Meredith Hellicar

Australia - NSW

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Meredith has had a diverse executive and board career, encompassing financial and other professional services, manufacturing, energy and mineral resources, logistics, leisure, airport, telecommunications, and environment sectors. Her senior executive career has included several CEO roles (including TNT Logistics Asia, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, and InTech Financial Services) as well as line, strategic and functional roles, and her non-executive career has included the Chairmanship of Australian public and private companies, international boards and committees.

She has successfully led several significant start-up and change (strategic, cultural and operational) management programs and undertaken various consulting projects which drew on her extensive experience in order to improve the effectiveness of her clients' leadership and to enhance business performance and profit improvement. She has had extensive experience in crisis management with major listed companies involving multiple stakeholder interests, corporate restructuring, changes in executive leadership and board composition, and the delivery of sustainable long-term outcomes.

Meredith joined the AMP Ltd Board in early 2003 as part of a new team which led the company through its demerger, survival and recovery from several disastrous investments in the United Kingdom.

She assumed the Chairmanship of James Hardie Limited NV in 2004 when the company was in a deep and very public crisis, and ensured ongoing shareholder and stakeholder support for the company, a change in leadership, and the delivery of a sustainable and ground-breaking asbestos compensation settlement.

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