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Michael Fox is a seasoned entrepreneur and innovator. In 2009 Michael Co-Founded fashion technology business Shoes of Prey. Over the next 10 years, as CEO, Michael lead the business to employing over 200 people, raising $35M in capital, building a state of the art production facility in China and partnerships with David Jones in Australia and Nordstrom in the US. The business did very well in a niche of creative women passionate about designing their own shoes and won numerous awards including 'Store Design of the Year' at the World Retail Awards in Paris (beating other finalists like the Karl Lagerfeld concept store in Paris and the Puma flagship in Osaka) and being inducted into the Australian Online Retail Industry Hall of Fame in 2016. However ultimately Shoes of Prey wasn't able to 'cross the chasm' into the mass fashion market and Michael and the investors closed the business down in 2018.

The startup roller coaster took it's toll, but after taking 6 months off to recover and reflect, Michael discovered his mission and decided to act on his passion for helping people lead healthier, sustainable lives as well as his love for healthy, plant based food. Having been vegetarian for 4.5 years Michael Co-Founded Fable to create delicious, healthy meat alternatives using mushrooms and all natural plant based ingredients. Launched in December 2019 in partnership with 3 Michelin Star British chef Heston Blumenthal, Fable has rapidly rolled out into over 100 restaurants and 600 Woolworths stores across Australia.

Michael is also an investor and mentor at Startmate, sharing his experience with founders of high potential startups in Australia.

Speaking topics

Resilience, recovering and unleashing growth from failure

Particularly topical given the challenges many businesses are facing with COVID, this keynote outlines strategies for building personal resilience and a culture of resilience in your organisation.

Michael has lived this first hand through his experience with the rise and fall of Shoes of Prey. Michael will share his lessons from that journey and how he turned that failure around to co-found the rapidly growing alternative meat business Fable and how that experience lead to 2019 being the best year of his life.

Book this keynote if you're looking for a deep, insightful and ultimately inspiring session to help energise your team through a challenging period.

Discovering your mission and life's work

Particularly topical for those out of work or furloughed during COVID, this keynote will inspire you to take the opportunity to explore your life's goals and demonstrates how to find your purpose and how to act on it in your every day life and work.

After the rise and very public fall of Shoes of Prey Michael and his family moved from LA to Denmark for the birth of their second child and to take 6 months off. During that time Michael went through a process of reading, reflecting and exploring his own personal values and passions in life. In this intimate session Michael shares the processes and frameworks he used to identify the areas he was passionate about, which of those overlapped with his skill sets and finally where there were market opportunities. Michael shares why he believes capitalism is the best way to make the world a better place and how this ultimately lead to the co-founding of the rapidly growing alternative meat business Fable, who's mission is to help people lead healthier, more sustainable lives.

Michael Fox speaker

Speaker Video

Episode 26 From Failure to Fable
Starting a Business in a Crisis Panel Discussion

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