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Mark Carter is an international keynote speaker, trainer, author and coach. He has over 25 years’ experience as a global learning and development professional. His TEDx talk was the movie trailer for his latest book, ‘Add Value’, published globally by Wiley. 

Mark is the founder of a learning management system for SME’s and accredited in a variety of globally recognised behavioural tools. He regularly consults businesses around key pillars such as: leadership, culture, onboarding, sales, adaptability, and presentation skills. Mark contributes across mainstream media: TV, radio, print and industry specific publications. 

He is often asked about how do you go from being a leader across Europe for Contiki Holidays to a respected, sought after keynote speaker. Mark’s decade of experience in Europe armed him with a wealth of knowledge around people, human behaviour, the psychology of decision-making and what makes people tick both personally and professionally. Coupled with his own insatiable hunger for continued professional development Mark has risen to become an innovative professional in his field. 

Born in England, raised in Scotland, nurtured by Europe and matured through several round world trips, Mark Carter is a truly global citizen. He now calls Australia home where he enjoys the fruits of a sunny lifestyle. Mangoes, after all, don’t grow in Edinburgh.

Speaking topics


Based on the book ‘Add Value’, published globally by Wiley. Value is at the heart of decision-making, personal choices and determines our effectiveness and impact in the world. Delivering or adding value also underpins customer engagement and business growth. Discover the five elements of value: each brought to life with creative, personal stories and interaction. Build your value playbook with ideas that may be applied internally, enhancing employee experience, or externally for phenomenal client impact. This MC keynote is also ideal for driving values, vision, mission and a strong business ethos!
Ideal for themes including: vision alignment, customer experience, culture, sales, values driven business, business growth, innovation or fresh thinking.

  • The 5 value elements: plus 4 underlying causations for each
  • A playbook for value & VAE’s: Value Added Extras
  • Differentiation, values and human behaviour


Leadership is not limited to those who hold official leadership positions. Contemporary theories, such as servant leadership or the belief that ‘everyone is a leader’’, are relevant to this production. This keynote is constructed as an historical journey comprising three parts. In part 1 we examine the evolution of 7 primary leadership theories, spanning thousands of years, to arrive at a single common trait and skill to harness. The mid section, part 2, inspired by HG Wells ‘Time Machine’, explores 3 case studies: including MC’s personal journey developing leaders for over 25 years. Part 3 of the keynote addresses the challenges of leadership in a hyper connected digital age; addressing the elephant in the room we all have responsibility to be mindful of.

Ideal for themes including: leadership, EQ, management culture, talent development, team building, change, motivation, resilience and adaptability.

  • 7 Primary leadership theories distilled into a single skill to harness
  • 3 Historical case studies reveal 6 essential modern day leader traits
  • The dichotomy of contemporary leadership and one trait to avoid!


When considering the age-old debate between strategy and culture: achieving smart strategies are enabled through harmonious culture. Cultivating your culture can enable you to attract and retain top talent, develop award-winning capabilities, achieve high performance, foster customer loyalty and gain a distinctive competitive advantage. This culture keynote provides insights into challenges of hybrid and remote teams and how to win the battle attracting, retaining and unlocking the potential of top talent. This unique culture journey keynote (incorporating live djembe drum by MC) begins with lessons rooted in the etymology of culture from ethnology. Explore culture tools to create and paint your own culture canvas and tap the single magic ingredient of high performance.

Ideal for themes including: culture, high performing team building, change, employee experience, employee engagement and talent development.

  • 4 Traditions, 4 experiences, 4 pillars and 4 killers of culture
  • Your culture canvas template: hiring, onboarding & nurturing talent
  • 5 tribes of culture engagement and single, magic culture ingredient


Presentation skills are crucial for effective communication and to communicate your ideas clearly, concisely or persuasively. Presentation skills help underscore competencies, amplify expertise and spotlight leadership potential. In a world where attention spans are becoming shorter your presentation skills make you stand out and influence your ability to make a lasting impact. Based on a classic popular program in MC’s academy, this keynote shares ingredients to lift the quality of town halls, increase the engagement of sales pitches or improve facilitation skills. It’s also a demonstrable master class in the art of keynote, stagecraft, charisma and personal presence.
Ideal for themes including: presentation skills, speaking skills, the power of storytelling, confidence, motivation, team building and communication.

  • 7 voice influences, 7 body language essentials, 7 design essentials
  • Audience engagement methods, storytelling and archetypal themes
  • Stage craft, personal ethos, authentic presence and a secret sauce


Based on MC’s first book (‘Ignite Your Potential’) this keynote targets practical personal development and team development. If you’re interested in bringing to life trending themes of supporting talent (think well being, resilience, mental health, psychological safety) content here will hit the mark. This is a highly interactive and creative keynote with a cinematic storybook backdrop. The audience are engaged throughout with creative activities, participation and stage demonstrations. There’s an additional layer of dynamic sophistication. We have a pre designed keynote production version or you can elect to choose your own adventure!
Ideal for themes including: motivation, team building, personal development, well-being, mental health, mindset, collaboration and resilience.
Actionable development tools to invest in individuals and teams

