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Maree Hamilton is a Certified Practising Accountant, Client Attraction & Business Networking Specialist & Author. Maree's experience of 20 years as a business accountant, tax agent & consultant has enabled her to help many businesses raise their profile & become experts in their field. She feels it is her legacy to help others overcome adversity from her own amazing life experiences - this gave rise to her book "Life Sucks but YOU CAN turn it around!

Maree is passionate about helping women in business to grow their businesses & help develop their skills. Her presentation style has been described as both captivating and empowering. Maree connects with her audiences from start to finish with a powerful mix of facts, ideas and thought provoking quotes and shares her life experiences which result in her audiences retaining & connecting with the information in her presentations.  Maree also helps achievers who are experts in their field attain national and international presence and success by unlocking their potential. As an entrepreneur, Maree's vision to propel businesses to new heights is realised via inspirational events, training and coaching workshops that ignite the quest for self mastery while offering practical and proven techniques to rise above challenges and realise goals.

In a world that echoes with the dubious claims of thousands of so-called 'experts', Maree doesn't just talk the talk, she delivers amazing results. She is savvy and tailors her presentation to the audience & their needs. Maree's passion shines through every presentation. She leaves clients amazed that they have resulted in achieving goals that seemed unattainable, especially due to factors such as time constraints.

Maree has a creative and inspiring story that proves that you can BE, DO and HAVE anything you set your mind to. From humble beginnings and despite formidable obstacles, to success as a leader and entrepreneur, Maree is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers on the power of communication, influence and the science of the self-image.  Her methodologies are engaging and memorable. She has a natural ability to motivate, lead and empower others to unlock and achieve their full potential. Combining intellect, intuition, innovation, insight and integrity, her work reveals the limitless possibilities that are made available when you connect with the infinite resourcefulness of the subconscious mind. Maree's expertise and presence in front of both small and large audiences is immediately apparent. She carefully structures each presentation to ensure the right balance is struck between raising the big issues relevant to the audience and keeping each attendee's undivided interest. She is able to 'read' her audience and calibrate her style accordingly.

Maree's presentations include a mix of topics structured around the needs, interest and goals of the client audience. Maree can work with you to design, develop and deliver a tailor-made presentation, seminar or training program that will exceed your expectations.

Presentation topics include:
Client Attraction Strategies
- learn how to turn more prospects into paying clients & follow a proven system to double your client base! Maree tripled her customer base in one year using this formula!

Overcome challenges in your life - Maree's strategies from her personal experiences will help you overcome adversity! Life is a rollercoaster ride - what you do with it us up to YOU!

Networking Masterclass - Learn important tips for networking & join in networking exercises, improve your networking skills and put them into action and networking via online marketing tools.

Business Success Strategies to help you work smarter & not harder to increase your bottom line -Guaranteed!

Small Business Survivor - why some small businesses fail and how to make yours a success.

Managing Cashflow - proven techniques to unlock incremental cashflow NOW!

10 Steps to Business Success - 10 steps to have you on the way to success!

Business Success Blueprint - learn the secrets from successful businesses to market domination.


Firstly, thank you so much for generously giving your time to speak to our small but growing network. So many of the attendees have gone out of their way to say how much they enjoyed your talk and found it so worthwhile. Your energy continually amazes me and your inclusiveness to share and keep giving. Also while I am congratulating you your public speaking skills have become so polished – well done.
- Susanne Riddington, Business Development Manager, Morrisons

It gives me great pleasure in providing a testimonial on behalf of Maree Hamilton. I had the privilege of hearing Maree speaking at a Seminar I attended last year, for Women in Business. I have attended many seminars and workshops over the years and have heard numerous people present on various topics some excellent, some good and some not so good. I feel that given my extensive experience with Public Speakers, over the years, gives me the qualifications to comment on Maree Hamilton’s abilities as a Public Speaker. Maree’s Public Speaking and Presentation skills I considered to be of an excellent standard, she had a passion and excellent knowledge for her topic, she spoke from the heart. I was so very impressed with her presentation and her commitment to helping people in Small Business, especially Women in Business, I cannot recommend Maree highly enough, if any organisation is looking for great Speaker for their function, I feel one cannot go past Maree Hamilton.
- May Croxford-Rowswell JP. CMC, Civil Celebrant & Management Consultant for the Retirement & Aged Care Sector

I thoroughly enjoyed last Thursday’s breakfast. Maree was an excellent presenter and it was real pleasure to share her story and her marketing advice.
- Margi Sank,Company Treasurer,Mt Evelyn & Districts Financial Services Ltd

Thank you for your amazing talk the other morning at the business breakfast. I really enjoyed listening to you, your are very natural and open with information and inspiring!
- Jodie Kimpton, Jobo design & illustration

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Maree Hamilton - Need a Speaker Now

Maree Hamilton - Need a Speaker Now

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