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Matt Church is the founder of Thought Leaders Global. He is an instigator, motivator, disrupter, educator, researcher, innovator and leader.

With a background in Applied Science and over 25 years as a thought leader and keynote speaker, Matt was awarded Australian Speaker of the Year in 2014 and was named as one of the Top Ten Motivational Speakers globally. He is without a doubt, one of the world's foremost authorities on the topic of Thought Leadership.

Matt Church is a seeker of truth, sharing his learning through teaching and writing. As the founder of Thought Leaders and a highly respected conference presenter, he communicates, connects and challenges audiences and himself to be the best version of themselves.

Matt invites all leaders to expand their view of what is and find true inspiration. Highly intuitive, Matt experiences much of life beyond the observable and explainable. His ability to make the complex simple and the way forward clear, has him speaking all over the world. Grounding big ideas in practical perspectives, the evolution of Matt's thinking can be traced through the eleven books he has written.

Always one to draw a line in the sand, his latest book Rise Up; an evolution in leadership represents the next level for Matt, as he turns inwards to understand and apply age old wisdom to leadership.

As a prolific author and serial entrepreneur, Matt draws upon in his own story, his in-depth research and his extensive thought leadership to inspire and challenge people to think. He speaks on a deeply diverse range of subject matters.

Matt Church is no ordinary presenter. His special gift is his ability to reach into the audience, capture their attention, build their trust and kick start a process of change. People leave his sessions entertained, informed and inspired. Rarely does someone simply return to "business as usual" after experiencing a presentation with Matt.

Clear and focused, gentle and affirming. Unequivocal.

Speaking topics

The Chemistry of Success

A lifestyle platform for success and fulfilment. Every feeling you have is driven by a chemical, if you can find the chemical, you can fix the feeling.

Anyone wanting to succeed in life or business knows that what happens in you can affect what happens around you. The Chemistry of Success is a highly entertaining session looking at the internal physical drivers of peak performance. This presentation is based on Matt's international best-sellers 'Highlife 24/7', 'Adrenalin Junkies' and 'Serotonin Seekers'. This is the perfect presentation to run in the tough time slots. A hungover crowd, an exhausted crowd or a sceptical crowd all respond brilliantly to this presentation.

A highly engaging and entertaining keynote relevant for everyone!


As the founder of Thought Leaders Global and the author of Amplifiers, Matt has long been driven to understand the most important elements of influential leadership. He believes that leadership is in essence about bringing out greatness in others and this principle is at the centre of his keynote on amplifiers.

Organisations that succeed have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. Matt unpacks the process by which transformational leaders can amplify their impact – amplify their productivity, amplify their creativity and amplify their results.

Having committed decades to research and development in this field, Matt has the skills and strategies to unlock and amplify transformational leadership in your organisation.

Your amplified leaders will become masters of maximising human potential and developing other great leaders among their colleagues.

In this high impact presentation matt will show your leadership teams how to:

  • Master the essential communication tools for making an impact
  • Bring out the best in people and maximise their impact
  • Employ positive tactics that inspire other to achieve the unimaginable
  • Create work through doing and cultures worth belonging to
  • Become leaders worth following


This keynote is based on Matt's latest book Next Thriving in the Decade of Disruption. Its co-authored with Thought Leaders Global partner and internationally renowned implementation expert Peter Cook. In this rapidly changing world, the only certainty is that what works today will not work tomorrow. Old business models won't work, old leadership styles won't be tolerated and slow-moving industries and businesses will become extinct. The successful players will be the ones with the greatest agility, creativity and foresight. A session with Matt focused on disruption will help put in place a culture of willingness and a practical framework for being agile, creative and building foresight. If you want to discover how the four business revolutions (R1?R4), and the four personal evolutions (E1?E4) will affect your industry, this is where the journey begins. This is how you future proof your career and business in the decade of disruption

Rise up

There comes a moment when you decide that it’s time to go next level, to evolve as a leader. Often this shift is more personal than it is professional. Mechanically advancing your career and business is what you have been doing your whole life. It’s what you got good at, or else you would not be where you are. What’s often missing in those who fail to go next level, is the deep personal inventory around who we are being when we lead.

This keynote is based on Matt’s latest book Rise Up - An evolution in leadership.

In every domain of life or work, you know whether you are operating above the line or not. Across multiple disciplines, schools of thought, ideologies and methodologies the idea of running above or below the line is easily understood and well documented. It takes enormous courage to decide to operate above the line when you can, where you can, and as often as you can. Courage is the tipping point on the line; you won’t always get things right, but if you operate from your heart you will be OK, no matter what occurs.

A leader brings out the best in those around them. This often means they need to attend to the best within them. This session challenges leaders to be more effective and tap into their full potential as a means for activating the potential in others. One part inspirational, it will shift the conversation in your leaders about being a leader: One part practical, it will demonstrate practical applications and moments of truth for leadership in action.

Thought leaders

Helping People to be Commercially Smart

Matt’s presentation on thought leadership is the ideal catalyst for change. If you want to harness the intelligence within your organisation, this keynote will help the best and brightest shine even brighter. It will help to identify and release potential and also activate greater activity and innovation.

A thought leader is a leading authority in their field of expertise. They have access to a wealth of specialised knowledge which makes them uniquely valuable. They have collected information from varied and comprehensive sources and – most importantly – have packaged it so it can be effectively taught to others. Whether they know it or not, organisations are driven by the opportunities created and discovered by the thought leaders within, and it’s important to realise that these abilities can be nurtured and developed.

This keynote session with Matt can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your teams and leaders. It can be the catalyst that helps your people discover knowledge and innovative ideas they didn’t realise they had within them.


Matt responded well to the brief given to him by our client. His presentation received the highest of praise. People were expecting boredom and were met with entertaining and educational information. The audience loved him!
- The Marketing Department

A professional presentation. Matt related extremely well to the audience.
- Amcal Chemists

Fantastic. The whole group thoroughly enjoyed Matt's presentation. I would recommend Matt to anyone.
- Price Waterhouse Coopers

Matt was fantastic. Everyone has commented on how good the session was on 'Crisis Management'. Matt facilitated it well for us and we look forward to working with him again.

We toured Matt twice around the country to our network. He went the extra mile in pre planning, delivering on the day and follow up. Problem is we are now spoiled, no one even comes close to the professionalism and true thought leadership he provided, if we could use Matt at every event we would. Matt’s approach is different to many working in this space he is able to challenge and inspire at the same time – brilliant. He really cuts through

Matt was an exceptional speaker at our annual sales conference. Not only did he challenge the audience, he engaged them, provided humour and left us asking ourselves some tough questions on how we need to change and evolve to continue as a successful and growing organisation. After the presentation many managers referred to Matt’s session during the conference and one GM even supplied a web key referencing Matt’s work to keep and build momentum of the key messages. A true inspiration!
- 3G

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