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Combining real Life Saving skills with Business Saving training, to keep you swimming Between The Flags!

Michael Gencher is a Sydney based - Corporate Trainer, Business Coach, Professional Speaker and MC. Michael specialises in working with individuals and teams to improve effectiveness and efficiency in delivering tangible outcomes and solutions. Michael's approach is aligned with the famous Albert Einstein quote "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." In other words; if you want different - do different!

Originally from Canada, Michael is now celebrating his twentieth year in Australia. Michael started his professional life as trained actor, and a graduate of Canada's most prestigious theatre school. Even though he quickly rose through the ranks of the industry, his father kept asking him; "when are going to do something serious?" With that kind of pressure, and a little free time, Michael went on to complete his studies in marketing and communications, where he quickly established himself as an award winning Marketing Strategist in demand.

Upon arrival in Australia, Michael felt like 'a fish out of water'. Here he was living in Bondi, and he could not bring himself to go for a swim at the beach. Simply, the fear was overwhelming. For two reasons, Michael decided to join the world's first Surf Life Saving Club, Bondi SBLSC. On one hand, to meet people and find a community to belong to. On the other hand, to get over his fear of the ocean. But Michael overcame his fear of the ocean, became a highly commended lifesaver, instructor, assessor and a recipient of the prestigious Life Saver of the Year Award. All the pieces had now come together - Acting, Marketing and Lifesaving!

A certified, accredited trainer and facilitator, Michael capitalises on his intuition and experience as a Lifesaver and business owner, and has become the 'Business Lifesaver'. Using lessons and analogies from his experience in lifesaving, he delivers workshops, in-house training, strategic planning, team building, sales and marketing coaching and consultation for wide range of individuals, teams and businesses.

Michael's leading offering is his 'Business Resuscitation' program skillfully underpinning business outcomes with lifesaving practices and principles. Your delegates will learn how to perform resuscitation and CPR to save a life, with insightful parallels and proven practices to help your team perform resuscitation and CPR on your business.

Michael's approach to training, coaching and consulting is almost certain to have you doing things differently and successfully. His engaging, intuitive and dynamic approach will engage, empower and entertain your team or your guests with his primary objective to ensure you get the results you expect. Successful outcomes, be it business or personal, are best achieved when participants are actively involved, and collaborate in the design and direction of their development. Your team will be uplifted, engaged and in motion, learning valuable skills to increase sales, boost productivity and enhance their lives.

He specialises in consulting and working with businesses and individuals with:

  • Life & Business Skills
  • Customer Centered Sales Training & Development
  • Improved Human Resource Management
  • Creation & Implementations of Strategies, Policies & Best Practice Standards
  • Management & Sales Team Improvements
  • Smarter Marketing Practices & Results
  • Team Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business, Management & Executive Coaching
  • Team & Individual Problem Solving
  • Fun & Entertainment

Programs and Speaking Topics
Although Michael believes in a collaborative approach to deliver bespoke, purpose designed programs and addresses, an example of some of Michael's successful programs include:

Business Resuscitation
Business Resuscitation is a program in which the participants learn to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save a life, and to save their business. The theory is supported by an acronym that is used in CPR, D-R-S-A-B-C-D (Danger, Response, Send for Help, Airway, Breathing, Compression & Defibrillation); participants learn the steps to saving a life, and bringing life back into the business.

Swimming between the Flags
A thought provoking and enlightening program, designed to give participants the tools to constantly assess the conditions, in order to anticipate problems, and act accordingly. A great team building experience.

The Chain of Survival
The Chain of Survival is a perfect program for any team that needs to learn how to stop 'talking about it', and needs to start 'doing it'. In lifesaving, the chain of survival is used to a tool for assessment, management and action. In collaboration with your team, we will find out what your 'Chain of Survival' is.

Prevention, Recognition, Rescue & Recovery
The four most important concepts in lifesaving are Prevention, Recognition, Rescue & Recovery. This program has had great success in helping teams positively influence change in culture and motivation, by preventing complication, recognising benefit, rescuing relationships & recovering to a positive environment.


Head-first Digital Media has twice used Michael, and we can't wait until the next time! Our first training experience with Michael the Business Lifesaver, gave us tools that our people still refer to on a daily basis. We engaged Michael to deliver his Business Resuscitation program to our staff, with the objective of building a better engaged, and committed team. This was no standard team building experience, our people learned real skills to save a life, and a framework to constantly perform better as a team. Our second experience with Michael was with his Between the Flags program. The day we spent with Michael far exceeded our expectations. It was an eye-opening & truly enlightening experience. Our people not only know the enormous difference between dangerous risk taking, and educated, informed, well thought out decisions, but now have a framework to assess the "rips". I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone looking for a thoughtful, fun and engaging training experience.
- CEO, Head First Digital Media

Michael has been working with us since 2008 when we first were developing strategies and positioning of our product range in the ANZ market. Michael guided the marketing & Sales team to develop the 'Branding' of Covidien products and used an amazing analogy concept to create a perfect positioning for the Covidien products not only for the market but also for the sales team. The time and effort he spent with us as individuals and as a team helped us increase our market share in the ANZ market. Michael also worked with us during our Kick-Off meeting by coming up with an idea of using a concept to help us promote procedural selling using all Covidien products. The session was a great success and we hope to replicate the session once again this year with all divisions combined. For all future activities Michael would be my first choice to lead any session for our annual Kick-Off meetings and recertification's. From planning to execution Michael has demonstrated an overwhelming range of knowledge in his field. Behaviorally, he is recognised for reliability, integrity and the collaborative spirit with everyone he works in a team.
- Marketing Manager, Covidien Pty Ltd

Michael is a direct person, with an open, honest, personality and character - "what you see is what you get" - which makes him very easy to work with. You know Michael will spend little time with nonsense or time wasting activity and will be focused on getting the task done, in the timeliest manner possible. When something needs to change, he finds out what it is that needs change, and how to change it. His approach is intuitive, bordering on telepathic! He just seems to know exactly what is always needed, and the appropriate action to take.
- Executive Director' BNI Sydney, CBD

Michael was the MC and auctioneer for Kickstart Kids International's biggest fundraiser to date. On the evening he wowed our guests with charm, humour and above all sincerity. Our event was a complete success, we superseded our fund raising target and this was credit to Michael's natural ability and entertaining wit, as auctioneer. Michael provided an element to our event that one simply does not know how to describe, he was simply fantastic! We received incredible positive feedback from our guests, one referring to him as "that fabulous MC!" Kickstart would like to thank Michael from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our event such a success.
- Kickstart Kids International

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Michael Gencher - Business Lifesaver

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