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Marty Wilson has spent his entire professional life studying fear, partly because he was a fulltime Stand Up Comic for 8 years in the UK (nobody knows how to deal with terror like an Aussie Comic performing to the Brits!), but also because is a relentless entrepreneur who has leapt from one successful career to another he's a Pharmacist turned Award-Winning Advertising Copywriter turned Stand Up Comic turned Bestselling Author and Speaker.

He has spoken to over 500,000 people over the last 20 years. In his first 12 months Marty won Australias premiere comedy competition, appeared on the Footy Show, and was invited to the UK to become a full time Stand Up. He returned home 2009 is now the bestselling author of 18 books and an hilarious keynote speaker. empathy and great big slabs of gut-busting humour.

The Science of Taking the Fear Out of Change

When the only constant in business is the relentlessly accelerating pace of change, most business leaders have their hands totally full working out how to implement all the new systems and processes, and don't have the time to repeatedly go back again and again help their people buy in and emotionally commit to the changes that are vital for business success.

Marty's programs are deliberately designed to convince your team about the WHY, and let you get back to teaching them the WHAT and the HOW.

His approach is different to any other change speaker for two huge reasons.

Firstly, Marty deals with the fear around change from a DEEPLY human perspective. Where other speakers describe implementation workflow, process models, and personal transition frameworks, Marty takes the whole process back to the foundations and works with your team as the thinking, feeling human beings they are. People with hearts and minds, doubts and fears.

The other way Marty is different is that he is a former Australian Comic of the Year who worked as a full time Stand Up on the brutal UK comedy circuit for 7 years, so he uses huge slabs of humour and guarantees he can actually hold your room's attention for long enough to teach them something.

The Speaking Circuit's 'Mr Muscle' Marty Loves the Jobs They Hate

Marty has performed for over 500,000 in the last 20 years, so he is perfect for opening your conference and getting your people out of their work mindset, and he is superb at closing your event and sending everyone home buzzing, and his hilarious, high-energy style is just the ticket for those low-energy spots all the other speakers hate. Give Marty the "Day three, after lunch" spot and watch the crowd start grinning again.



The Science of Managing Stress and Conquering Your Fear of Change

THEMES Change, Innovation, Future, Leadership

When scared, our brains enter survival mode we stop thinking straight, stick to 'what we used to do' and this shuts down our ability to take on new ideas. Marty's hilarious keynote uses the perfect blend of science and rib-tickling stories to explain why we get so scared of new things in the first place, and how we can use humour to stay light, and embrace change in a powerful, user-friendly way.

Book This Program To:
  • Businesses in the middle of change programs that are being resisted by their employees
  • Sectors being bombarded by the need to adapt to new technologies
  • Businesses who have just had a change of leadership and therefore a change of focus or direction
  • Companies needing to convince their people of the benefit of (sometimes even the need for) new systems, processes and structures.
  • Sectors feeling buffeted by the constant appearance of disrupted new business models
  • Conference organisers wanting to open up the program and get delegates into a mindset that will accept the hard core learnings of the rest of the agenda.

MORE FUNNY, MORE MONEY Keynote, Workshop

The Psychology of Using Humour and Stories to Bypass Fear in Sales

THEMES Sales, Confidence, Marketing, Engagement

As a former Stand Up Comic, Marty knows when you walk out on stage you have about 5 seconds to 'sell' yourself to the crowd you have to be fearless within yourself AND reassure the crowd that they're safe in your hands. This is exactly the same as every single sales call. There is so much fear on both sides of the sales process you're scared of rejection, and your prospect is scared to make a wrong decision and be ripped off. So while most sales speakers start with sales scripts and techniques, they ignore that when our bodies are afraid, we stop thinking straight and close off our ability to evaluate new ideas. This stops us selling well, and prevents your prospect staying open to being sold to.

Using humour and the power of stories pulls both you and your prospect out of your survival mindset, and this gets you back to selling and relaxes them and makes them more open to buying.

