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Want to be more authentic and be seen as confident and credible?  Then an event with Michael Grinder is not to be missed!
Michael walks you and your audience through his  ground-breaking communication, group dynamics and influence practices that have allowed thousands to change their lives by changing how others perceive them while staying true to their message.

Michael has spent his life working in both the corporate and educational worlds, teaching effective and systematic non-verbal communication for group settings. He is dedicated to changing the way many people operate from the influence of power, when what they really need is the POWER of INFLUENCE.

As the author of 13 books Michael Grinder is THE master and renowned expert in the power of influence through the science of non-verbal communication, charisma and leadership, group dynamics, relationship building and presentation skills.

Popular Workshop Topics
How to Inspire
The average speaker informs, the good speaker persuades, and the GREAT speaker inspires. Learn how your non-verbals affect others and the two most common mistakes of presenting and how to avoid them.

Discover the importance of freezing your gesture as you pause. Learn the little-known, yet powerful ways to use your hands, your eye contact, and your non-verbals to increase your credibility, AND most importantly, deliver your most impactful messages without blinking.

Working with Difficult People
We can't always control these individuals, so we must use strategies that encourage them to join. Surprisingly, these people may even be the key to the group functioning well.

How Not to Get Shot
How do we maintain positive relationships during difficult times? Gain seven strategies that will allow you to preserve rapport even when you have to deliver bad news.

Group Dynamics
Which of the four kinds of groups are you dealing with: unformed, formed and functioning, dysfunctional, or healthy? Five proven way to adjust your management style so you
can get better results with any and every type of group.

Money is wasted when we hire people for a new position instead of retraining people we already have. Learn the five secrets of successful mentoring.

Practical Stress Management
Stress is the killer of productivity and creativity. Learn key tips and strategies for maintaining a stress-free and productive environment.



Michael Grinder is an authority in the area of group dynamics. His ability to look at your presentation and then link that to how the audience might receive it is first class. If you get a chance to work with him, don't hesitate, but a word of warning ... be ready to have a whole list of action points and take homes!
- Brad Tonini Australian National Speakers Association President

It was a real eye opener attending the five-day Michael Grinder course. Wow what a revelation into the mechanics of non-verbal communication and body language. I can honestly say that I learnt more from the days with Michael that I have over the past 2 years.
- Sam Cawthorn - Speaker Tasmanian 2009, Young Australian of the Year.

Michael's tagline; the average presenter informs, the good presenter persuades and the great presenter inspires...Is what he truly lives by. He is a world-class presenter, facilitator and coach with an endless well of knowledge and wisdom to impart.a true master of his craft.
- Kirsty Spraggon

I have studied with Michael for 15 years and am convinced that MICHAEL IS the reason my speaking career has been as successful as it is. He is a master at non-verbal communication. Those who have studied with M ichael have seen their careers transformed. It is the best investment you will ever make.
- Amanda Gore Keynote Speaker of the Year 2009 and NSA Hall of Fame Michael Grinder

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