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Margie Warrell is a bestselling author, master certified coach, media personality and dynamic speaker who empowers people globally to live more courageous lives.

As the big sister of seven children raised on a small farm in rural Australia, Margie (pronounced Marg-ee) Warrell grew up with little money, battled bulimia, and endured many other hardships along the way.  But it was through those early experiences that she learned early on about the value of optimism, hard work, courage and determination when coping with the sometimes harsh realities of life.

She has travelled to over 65 countries, venturing to places that most people only dream or read about. Her intrepid travels have given her a larger perspective on life, and provided an immersive, experiential education on rising above adversity with greater resilience and courage.

Margie began her professional career, working as a Fortune 500 executive with British Petroleum and KPMG, then spent several years as a consultant to the adventure travel industry. Warrell returned to grad school to study psychology, became a certified ontological coach, then moved literally halfway around the world.  In 2001, Margie, her husband, and their three young children left Australia for the United States settling in Dallas, Texas. 

Margie's first book Find Your Courage: 12 Acts for Becoming Fearless in Work and in Life was a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards as well as an Amazon Bestseller. She subsequently co-authored two additional books, 101 Ways to Improve Your Life and Discover Your Inner Strengths, with internationally-renowned experts including Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Ken Blanchard and John Gray.  She has also become a regular television commentator and sought-after media guest who has appeared on NBC?s The TODAY Show, Fox News, and CNBC, and is the ?Resident Life Coach? on Let?s Talk Live, the daily talk show of ABC?s Washington D.C. affiliate.

Warm and direct, quick witted and genuine, engaging and inspiring, Warrell has become an increasingly sought after speaker. Her clients range from global corporations and professional associations to universities and non-profits.  She presents dynamic keynotes and interactive workshops for corporate clients and is also a regular guest lecturer to MBA students at Georgetown University and Southern Methodist University.

During the past decade, Margie has witnessed what she considers a growing trend of ?fear becoming the new normal? for many people.  This has only served to fuel her passion in helping people become aware of areas where they are settling for less than they truly want, engage in bigger conversations, and expanding what they see as possible for themselves and the organizations they work for

Leadership Courage: Build leadership influence and impact beyond your comfort zone

Every day we make countless decisions that impact our performance, productivity and ability to build trust and grow influence.  Yet many decisions are guided by fear ? fear of failure, rejection, confrontation or change.   Based on Margie?s new book Stop Playing Safe (Wiley 2013), this program will help you to rethink risk and the cost of playing safe, find opportunity in adversity, and adapt more successful to the changes and challenges of an increasingly competitive, uncertain and fast changing world.



Stop Playing Safe: Rethink risk to add more value, adapt more quickly, and build your competitive edge.

Leadership begins on the inside, and starts with making a courageous choice.  For those wishing to expand their leadership competence, influence and impact, this program will challenge the beliefs that can undermine effectiveness and stifle leadership potential, outline the crucial conversations leaders need to have more frequently, and guide audience members towards expanding their vision and engaging in their work and world with greater purpose and courage.


Courageous Conversations:  Build influence and grow trust

The inability or unwillingness to address issues that undermine performance, damage relationships and limit success can be profound. What doesn?t get talked out, gets acted out ? and the price you pay for not speaking up far exceeds the discomfort you feel in doing so.  This program will provide a proven and practical frame work for engaging in difficult conversations, along with the inspiration to get started.  Crucial for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively, grow their influence, and build more rewarding, trust-filled relationships.



The Resilience Advantage: Stay focused on what matters most during uncertain times

How well you handle pressure, bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change and navigate uncertainty has a significant impact on your ability to do your job well and deliver strong results.  In order to face the challenges of an increasingly complex, competitive and changing world, you must be equipped with practical strategies for bolstering resilience and staying strong when pressures mount and adversity strikes.  In this program you?ll learn to recognize the causes of your stress, expand your capacity for it, and build the resiliency skills necessary to soar above the stressors that pull others down.




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