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Michael Licenblat is a resilience expert who builds pressure proof cultures and high-performance teams that bounce back fast from challenges, setbacks, and rejections. Michael's presentations combine high energy with practical motivation to inspire people to ride the waves, adapt to change and achieve more in tough conditions and competitive markets. Michael’s relatable style infuses personal stories, scientific research and real-life applications to create a keynote experience that motivates people, challenges their thinking and inspires them to achieve their full potential.

Born into a family of entrepreneurial parents, Michael grew up working inside the numerous family businesses and quickly learned that success often came to those who could ride the bumps, get up, and keep going. Over 25 years ago, Michael became one of the pioneers in building a successful natural therapy business through overcoming market rejection, refusals, and knockbacks.

Drawing on his background in Psychology, Shiatsu therapy, and over 35 years of Martial Arts experience, Michael has helped countless companies use the 'pressure proof' principles to bounce back from the setbacks and challenges so they can out-achieve their competition.

Michael is an international speaker, leadership mentor, masterclass facilitator and the author of the book ‘Pressure Proof – how to thrive in time of disruption, change, and pressure’. Michael's in-person and virtual presentations have been delivered across many industries and countries.

Speaking topics

Becoming pressure proof

Thriving in times of disruption, change & challenge

In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with fewer resources. You will be confronted by continual changes, pressured by rising competition, and faced with higher expectations.

There will always be days of setbacks and failures; changes that you can’t control; workloads that never end, and problems that don’t seem to have solutions.

A major key to your success is being able to turn obstacles into opportunities and complaints into contributions. Being able to flow with change, adapt to pressure, and remain engaged and motivated is the currency of success.

This is greatly determined by how fast you can bounce back from the setbacks, challenges, and pressures that may otherwise slow you down, wear you out, or get in your way.

In this presentation, Michael will explain how to build your professional resilience so you can out-achieve your competition and thrive.

Participants will learn how to…

  • Bounce back faster from setbacks and challenges
  • Be adaptable and resourceful when dealing with change and multiple pressures
  • Remain motivated under pressure with a resilient mental attitude
  • Sustain your energy in a competitive environment – without burning yourself out

High performance leaders

Build a pressure proof culture & resilient workforce

Team engagement and output capacity have been impacted by continual change, disruptive uncertainty and pressure overload.

Leaders are doing what they can to support their staff and, despite becoming exhausted and overloaded themselves, are still struggling to lift and sustain the team's output, engagement and retention.

The key to team engagement is for leaders to help their team turn strain and setbacks into energy and enthusiasm. The reality is, however, that leaders need to do more than manage processes and operations, and widen their understanding of human behaviour if they want to create a high performing team.

Leaders need to understand the psychology of engagement so they can draw out their team's motivation - without being their cheer squad.

In this presentation, Michael will show leaders how to create a culture where people step up, lean in, switch on and stick around.

Participants will learn how to…

  • Integrate the foundations of building a pressure proof culture
  • Draw out high performance behaviours from their team
  • Use the principles of intrinsic motivation to improve standards and workflow capacity
    Build lasting engagement, loyalty and trust within your team

Maximise your influence

Get buy in faster and resolve issue quickly without becoming drained

Creating high performance teams, delivering excellent service and building client rapport is greatly determined by your ability to influence and communicate with emotionally charged people, without taking what they say personally or becoming worked up.

Strong communication skills form the foundation of team trust, honest feedback, true respect, client loyalty and lasting engagement.

Your ability to have clear and positive interactions with people lifts team cohesion, raises benchmarks and improves productivity.

Being able to confidently address and resolve issues reduces negative undercurrents, decreases turnover and lowers resistance.

In this presentation, Michael will explain how to build a cohesive and frictionless team without becoming drained

Participants will learn how to…

  • Be more influential with challenging, non-compliant or negative people
  • Resolve issues quickly and effectively without becoming drained
  • Stay cool and calm during an emotionally charged interaction
  • Communicate well with different personalities by reading their ‘Pressure Patterns’

Generating sales resilience

Keep your drive alive in the face of setbacks, rejections and adversity

Every year companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on training their sales teams in areas like prospecting, questioning and closing more sales. While this type of training is clearly valuable, it fails to address a key factor impacting sales performance. That is, the ability of the salesperson to manage the rejections and pushbacks they face on a daily basis.

As a significant proportion of initial sales calls, follow-ups and meetings end in ‘No’, setbacks are a part of any sales process. Most salespeople, however, are never taught how to deal with the impact of hearing ‘no’, and as a result, their sales motivation and dollar productivity are diminished and the likelihood of future success is reduced.

Your ability to turn setbacks into springboards will determine if you are able to bounce back fast and move forward and achieve more or whether you sit in self-pity and stay stuck after a setback.

In this presentation, Michael provides practical techniques on how to bounce back from sales setbacks so that you can remain motivated and productive to hit sales targets faster.

Participants will learn how to…

  • Recover quickly from rejections and challenges to achieve more
  • Keep their ‘drive alive’ by not personalising rejections or pushbacks
  • Use failure as a stepping stone to project you forward
  • Develop a resilient mindset to stay focused and dollar productive in tough markets

Building business rainmakers

Turn reluctance into confidence and grow your client base in competitive markets

In times where competition is growing and clients are more discerning, businesses will have to work harder and smarter to secure their market share and business revenue. Whilst most industry professionals are technically orientated, having the confidence and motivation to initiate new business, follow up clients, mine your database for leads, and setting up client meetings can mean the difference between your success and failure.

