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Lucy Bloom is a change maker, exceptional communicator and business fixer. She began her career in advertising, working across a diverse range of industries for 20 years before she stepped into the role of CEO of a new women’s health organisation. In less than three years she created and lead a small team to raise $7M for a network of hospitals in Ethiopia. She then went on to transform a network of schools and health centres in South East Asia, as the organisation’s first CEO. She now consults as a strategy machine and governance gun for start ups, NFPs and big business. You will find Lucy Bloom challenging and entertaining in equal measure.

She’s is a rule breaker, idea maker and momentum creator inspiring audiences with humour and captivating storytelling, with the business acumen to fortify an unforgettable message.

Lucy has never met an industry she cannot speak to. Let her customise a speech just for your virtual or live event.

Speaking topics

Doing business differently

Lucy Bloom presents from the magic spot between stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. If you want your people feeling motivated, inspired and ready to conquer, with a speaker who has the business experience to bring it all home, this is the topic for you. From a 30+ year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer, Lucy knows how to do business differently. Discover how to conquer the fears that hold you back, learn why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan and why change should be your superpower.

Futurist innovation thinking

She’s the founder of an education start-up, led a creative agency for two decades and consulted in China-Australia innovation. If innovation fuels your engine and the future is where you’re headed, this is the conference speaker and the topic for you. Discover what's instore as the world adapts to AI models that are changing the way we live, work and innovate. In this speech you’ll learn how to create and inspire innovation with the mind and tools of a futurist even within frameworks of structure and bureaucracy.

Leading with kindness

As a recipient of a Kindness Award from the Wakeup Project and the founding CEO of a holistic women’s health charity, Lucy is your conference speaker when you are ready to implement kindness as a proven business strategy and an essential part of psych-safety. Lucy has built a career on the science of kindness. Discover how to spread kindness like wildfire in a way that feeds back into your people and your bottom line. This unforgettable speech will have your delegates implementing a daily practice in kindness which will make them happier, healthier and more productive.


There’s no other speaker like Lucy Bloom: fast, funny and so relatable with business experience in spades. Lucy handles virtual events with energy and fun, leaving the audience right where we want them: motivated, inspired and ready for radical change.

Lucy impressed our audiences with her fast-paced, vibrant and thoroughly entertaining speech. She is a wonderful storyteller; she delivers her messages with candour, humour and a realness that is often missing from the corporate speaker circuit. We highly recommend Lucy to any organisation that is looking for a speaker who is smart, informed and funny. Your audience will love Lucy.
General Manager, Australian Finance Group

From the minute Lucy spoke, the whole audience was captivated. Her ability to incorporate humour and compassion into a clear business message is unlike no other! Highly recommended speaker.
National Partnership Manager, ANZ

As our regular MC, Lucy keeps the pace on track and has a substantial impact on the audience she's engaging. She is more than funny. She’s a businesswoman and an innovator herself.
Charles Sturt University

Lucy was a brilliant mediator and MC for a debate between the top state candidates in our electorate. She brought humour and pace to the event handling pollies and the audience incredibly well.
Chair, Coogee Chamber of Commerce

Lucy Bloom is the perfect keynote speaker to open an event, ignite the thoughts of your delegates and plant seeds of thought that will grow throughout your event. Lucy’s energy, humour and unique voice set her apart from other speakers in Australia. Lucy took our theme and ran with it – I couldn’t have anticipated or imagined the direction that she created – and it was wonderful. My audience can be tricky – but she had them in the palm of her hand, at the end of each idea and wrapped in her warmth and humour.
Australia Council for the Arts, Marketing, Communication and Ticketing Summit

The power of storytelling is proven throughout history to be the most impactful way to educate and inspire. Lucy Bloom, you did this with humour, authenticity and honesty that surpassed any other speaker over the two days. They really did save the best until last.
BIIG Conference

Lucy opened the show at IBTMWorld to a packed theatre of industry professionals from all over the world and she did not disappoint! The pace was fast and her content so relatable. There was not one phone fiddler in the room as Lucy held our full attention and challenged us to do business differently.
Reed Exhibitions

According to one of our longest-standing members, Lucy Bloom is the best keynote speaker we have ever had a state conference - and that member has attended all 30 of them.

Lucy made our people feel like they wanted to jump into action straight after her live stream, which is just what we were going for. Our audience (supermarket franchisees, mainly men) loved her personable nature and many have commented on how funny and relatable she is.
Food Stuffs New Zealand

To listen to a presenter who is so authentic and to get so many “ah ha” moments is very cool. My team were messaging me whilst Lucy was speaking. She was an absolute hit and I know many of us gained a lot from your speech.
State Manager, Commercial, Willis Towers Watson

From the minute Lucy spoke, the whole audience was captivated. Her ability to incorporate humour and compassion into a clear business message is like no other speaker in the world.
ANZ Bank

Lucy is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She’s perfect for the current climate.
CEO Good Shepherd

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