Mark Mathews

Australia - QLD

An inspirational and motivational keynote presentation delivered by one of the world's premier big wave surfers.

Mark has taken himself from a penniless want-to-be surfer to an international brandname, part time philosopher, story teller, big wave surfing legend and all round good guy.

Mark has made a living achieving the unfathomable: crossing the intersection of danger and excitement. He knows all too well the crippling grasp of fear. While in Tasmania, fifteen feet in front of a cliff in cold, shark infested waters, Mark hit a reef and instantly blacked out. Terror engulfed every inch of his being. Neck braced and hospital-ridden, he didn’t know if he could ever surf again. At that moment, Mark made a decision never to allow fear to overpower him again.

His story is one of commitment, leadership, hard work, innovation, struggle and maximizing available talent. Winner of an unprecedented 3 back to back Oakley Big Wave Awards Mark has cemented himself as one of the best big wave surfers in the world. His passion is giving people the tools and drive to step outside their comfort zones so they can access their true potential.

Mathews’ surfer chill vibe and magnetic charisma, has graced the stages of leading companies worldwide. From Google, Sony, Intel to MasterCard, he instantly captures audiences with his epic tales and spectacular surf footage.

Speaking topics

Motivation - a life beyond fear

"You have to want it more than you fear it"

Discover how a 10 year old boy terrified of the ocean would go on to become one of the worlds best Big Wave Surfers. A story so inspiring that is was developed into the 2x AFI award winning movie FighJng Fear, narrated by hollywood superstar Joel Edgerton. Full of spectacular real life footage and stories of how Mark has conquered the worlds biggest waves, suffered near death wipe outs and Managed to win mulJple big wave awards.

This High Impact Presentation Will Help People:

  • Avoid the "crash and burn" cycle by converting fear­based habits to positive lifestyle patterns
  • Access the mental rewire secrets used by elite athletes: simple and acJonable tools that promote nervous system health
  • Discover counter intuiJve techniques to disrupt negaJve mental percepJons to naturally increase innovaJon and drive.

Leadership & extreme teams

"You cant sore like an eagle surrounded by turkeys. And you cant fly with eagles carrying on like a turkey"

In order to successfully deliver ROI to his sponsors and stay alive at the same Jme. It is imperaJve for Mark to surround himself with and be able to lead a phenomenally talented group of individuals. Leveraging they're skills and talent and intern elevaJng his own performance and safety. Through years of leading teams in highly volaJle and stressful environments, Mark has come up with a formula to help select and manage the individuals he works with, and also assess his own performance. The Eagle Formula.

This Presentation Will take a look at:

  • IntegraJng emoJonal intelligence and confidence-based strategies to build resilient and engaged teams
  • What are the most important characterisJcs individuals need to be good team members.
  • Leading others to overcome risk, change and uncertainty in volatile environments
  • Learning how to easily adapt, react, and capture opportunities in high-risk situations



Mergers, buy-outs, downsizing: These are just a few of the ways in which companies can transform literally overnight. While these moves o]en help a company remain compeJJve, they also result in profound changes
to organisaJonal structure or other disrupJons to the status quo. Change can trigger our most basic survival insJncts, and even when physical survival is not an issue, it can feel as if it is whenever things change. Our known existence, whether we liked it or not, is replaced by an unknown one, and we become fearful and disoriented. Helping your employees deal with the Stress and anxiety that comes along with such changes is crucial.

Through vision of dramatic real life scenarios, this presentation will explore :

  • Techniques to develop Resilience and Courage
  • The benefits of a growth mindset
  • The importance of commitment in implementing Change.


One of the best corporate days I have been too. Sometimes I think we corporate's are too much exposed too eating/drinking events so it was fantastic to do something different that involved an activity.
Assistant Treasurer, Treasury & Group Risk, Corporate Optus

I thought Mark was great. He is a personable guy, well spoken and really into his trade, which is inspiring stuff. I like it how he takes the time to talk with everybody, and autographs his memorabilia with a smile.
Portfolio Manager, Short Term Investments, Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Mark held the 500 strong audience captivated as he spoke about overcoming fear, something we all face in our lives, be it professional or personal. He spoke from the heart and was as amusing as he was incredibly inspiring, leaving the audience on a high note to enjoy the rest of the evening. He is a breath of fresh air and would be a fabulous asset to any event.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

His ability to captivate, educate, inspire and own an audience are remarkable. He closed our sales kick-off in such a way that our attendees were speechless yet could not wait to share what they had experienced during his presentation. His message is so powerful it has the capacity to change lives, both professionally and personally. Many attendees have stated they are unable to stop thinking about Mark’s story and his message. And Mark achieved this in a virtual event, forced upon us by the pandemic. None of the effectiveness of his storytelling was lost by not being in the same room as his audience.
VP Global Sales Cohesity USA

Mark Mathews speaker

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The Four Energies

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Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews

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