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Maddy Dychtwald is a leading authority on generational marketing and demographics.
The Coming Boomer Trends: As co-founder and senior vice president of the premier think-tank Age Wave, Inc. and the author of Cycles: How We Will Live, Work and Buy, Maddy Dychtwald analyzes and forecasts trends related to the baby boomer and over-50 populations, providing audiences with a thumbnail sketch of what the future will look like as the current crop of boomers ages, and - more importantly - how these demographic trends will influence the economy.

New Opportunities: Drawing on more than fifteen years of research and analysis, Dychtwald's presentations combine demographic facts with savvy business acumen. She enlightens audiences on the upcoming scientific breakthroughs and lifestyle trends that will impact healthcare, financial services, retail, consumer products and a myriad of other industries and shows audiences how to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Fascinating, Anecdotal Presentations: Her sought-after presentations combine provocative information with entertaining anecdotes and exciting multi-media imagery. Frequently featured in newspapers, magazines and trade publications, she is currently working on her new book, Power Trends: Boomer Impact on the New Millennium Generation.

Speech Topics
Cycles: How We Will Live, Work and Buy
Based on research and original ideas featured in her book of the same title, this innovative presentation explores how age no longer defines who we are, how we live and work, and what products and services we buy. Ms. Dychtwald describes three powerful, converging demographic and psychographic trends that drive this change. Then, she details the "cyclic" approach to life, bringing into sharp focus how age is becoming less a factor in our life choices while lifestage is becoming more important. In conclusion, she demonstrates how our long-held business assumptions and practices, such as age segmentation and brand loyalty are losing their traction in our quickly changing, more ageless marketplace.

The Empowered Generation: Capturing the Boomer Market
This presentation brings into sharp focus the heart, soul, mind, body, and pocketbook of America's largest, most influential generation as they continue to move through and transform the traditional lifestages. Ms. Dychtwald outlines the boomers impact on education, work, retirement, leisure, family, healthcare and the consumer marketplace. Learn about a wide range of actionable ways to capture their attention, retain them as employees and satisfy their needs.

Across The Generations
An eye-opening overview of the four generations active in today's marketplace and workplace-millennials, Xers, boomers, and matures.Understand their values, lifestyles, work styles, purchasing preferences and hot buttons. Learn how generational identity impacts product and service preferences, how the generations can effectively work together, and how to maximize opportunities with each group.

The Age Wave
A comprehensive overview of the expanding new mature market. Ms. Dychtwald will examine the social, economic and lifestyle implications of the aging of America, including a description of the sub-segments of the mature market, what they want, their impact on the workforce, the marketplace, and a preview of the products, services, technologies, and marketing strategies that will win each sub-segment over.

Shifts Happen
A powerful and provocative analysis of seven key demographic, social, and lifestyle trends-from the longevity revolution to revisioned retirement--that will transform our lives, the consumer marketplace and the workplace in the decade ahead. Through actionable illustrations and examples, Ms. Dychtwald shows how these trends can forecast the future and transform our lives.

The Future of Healthcare
For the first time in history, three predictable demographic trends
Maddy Dychtwald speaker

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