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Marilyn Sherman: Inspiring people to take action and move forward in their lives and careers!

Marilyn Sherman, professional speaker and author, is uniquely qualified to speak to the hearts and minds of your audience members. Marilyn's enthusiasm is contagious and her commitment to helping your people take action, and make something great happen is central to your success.

Her presentations are ideal for those meetings and events where inspiration is the order of the day. She shares personal experiences, including the strategies for achieving in times of challenge and change. Book her for a keynote and a bonus workshop where she can facilitate the growth process and make a real difference for your people.

People walk away after hearing Marilyn with a new respect for life and what it means to lead a purposeful, and fulfilling life and career. She speaks to audiences of all types and immediately can make people feel comfortable with who they are and what they stand for. She challenges people to step up to the plate and become more of who they are meant to be. Her experience with hundreds of audiences and thousands of attendees have led her to realize that people have secret desires to accomplish more and her goal is to motivate people to move in the direction of their dreams with deliberation and resolve.

Your people will never forget her infectious smile, hearty laugh, and her sparkle on stage as she shares her walk and her talk about gaining clarity, developing confidence, taking control and being courageous in all aspects of their lives.

Marilyn's First book is titled, "Whose Comfort Zone are You in - How to lead the life you want, and Be Happy Every day". Her newest book is "Why Settle for the Balcony - How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life". She is an expert on conflict resolution and conducts workshops on 'Communicating for Results; From Conflict to Cooperation'.


Speaking Programs

Marilyn has three different dynamic programs to choose from. She can do a motivational keynote, then add value to your convention by conducting an educational breakout session. She can also customize a half day training session for continuing educational credits. You can choose one, two, or all three of the following programs:

In the past, people needed to have tools to stretch their comfort zone in order to achieve more results.  Today, people are having their comfort zone changed for them!  They are forced to change and if you resist, you will fail.  This program will help people navigate change with the right mindset for success.

Life is short - live in the front-row!  This dynamic keynote inspires people to get out of the balcony of their life and go for that front-row seat!  This program will help people to get off the sidelines and out of the balcony of their life.  With so many things out of control these days, attendees will be reminded that their attitude and perception are 100% within their control.  With the right mindset, any seat can be a front-row seat!

This is a content filled program that provides tools to anyone who doesn't like conflict or confrontation.  Attendees will learn how to reduce unnecessary conflict in the workplace by following some proven communication techniques.  With examples and practice, people will learn the value of being assertive and not aggressive or passive-aggressive.

This is a content filled program that provides tools to anyone who doesn't like conflict or confrontation.  Attendees will learn how to reduce unnecessary conflict in the workplace by following some proven communication techniques.  With examples and practice, people will learn the value of being assertive and not aggressive or passive-aggressive.



Your talk was inspiring to all of us and we truly learned and relearned some key insights from you.
- President & COO of Coca-Cola

I have been attended a variety of Marilyn Sherman’s presentations over the last several years. She is always refreshing and motivating! She does a great job of customizing her presentation to the audience and provides real life examples to make her points. She has made a concerted effort to become a food service fanatic herself! Marilyn doesn’t just present; she gets her audiences up and moving and very much involved in the learning process. I always look forward to participating in her workshops and the follow-up sessions that she offers. Her books and CDs are wonderful reminders of her message and are done in true Marilyn Sherman style. Not only is Marilyn a great speaker, she’s a fantastic person to be around and she truly walks what she talks!
- Training & Development Valley Services, Inc.

Thank you so much for presenting to the McDonald's Global Internal Audit department. We received wonderful feedback on both sessions: Marilyn's presentation was impressive. Wow - Marilyn has so much enthusiasm in her presentation skills that it's contagious!. I was so empowered to take charge and change some things in my life. I found Marilyn's presentation very interesting and alive. She is a great speaker, knows how to keep our focus and attention. I absolutely loved the presentation! We hope to work with you again.
- Internal Audit Manager McDonald's Corporation

On behalf of Boston Market Corporation and our national catering sales team, I want to thank you for your outstanding motivational program "Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?" Your program was the highlight of our national sales meeting. Our team enjoyed your sense of humor and I heard many great comments: She was great ... inspiring ... that was awesome ... and certainly motivating! I also appreciate how easy it was to work with you and your organization! Thank you for your professionalism; we were extremely pleased with your services. I would highly recommend you and your programs to anyone I know that is looking for a motivational speaker!
- Director, Catering Sales Operations Boston Market Corporation

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