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Luke Tyburski shares his eye-opening, impactful, & relatable story of hiding his mental health struggles through shame, confusion, and what he thought was a sign of weakness to audiences all over the world.

His personal experiences of battling depression alone for nearly a decade, and completing extreme-endurance challenges like running across the Sahara desert & completing a world-first 2000 kilometre 12-day Ultimate triathlon from Morocco to Monaco; have been translated into effective & actionable ‘knowledge nuggets’.

With a clear, concise, and uplifting delivery, Luke has shared these mindset principles with organisations, and teams, at events across a variety of industries, and on a Ted-X Stage

His audiences have spanned the globe, from the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, all across Europe, and the UK.

Alongside his keynote talks, Luke regularly hosts a diverse range of in-person and virtual events. These include conferences, award ceremonies, panel discussions, podcasts, and varying types of triathlons, running & other sporting events. 

Forever Sports magazine mentioned Luke in their list of the 50 fittest athletes in the world.

Luke has been interviewed by The Huffington Post, London Live, and featured on the pages of Sport, Triathlete, Outdoor Fitness, Men’s Running, Triathlon & Multi-Sport, Trail Runner, 220 Triathlon, T3, Triathlete, Forever Sport, and Coach Magazine.

Speaking topics

  • Build resilience with K.E.N
  • creating a mindset that matters
  • being vulnerable is a superpower
  • overcoming adversity through curiosity


A first-class presentation delivered by a world-class public speaker. Luke kept our guests spellbound with his adventure stories. Informative, educational, inspiring, and very very entertaining!
- Co-Director of EtchRock

Luke’s virtual presentation style kept us all engaged throughout, and gave us some great techniques and strategies to be happier and to achieve more. We finished the session feeling inspired and ready to take on the world with renewed vigour.
- Director, Efficient Portfolio

Luke is an exceptional speaker, he manages to captivate his audience with wit, charm, and enthusiasm. His talk was extremely well received and left us all with actionable advice that meant the whole company could benefit and gain value.
- Global Commercial Director Fliplet, Enterprise Apps Made Easy

We found his ways of thinking to be helpful not only just our workday but also in our daily lives.
- Co-Founder Vadela Creative Content Consultants

Luke Tyburski speaker

Speaker Video

Luke Tyburski  - TEDxWolverhampton

Luke Tyburski - TEDxWolverhampton

Luke Tyburski - Presenting MC showreel

Luke Tyburski - Presenting MC showreel

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