Mark Bunn

One of Australia's most unique health, happiness & performance speakers

FACT: The healthiest, happiest people to ever live have never heard of good fats, bad fats, sleep apps, or optimal heart rates … they’ve simply understood the timeless ‘wisdoms’ of health, happiness and high performance.

You and your team can too.

As one of Australasia’s leading experts on health and personal performance, former AFL footballer and best-selling author of 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health', Mark Bunn understands the difficulties facing workers and organisations today – high stress, poor sleep, negativity, poor work-life balance, low motivation and workplace morale.

Mark’s unique blend of both Eastern and Western health-science uses the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people and highest performing business people, to help overcome these issues with practical, down-to-earth, solutions that audiences love (you’ll never hear about calories or fats with Mark!). His highly entertaining and fun delivery style makes cutting edge research from mind-body medicine and positive psychology seem refreshing, uplifting and life-changing.

Help your team perform at their best, while also achieving happiness, good relationships, work enjoyment and a sense of community or team.



High energy, low stress, life balance, work success.

Being healthy, happy & productive is easier than you think.

Mark’s research into the secrets of the world’s healthiest people, age-old Eastern health wisdoms (Ayurveda), and the latest modern science has unlocked the secret to simple, ‘time-friendly’ methods for living a healthy, high-performing, balanced work-life.

In his engaging signature keynote Mark will show you how to:

  • Reduce stress/anxiety up to 30% & improve work-life balance by 40+%
  • Sleep better & enjoy greater vitality, mental focus & a healthier weight
  • Use sunlight and earthing to significantly improve emotional health & attitude
  • Simplify modern-day health advice, reduce sick days & improve workplace morale


What separates the super-productive from those who simply feel swamped… and how anyone can replicate their techniques to do 30% more... in 30% less time... with 30% less stress!

What’s different between those who consistently achieve great results and those who are always ‘busy’ but not productive? Daily success habits.

With the “cult of busy” in full swing most workers feel overwhelmed. And yet the most effective, high-performing business people in the world (think Richard Branson, Janine Allis, Tim Ferriss) do specific, simple things each day that allow them to do less but achieve much, much more.

In this engaging, super-practical keynote or workshop, Mark teaches the 10 daily habits common to high achievers. The research shows that by incorporating these same practices anyone can transform their time-management, productivity, and bottom-line results. In fact, Mark suggests your team could do 30% more... in 30% less time ... with 30% less stress!

Key takeaways include how to:

  • The one mental technique that is the single most common trait of world-class performers – including Tim Ferriss, Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry, Seinfeld & Ellen DeGeneres.
  • The one habit to stop email, social media & digital disruptions sabotaging productivity
  • How the super-productive stay motivated & still make time to exercise, sleep and eat well
  • The rituals high performers use to enjoy energy, ‘focus’ & ‘flow’ day in day out


Why happiness is the new key to work and life success and how everyone can be happier in minutes

We commonly think that being healthy and more successful will make us happy. We’ve turned the happiness goal into a hamster wheel we can never get off.

What if we’ve got the formula all wrong?

The latest research shows that by focusing on making people happier, every aspect of their health, work performance and life success skyrockets.

In this fascinating new seminar you will learn:

  • The 3 simple activities to increase sales, productivity & stress resistance by 30%+
  • Why relationships, fun & connection are far more important than diet and exercise
  • Why many so-called ‘healthy behaviours’ can actually destroy our health
  • How to be happier, more positive & optimistic in just 2mins/day


From mindfulness to higher consciousness ...Why consciousness is the next BIG thing and the key to ...EVERYTHING!

We’re always looking for the next big thing to improve human performance. We’ve had positive thinking, emotional IQ, ​mindfulness…

What’s next? The Consciousness Evolution.

Western science is just now glimpsing the almost infinite potential of human 'consciousness', a field that Eastern traditions have understood for thousands of years. The research is clear - develop consciousness and you promote global brain functioning resulting in remarkable improvements in everything from IQ, relationships, decision-making, focus, creativity, zone-states, mental health and everyday performance.

Mark’s cutting-edge talk outlines the latest developments in neuroscience and how by utilising ancient technologies of the mind we can transform our business and life success.

