"62% of managers say their organisations are only moderately successful at strategy execution"
Source: Global Survey of 1,526 managers by American Management Association

Working at the coalface with a diverse range of industries from off-shore oil rigs to pharmaceutical companies, in different countries and different cultures around the world, there's not one problem that relates to the execution of strategy or plans that Martin West and Mark Bragg haven't seen with their company.

An ex-fighter pilot and ex-NBL basketball player, "Westy" and "Braggy" head the business focusing solely on just one thing... Closing the Execution Gap!

The Gap between what we plan to do and what actually occurs in practice.

Experience has taught Westy and Braggy that the number one reason that companies fail to execute strategy is they have little or NO Execution Discipline.

"Our specific objective with any client is to help them build an Execution Discipline with their team to ensure they consistently deliver on objectives and key strategic initiatives"

An Execution Discipline is built by solving four challenges...
1. Be certain your team are focused on the RIGHT things?
2. Build a team based Discipline focused on accountability... and improvement.
3. Get 24/7 Visibility on exactly how your team is Executing,
4. Tap the Intelligence of the Frontline!

In their practical and no-fuss workshop Martin and Mark introduce the four key elements of building an Executive Discipline. These are applied to each participants team while they are in the workshop.


  • SIMPLICITY: You will learn that "Simple beat Complex". The more difficult a plan is to read, the more difficult it will be to communicate. If it's difficult to communicate, it's less likely to be done.
  • BLACK & WHITE Beats GREY: You will learn to be black and white on three critical questions: How you measure success, What you are going to focus on to deliver that success... and How you are personally going to proceed.
  • TRANSPARENCY: You will learn how to bring visibility and transparency to what each person in your team is responsible for doing, to achieve a greater sense of accountability.
  • THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: You will learn how to conduct The Gap Meeting. The Gap Meeting is the Linchpin to driving execution and improved results. The Gap Meeting is where Managers are faced with the MOMENT OF TRUTH: what was actually executed VS what was planned.

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