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Michael Harrison is one of Australia's top business strategists. His experience in sales and marketing is legendary, and his clients know they are in good hands when doing business with Michael. Over the years Michael has started, built and sold several successful companies and his industry achievements have gained him international recognition.
Michael Harrison works with people in business, who want to be more effective and make more money.
He combines creative ideas with practical experience having owned several successful businesses in a career spanning more than three decades.

In the seventies he was recognised as one of the world's leading insurance sales executives. In the eighties he founded Australia's first Private Bank. And in the nineties he established his boutique business consultancy 21st Century Business Strategies.

His extensive record of achievement in developing original sales and marketing strategies is recognised internationally. He has consulted with clients in most services industries and has presented his concepts to audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States and Europe.

He is the creator of the Mini Guide to Business series and the author of two books and numerous articles on business success and related topics. His service on a spectrum of corporate and community boards includes three terms as Deputy Lord Mayor of Adelaide and membership of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix board.

He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table with accreditation as a Category 1 and 2 Workplace Trainer and a Category 1 Assessor.

 Conference Presentations:

A Story of Business Demise

A business lacking sales and process is often destined for failure unless the owner does something fast to change its current path. No one knows this better than renowned Australian business strategist Michael Harrison.

A combination of bad decisions and the early 90s property crash led Michael to appoint a receiver to his Private Bank in 1990. His financial demise forced him to sell his $2 million family home, resign from his prestige Adelaide City Council position and three government boards.

Michael was 48 and totally broke! He had lost everything he'd built up until that moment.

Giving Up vs Implementing Four Simple Steps

At that stage Michael had two choices; one was to give up, the other to fight back. Less than one year later Michael Harrison was the author of one of Australia?s most acclaimed sales books, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Adelaide, and a sought after speaker and consultant.

He reclaimed his life with four simple steps, steps you can now learn from Michael's powerful business presentations to help you take charge of your business by increasing your profits. Michael doesn't just speak empty words, he knows how it feels to be at the wrong end of the stick because he's been there. Now you can benefit from his intrinsic knowledge of what not to do.

Learn the Simple Secrets That Will Supercharge Your Bottom Line

Over the years Michael has taught a range of prestige clients how to increase their profits with simple things that make all the difference. His clients list included AMP, Citibank, STAR Alliance Network, Zurich Financial Services, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, associations, business owners and anyone else wanting to grow and gain a competitive advantage.

Some of Michael's clients have managed to increase their sales by several hundred per cent, and you can too.

Choose Between Keynote, Half-Day, or Full-Day Workshops

Michael's workshops are in hot demand. His presentations cover a range of needs. Whilst most presentations are tailored to the needs of the client his most popular workshops are:

Lead Generation for Business Professionals

You will learn how to identify your ideal client, how to find them, how to communicate with them without alienating the lead, and how to position your business for optimum results.

The Art of Building Profitable Business Relationships

Learn how to establish winning relationships by establishing a common ground fast with your prospects. By the end of the seminar you will know how to cultivate your leads so that they turn into a valuable center of influence for you by referring more business to you.

Tools for the Tech-Savvy Professional

What would business be without the tools of the 21st century? Michael's presentation will show you smart and savvy ways on how you can implement these tools to save time and money in your business. Best of all, many of them can be used to automate daily processes to simplify business management.

Consider these presentations for:

In-House Training Events
Corporate Events
Sales Meetings
Association Meetings
Succeed by Receiving the Answers to Critical Questions

As a presentation attendee you will leave with proven business building strategies that can be put into action within 24 hours. You will be inspired, encouraged and empowered by Michael's charismatic leadership, ready to take massive action upon returning to your office.

A New Empowered You

Thanks to Michael's no-fuss, easy-to-follow presentation you will return to your business empowered and inspired to take action. Each of the methods taught to you will be easy to implement and guaranteed to show results if applied correctly.


Those who attended your program run with the support of the Business Centre benefited significantly through the mix of training and one-on-one assistance.
- General Manager, South Australian Government

In my view the principals and ideas taught by Michael actually culminated in changed behaviour.
- State Manager, South Australia/Northern Territory ,Citibank Limited

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