Book This Program To:
  • Businesses who's target markets are jaded, judgemental or quick to dismiss the typical 'salesperson.'
  • Sales forces who are underperforming and need some new strategies
  • Companies who have large ticket items that people consider carefully before buying
  • Sectors where the good old fashioned human connection just cannot be understimated
  • Sales people who are looking for new ways to get their target to 'know, like and trust' them.
  • Conference organisers putting on a sales conference who need someone truly entertaining to liven up the dead spots


"Over the last 30 years we have had some truly incredible keynote speakers at our annual conference but, as I said on the day, Marty Wilson is one of the best. He skilfully blends inspirational content, deeply touching stories, and "stand up comic level humour" into an hour that will be talked about for years to come. He was relaxed, easy to deal with, and an absolute hit on the day - perfect for any association looking to engage and motivate its members. The conference evaluations were very positive after such a inspiring start”
- President Careers Advisers Association

"In today’s frantic business landscape where accepting change is the 'price of admission' to having a successful business, your people need to meet Marty Wilson. His tips on leading people through times of change, innovation and disruption with lightness and humanity really hit the mark with my team. Marty has that powerful and persuasive style that marries powerful scientific research with deeply human stories that has your people enjoying every minute of his presentation. I'd recommend Marty as the perfect addition to any corporate event."
- Executive Director, Macquarie Bank

"Marty is the funniest speaker I've seen in a long time, but he's much more than that. He is both thought provoking and inspirational, with well researched content delivered a relatable, human way. If your team needs an energy shot to cope with the relentless pace of business these days, they need a dose of Marty Wilson."
- Vice President, American Express

"In today’s fast paced world where the only constant is change, every organisation needs some time with Marty Wilson. He has that unique ability to combine meaningful insights with a delivery style that challenges your thinking and have the room in stitches. A rare gift. I thoroughly recommend Marty to any corporate event where you are looking for fun and well researched meaning behind what you do for a living."
- Head of Global Services, Westpac

"The unique thing about Marty Wilson’s work on change is that he gets people to dive in and embrace it with enthusiasm, rather than just survive it by accepting change as a necessary evil. This creates a real energy shift in people and helps them develop greater resilience, productivity and team morale. I found Marty does all this with great humour and humanity so people actually enjoy the process."
- Founder, Vinnies CEO Sleepout

"Unlike other funny speakers Marty Wilson doesn't just use an enormous dose of humour to sugarcoat his message and make it more palatable, for him deliberately looking for the funny is a main part of his message. This makes his content stick in your mind long after an event is over and everyone gets back to 'serious business. I'd recommend Marty's 'greater resilience through humour' approach to everyone looking to enjoy their conference and their workplace."
- CEO, Heritage Bank

"I’ve seen a lot of innovation and change management speakers in my time, but the thing I loved about Marty Wilson’s approach is by making it very personal it becomes totally universal. He speaks about our fear of change in a very human way, which makes his programs just as appropriate for leadership teams as they are for your entire employee group."
- National Manager, Vero

While Marty Wilson is a seriously funny guy, he is also a truly dynamic and thought provoking speaker. His content is thoroughly researched and built upon sharing through the lives of many, which really sets him apart from all other speakers.
- Commercial Lead - Global Brands, Pfizer

"The thing that sets Marty Wilson apart from other speakers is that humour is his message as well as his method. As you’d expect from a former Australian Comic of the Year, his keynotes are incredibly engaging and funny, but the humour isn’t just "sugar to help the medicine go down", it IS the medicine. Marty opens up your mind to the value of staying light, and leading with laughter. This makes your interactions with people more human, more authentic, and more effective."
- Group General Manager, Human Resources, Mirvac

"Marty has the ability to make a the dry topic of change management engaging and fun. He is an excellent facilitator and we all left the session on a high and with a new set of tools to help us lead change through the use of story telling and humour."
- Executive Director, SafeWork NSW

"Engaging, empowering and funny. Marty's story is full of passion, energy and insights into him that force you to look deep within yourself. If education, inspiration and motivation are what you need, Marty is your complete solution!"
- Director, American Express

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