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Lisa McInnes-Smith has been instrumental in the transformation of people's careers and relationships. She is the first Australian to be inducted into the International Speaker Hall of Fame as well as the Australian Speaker Hall of Fame. Lisa’s expertise is inspiring leaders to rise and create tangible shifts in themselves and their teams. She is a catalyst for growth.

She has presented to more than 2 1/2 million people across 32 countries and authored seven best selling books. Her highly interactive keynote presentations take the audience on a journey.
They are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about and seeing, their current situation. Lisa not only inspires people to change, but shows them the practical ways they can improve their performance fast.

After three decades of helping people to transform their lives and businesses, Lisa knows what it takes for people to change – to change direction, change attitude, change behaviour and outcomes. Lisa empowers people to change.

As a naturally entertaining, energising communicator, Lisa is as comfortable delivering her dynamic fast paced presentations as she is hosting events as the consummate MC.
Lisa delivers her absolute best every time she takes the stage. Get ready to have fun!

Speaking topics

Grit, Goals, Guts and Glory!

Developing high performing people and teams.

High performing people keep growing. They rise under pressure and they positively impact the culture when things are going astray.

They understand what they need and find ways to inspire themselves.

How do we develop more high performing people?

They are team builders because they turn up to contribute and find solutions. They are people who connect and relate to others.

Lisa is about to have fun with you in her interactive session. She will explain the high-value behaviours and habits needed to develop more high-performing people, and what gets in the way.

Contagious influence

How leaders can Relate, Connect and Flourish

In this post COVID time there are going to be many difficult conversations to be had. Are you ready to deal with the tough questions? Can you help people to be part of their own solution rather than part of the problem?

Are you ready to build trust and help people who are in confronting situations?

Topic takeaways:

  • How to help people to take the lead rather than play the victim in their situation.
  • A couple of positive ways to handle objections.
  • How to have the tough conversations that will help people to improve their situation rather than be a victim to the circumstances. How to build trust quickly with candour and compassion.
  • Learning to be firm and fair. Increasing your empathy and compassion without compromising your services.

High impact

Increasing Your Influence Quotient

In marketing jargon, "If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it". If your team or key leaders have the potential for further growth in communicating their heart, the corporate purpose and goals for the enterprise, then this online workshop is a must!

Stories are remembered long after the meeting or the presentation, and when stories are intertwined with the message then the message becomes decidedly memorable. These practical sessions with Lisa will set your people on a pathway to greater influence.

The action plan usually consists of four sessions with each session of 90 mins duration. The sessions can be on consecutive days or spread over four weeks.

Teaching Points:

  • How to write a powerful and short success story.
  • Build confidence in your own personal brand.
  • Become the authority and speak with authority.
  • Learn how you want to be known by clients and peers.
  • Become the “Ambassador” for your enterprise.
  • Stories that sell you and your mission.

Press the RESET Button

How to build resilience in leaders and teams and reset for a Post COVID world and beyond

Creating effective health, wellness and productivity routines for our ‘non-routine’ world.

It’s so important to be agile in this season and to adapt every single day to the changing requirements. We have all been asked to stretch mentally, emotionally, financially and relationally!

Looking after yourself in these unpredictable times means making specific goals and actions that propel you to be strong, productive, healthy and flexible.

In this session you will learn:

  • The high-value behaviours that build health and wellness.
  • Three skills that will take you to a higher productivity plane.
  • The positive patterns that shape wholeness and well-being.
  • How to become the “way maker” for a creative future and take others with you on the journey.

Rise Strong

Build a Mindset for Growth

We are settling into what we hope is our new normal. What’s different? That seems such a silly question. The better question is “Is there anything that is the same?” We have come through a culture shock - everything is disrupted. At all levels our people must commit to embrace a new vision through incremental improvement in personal performance and commit to personal growth through professional collaboration.

Growth is accelerated when everyone commits to a mindset of growth and embraces the new vision through incremental improvement in personal performance. Everyone rises to the challenge of growth together.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to develop a growth mindset and fast track growth.
  • How to see change as an opportunity for growth.
  • How to effortlessly add new learning into your daily and weekly lives.
  • How to be more energetic in all areas of your life.
  • The power of small tweaks to create significant on-going growth.
  • How to talk yourself into pushing through the challenge.
  • How to grow a culture of care and collaboration

Master of Ceremonies

Lisa McInnes-Smith has a unique ability to connect and effectively communicate with any audience. After twenty-five years connecting with corporations and business people, Lisa knows what it takes to engage a room.

As an MC Lisa brings her experience as being one of Australia's most highly regarded speakers with an infectious charismatic personality and keen sense of observation, and will bring smiles and laughter to everyone's face.


Lisa McInnes-Smith was an excellent opener to our 2 day conference. She stuck to our brief and she had the audience fully engaged. There was lots of laughter as well and of course the chocolates help. She left the audience wanting more!
- IOOF Holdings

You were just terrific, and inspiring!
- Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Choice Hotels

Lisa's ability to keep her audience engaged and expand their thinking was exceptional.
- Marketing Operations Manager, 3M Australia

Your opening session set the theme for our event and energised our franchisees. Your unique communication style ensured your message sank in. You exceeded our expectations from the initial meeting to the post-event debrief.
- Advertising & Promotions Manager, Quest Serviced Apartments

Your ability to keep the participants interested and involved and your approach to make learning a fun experience contributed greatly to the success of the event.
- Regional Director, Lufthansa German Airlines

Everyone loved your presentation. There was unanimous praise and huge enthusiasm from your speech. You are a huge hit!
- CEO, Wendy's

Your presentation at our National Conference was passionate and engaging. You have a unique ability to keep the audience truly engaged throughout your presentation.
- HR Manager, Officeworks Superstores

Lisa McInnes-Smith speaker

Speaker Video

Lisa McInnes Smith - Speaker Showreel

Lisa McInnes Smith - Speaker Showreel

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Stepping Up

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