Elect version original (7 pre selected themes) or nominate 7 chapter selections of your own choosing (min admin fee)

Chapters: Self Confidence – Self Control – Attitude– Wellness – Present – Self Reflection – Tonics – Decisions – Adaptability – Goals – Productivity – Consistency – Creativity – Collaboration – Challenge – Strength – Acceptance – Gratitude – Authenticity – Candour – Kindness – Love


Sales skills and capabilities are the lifeblood without which a business cannot survive. As competitive landscapes, customer demands and technology continue to evolve, sales methodologies and approaches have also adapted. This adaptation is necessary to accommodate the ease of access buyers have to information, options and vendors through technology. This MC keynote will equip your teams with the essential mindset, psychology, skills and strategies to confidently go to market for growth in the digital age. Tools can be positioned for B2B, B2C or E-commerce as required. Even attendees not directly involved in sales, or carrying sales targets, will benefit enormously from the thought leadership shared and taught in the sales keynote.

Ideal for themes including: sales skills, sales capabilities, sales leadership, strategy, growth, customer experience, sales launches and sales kick offs.

  • Sales capability framework blending skills, strategy and technology
  • 3 Essential sales skills, 5 sales triggers, 2 value discovery approaches
  • Behavioural science tools for sales success and sales resilience


Adaptability is an increasingly desirable skill in today’s world. Those who possess it effortlessly adapt to changes, bring creativity to their work, collaborate effectively and respond swiftly to challenges. The skill is particularly relevant in the digital age, where change is constant, and a post pandemic world, where adaptability is essential. The ongoing nature of hybrid teams or work from home also underscores the importance of flexibility. There’s bound to be other challenges looming on the horizon, or lurking around the next business corner, requiring an aptitude for adopting adaptability! This playful MC keynote also addresses synonymous skills: creativity, innovation and critical problem solving.

  • Improve adaptability, 3 growth mindset tools and breaking complacency
  • Creativity and divergent thinking converted into pragmatic action
  • Navigating change: behavioural science for resilience & change

Ideal for themes including: adaptability, flexibility, creativity, innovation, disruption, resilience, motivation, growth mindsets and change management.


This updated keynote expands MC’s original ‘Breaking Brain Drain!’ In recent years there’s been a growing emphasis on resilience, mental health, mindfulness and psychological safety. All contribute to individual well being. Many triggers for stress, anxiety or distraction can be self managed effectively to bring calm to ones world whilst simultaneously increasing focus, productivity and personal fulfillment. Mark developed a program called ‘Freedom’ whilst mentoring an individual who had experienced agoraphobia. They scored A’s for university courses and landed jobs they’d previously believed beyond their capabilities. Some of the tools implemented serve as the basis for some ideas shared here.

Ideal for themes including: well-being, mental health, fitness, fulfilment, team harmony, motivation, mindset, personal development, resilience, calmness and mindfulness.

  • Identifying and minimising 5 primary triggers of anxiety and stress
  • Proven daily habits for mindfulness to nurture mind and body
  • Bespoke activity and/or short guided meditation based on tailored briefs


MC often jokes his 10 years of European experiences with TravCorp and Contiki was an amazing environment that prepared him professionally for life! A tour bus being like a petri dish experiment of human behaviour and a great domain to learn how to work with all different types of people. An environment where anything could happen, and often did! Mark gained a unique perspective and developed the necessary leadership skills to lead within this eco system. Even after 25 years developing other leaders for their roles remains the most complex body of training he’s facilitated. This finely curated travelogue keynote is an emotional roller coaster, similar to a tour itself, providing valuable lessons for both business and life. (Ask about the after dinner version keynote!)

Ideal for themes including: mindset, motivation, inspiration, leadership, human behavior, communication, relationships, after dinner talks, character and ethos.

  • A curated travelogue of tales from ten years experience in Europe
  • Tools for personal and professional development, character and ethos
  • 3 Rules for life (And 3 rules for business!)


Having spent a former life organising tour groups across multiple countries as a historian, presenter, navigator, time keeper, financier, leader and problem solver... MCing is a stroll in a park for me (MC!). My diligence in preparation, and ability to think swiftly on my feet ensures that your events remain on track. I will provide suitable commentary, summaries and tie-ins to stitch all components together for a cohesive conference experience. Furthermore, my expertise and experience in virtual and hybrid environments, since 2008, adds a level of comfort to help mitigate risks. I’ll often bundle event components such as MCing, keynotes and workshops or awards nights.

Ideal for themes including: MC, emcee, master of ceremonies, host, awards nights, moderator, conferences, events, virtual and hybrid conferences.

  • Diligence in pre event briefings and preparation
  • Professional, fun, summaries, commentaries and tie ins
  • Virtual and hybrid professional, MC and keynote bundles
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Speaker Video

Mark Carter - Showreel Trailer

Mark Carter - Showreel Trailer

Paws and effect How teddy bears can expand your value perception | Mark Carter | TEDxCasey

Paws and effect How teddy bears can expand your value perception | Mark Carter | TEDxCasey

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