Michael Fertik is the world's leading expert on digital reputation.

He is the Founder and CEO of Reputation.com, which protects online reputation and privacy in more than 100 countries worldwide. A World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and recognized Silicon Valley futurist, Fertik is a serial entrepreneur and best-selling author on Internet identity. Fertik's current keynote is entitled "Reputation is Bigger than Brand." In this talk, he addresses how reputation has taken over brand as the leading value signal of global business and not just corporations but CEOs, Executives and everybody you know now has a reputation that must be managed, just like a corporation's.

Hear how your online corporate or professional reputation has, in effect, become your entire reputation and consumers, partners and colleagues rely on your digital reptuation to make decisions about you. Learn how the reputation of every single person in your organization is connected directly, through the Internet, to the reputation of the whole enterprise. Reputation has entered the domain of the CEO. Brand has been the domain of the Chief Marketing Officer and Risk the domain of the Chief Legal Officer, but Reputation belongs to the CEO.

Michael helps identify threats and opportunities to your digital reputation at scale, across the world, in real-time, and how you can react appropriately to fast-spreading digital crises -- and what YOU can do to CONTROL your digital reputation.


Michael Fertik speaker

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