Key Take-aways:

  • How simple technologies of transcendence can create higher states of consciousness and self-awareness
  • How this translates to unparalleled improvements in personal health, inner contentment, stress resilience and business productivity
  • How consciousness is what ultimately connects us as families, companies, societies and how it can be developed to promote a heightened sense of team, harmony & community


Rediscover the simple, timeless secrets of the world’s healthiest people ever.

Based on Mark’s best-selling book.

Unfortunately, the true wisdoms of health and happiness have long been forgotten. In this life-changing session, Mark shows participants how the real keys to health and vitality lie far beyond modern fads of counting calories, measuring heart rates, or using sleep apps.

Covering the eternal ‘laws of life’ and the timeless wisdoms of the East, everyone will leave inspired by how much simpler healthy living can be - and how to immediately start towards a healthier, happier life.

Key Take-aways:

  • Lose weight, sleep better & stay youthful by aligning with the body’s natural cycles
  • Simplify diet, enjoy enlightened exercise and nourish the emotions (enjoy inner bliss!)
  • Learn the healing power of Nature’s gifts – earth (earthing), fire (sun), water & air
  • Know how to easily integrate age-old Eastern wisdoms into a busy modern life


Discover the missing link in health today – your unique body-type - and use the world’s oldest health system to master every aspect of your life.

This is the personal health revolution we’ve been waiting for. The reason why the thousands of fad diets don’t work. The reason why what worked for your co-worker, mother and friends didn’t work for you. It’s why different people on the same exercise program get different results. Why coffee energises some but creates sleepless nights or panic attacks for others.

Ayurveda Alive is a fascinating new seminar uncovering the age-old wisdom of personalised health and body typing. It’s transforming modern health as it teaches us how our unique ‘mind-body’ make-up drastically affects our individual needs for health, balance and work-life success.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ayurvedic doshas and how we can eliminate ‘multiple’ health conditions at once
  • The foods, exercises and behaviours that get us out of balance … and the simple, everyday things we can do to get back in balance … and feel fabulous
  • How we can prevent health problems before they begin and quickly enjoy new levels of energy, better relationships and positivity
  • How the world’s oldest science can improve workplace communication, motivation and morale


- National Australia Bank

Brilliant, awesome presenter, changed my life, I think we can assume this was the best rated session so far.
- Various Attendees - Ericsson Australia

Brilliant, thought provoking and entertaining seminar that would be beneficial in any workplace with any audience. I have received so many thankyous for your seminar, and would love to have you back again next year. Rating = Ideal (100%)
- Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

One of the best Professional Development seminars I have attended in 23 years.
- Penrhos College

Mark, your presentation last week was nothing short of inspirational! We were privileged to have you take the stage in front of over 800 colleagues who came along because they wanted something a little bit different to enhance their health. It's fair to say that they got that and a whole lot more! I don't know where to begin in terms of saying what I learnt on the day. Thank you.
- CEO, Nursing & Midwifery Health Program (Victoria)

I have been involved in the wellbeing industry at conferences internationally for the last 25 years, and that (seminar by Mark Bunn) was one of the best sessions on health and well-being I have ever seen.
- Amanda Gore, Internationally Renowned Speaker on Health & Wellness

Mark is one of the best speakers I've heard in a long while. He has it all from presentation skills to content and uses humour fantastically to get his points to really resonate with teams. My Management team and I got so much out of his presentation.
- Scott King - CEO - Qantas CU

Mark mumbles, doesn't eat his broccoli and is not as funny as he thinks he is, but he is extremely lovable and I think you should book him.
- Mark's mum

Mark Bunn speaker

Speaker Video

Mark Bunn - Top Motivational Health Speaker for Your Conference_Training

Mark Bunn - Top Motivational Health Speaker for Your Conference_Training

Mark Bunn goes virtual

Mark Bunn goes virtual

Mark Bunn - Top Motivational Health Speaker for Your Conference_Training

Mark Bunn - Top Motivational Health Speaker for Your Conference_Training

International Health & Happiness Speaker

International Health & Happiness Speaker

Mark Bunn - Showreel

Mark Bunn - Showreel

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