Lucy Bloom

Australia - NSW

Lucy is a change maker, exceptional communicator and business fixer. She created and led an advertising agency working across a diverse range of industries for 20 years before she stepped into the role of CEO of a brand new women’s health organisation. In two and half years she lead a small team to raise $7M for a network of hospitals in Ethiopia. She then went on to transform a Cambodian children’s charity as its first CEO. She is the creator of the world’s first childbirth education program for men run in local pubs which she franchised nationally. She has since hit the speaker’s trail full time, is writing her second book and consults as a business fixer, strategy machine and governance gun. You will find her challenging and entertaining in equal measure. Lucy Bloom is a rule breaker, idea maker and momentum creator.

Lucy Bloom will take you on a roller coaster ride of fascinating experiences and business learnings from a 20-year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer. Discover how to do business differently, why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan, how kindness and optimism fuel your bottom line and how ordinary people achieve the extraordinary.

“Our guests raved about how inspired Lucy left them all feeling. So many left with a long ‘to do’ list!  We could have listened to her for hours and still not even scratched the surface of the great messages Lucy has to share.  She is high energy and unapologetically direct.  Her content and delivery was pitch perfect for the group of business leaders we were hosting.” Bel Quince, Relationship Executive, CommBank.

Most of us have never jumped out of a plane into a war zone or faced a firing squad and neither has Lucy Bloom. But she has learned from some of the most courageous people how they face their fears and push through to overcome the most gob-smacking challenges. Lucy illustrates, with heartbreaking and hilarious stories, how courage is not just the realm of front-line soldiers. It is acts of everyday heroism that make the world go round, and it’s sheer pluck which is the key to success. Video:

“I always love the humour and soul-catching authenticity when Lucy Bloom is on stage.”
Leonie Henzell, Bockers and Pony

What is it about love that is so addictive and makes it feel like a drug? Take the science of love and positive brain chemistry and apply it to doing business successfully, passionately and confidently. Why is business often such a battleground? Take it from Lucy Bloom, who has learned from the coal face of the labour ward to the furnace of the boardroom – love makes the world go round but the good fight seals the deal. 

“Your presentation was amazing and I have had so much great feedback. You were a perfect mix of inspirational and pragmatic and I think it is safe to say ‘our sector has never experienced anything quite like your presentation before’ which made it perfect!” Darlene Harrison, Head, Performance Coaching and Leadership, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission.

Lucy has a reputation as a trailblazing leader with a wicked sense of humour who single-handedly “made vaginas fun” in a women’s health social media campaign with a difference. Understand the science of humour. Learn how to bring the fun factor into the way you do business and celebrate success so that your stakeholders can’t get enough of you, teams are tight and loyal and you smash your results #likeaboss.

“Lucy is an authentic, vulnerable and funny speaker who creates ripples of change every time she speaks. The thing I love about Lucy is her ability to craft her messaging to really make the content relevant, polarising and just the right amount of controversial to start the conversation.” Sarah Roocroft, Wired for Wonder

How do you pick yourself up from catastrophic failure? How do you take a low blow and turn it into flying high like a boss? Transformation is not always planned or wanted. Failure hurts. Yet when it happens, if you embrace it, you will thrive and never look back. Lucy Bloom went from award-winning leader to unemployed in one text message. Learn from her experience how to harness your strengths and rethink your failures to transform, with truth and courage to fly.

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