unlock potential and empower your people to perform above their own expectations. She nurtures the seeds of self-belief and self-confidence. This dynamic presentation will help renew their attitude and skillsets to achieve the goals they truly want.

Grit, Goals, Guts and Glory!

Most of us are more capable than we think. We have the capacity to be more effective and more efficient. It's time to work smarter and more efficiently, and most of us need to evaluate what we can do differently in this new season, and what we need to stop doing.

Lisa's session will set your people on a strategic pathway of continuous improvement by identifying what energises, engages and inspires as well as those aspects that rob, deflate and self-sabotage. They'll learn simple steps to build courage and rediscover their motivation. Your people will be inspired to perform at a higher capacity by utilising all the resources at their fingertips and capitalising on the skill sets of their colleagues. 


Feedback from our franchisees is incredible. They loved every second of your presentation. The energy was electric. Amazing!
Founder & CEO, Studio Pilates

So pleased to have you again Lisa. Our participants loved your engaging presentation. We received great feedback long after our conference.
Manager, Deloitte Australia

Wow! What an amazing impact you have had. Energy levels are up; inspirational; lots of take aways. Awesome presentation.
CEO, Belgravia Leisure Group

She blew our minds. Nothing but awesome feedback from all our managers. I think you are amazing Lisa.
SVP/MD JPAC, IHG Hotels and Resorts

Lisa McInnes-Smith speaker

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Speaker Showreel | Lisa McInnes-Smith

Speaker Showreel | Lisa McInnes-Smith

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