Many people, however, avoid business development because they don't like it, it feels 'salesy' or because of the fear of rejection. This places a lot of strain on a handful of people in the business to find new clients, making business development a burden, reactive and inconsistent.

This is not a 'hype up' session, but a practical look at the principles that drive technically oriented people to get past their call apprehension and sales aversion to achieve their business development targets – even when they don't feel like it.

In this presentation, Michael Licenblat will demystify how to turn reluctance into confidence and make business development feel comfortable and frictionless.

Participants will learn how to…

  • Overcome the reluctance and call aversion to initiate more leads and new contacts
  • Get past the 4 motivational killers that slow down business development activity
  • Become confident and comfortable to approach new (and existing) clients
  • Focus your time and energy to reach your client revenue targets faster

Accelerating implementation

Using the psychology of stickability and motivation to get things done

There is so much time, resources and energy invested into making plans, creating strategies, formulating new initiatives and writing vision statements yet only a portion of all that hard work ever gets implemented. Why is that?

People are mentally wired with an innate desire to achieve more and feel a sense of progress - so motivation should organically be a part of any project. The challenge is that overload, uncertainty, disorganisation and fear can turn all that enthusiasm into procrastination and inconsistency of activity.

By dissolving the barriers, resistances and obstacles to action, you will be able to tap into lasting motivation to stick with your goals until they are achieved. In this presentation, Michael will unpack the psychology of implementation and share how to get traction, make progress and stay on track to achieve your targets.

In this presentation, Michael Licenblat will demystify how to turn reluctance into confidence and make business development feel comfortable and frictionless.

Participants will learn how to…

  • Turn your procrastination into progress and activity
  • Use the principle of momentum to take consistent action
  • Stop over thinking yourself to death and being paralysed by analysis
  • Get past your excuses and resistances and do the tough stuff


As a result of the Matrix Training we have identified and acknowledged that increasing the weekly activities in particular, property inspections and open houses, we have created an increase in our sales activity and subsequently higher commissions. This has been very evident with our lower income producers who we have worked extensively with the Matrix training model and it has been successful.
- Director, Dungey, Carter Ketterer Real Estate

Michael presented at the end of our two day conference, at a time when energy levels are quite low. Michael was incredibly engaging, the energy and enthusiasm from the participants was palpable. His common sense approach resonated with the team, reminding them to get back to basics and giving them simple but effective tools to take into the field.
- Communications Manager, St. George Banking Group

I highly recommend the sales resilience matrix as a tool for managers to break down conflict barriers and as an effective tool to driver team performance. The tools are very user friendly and the program itself has become a real part of our operational culture. Michael is an outstanding presenter and I would highly recommend his services for your next sales conference.
- National Operations Manager, Chemmart Pharmacy - Vic Office

The Insurance Industry is certainly finding that we have much more pressure put on our day to day activities than every before, and the techniques and knowledge provided by you will no doubt be invaluable to the attendees. I would like to thank you for your enthusiastic and interesting presentation and would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone working in a high pressure industry.
- Account Executive - Enterprise, Aon Risk Services Australia Limited, Chairperson, NIBA Young Professionals

Thank you for a great presentation that you delivered to the retail sales team of Scotts Australia. Your high energy and interactive style engaged the team right from the beginning and kept them interested and involved all the way through. Everyone in the conference took away new ideas and skills to enhance their resilience and working stamina that will, no doubt, help them reach their sales targets. Michael, I thought your program was 'spot on' for our team and look forward to working with you again in the future.
- National Sales Manager, Scotts Australia

I want to thank you for presenting at our Staff Kick-Off Meeting in both Sydney and Melbourne. The sessions were excellent, they were fast paced, you presented them with great enthusiasm and they were entertaining yet everyone took away some information and practical tips. I thank you once again for two excellent, informative presentations and would highly recommend you to any company thinking of using you in the future.
- Human Resource & Administration Manager, FM Global

Thank you for taking the time to customize the program and getting to know our industry. Your presentation definitely contributed to the overall success of the conference. I look forward to working with you in the future.
- Partner, Pitcher Partners

I was exceptionally happy that we got Michael to speak to the REIV members. He was very entertaining and gave some sound messages to our group.
- Professional Services Manager, The Real Estate Institute of Victoria Ltd

The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly favourable - and employees said it was the single best team event they have had in the past several years. The impact on morale has been very noticeable, and the team is using the language, tools and attitude Michael shared with us. I highly recommend Michael for consideration to any work group - his approach is practical and engaging.
- Manager, Human Services, Asia Pacific Division, Caterpillar of Australia

The energy was fantastic, and the supporting materials great so that all is not forgotten once the conference finished! Your presentation provided attendees with relevant and useful information, and practical ways to manage the pressures experienced in the workplace and at home. I look forward to working with you in the future.
- National Human Resource Manager, MAURICE BLACKBURN

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Michael Licenblat Speaker Showreel

Michael Licenblat Speaker Showreel

Michael Licenblat - Virtual showreel

Michael Licenblat - Virtual showreel

Cliftons Perform Speaker Showcase - Michael Licenblat

Cliftons Perform Speaker Showcase - Michael Licenblat

Keynote Building Sales resilience

Keynote Building Sales resilience

Keynote: Maximising your influence

Keynote: Maximising your influence

Keynote: Building Business Rainmakers

Keynote: Building Business Rainmakers

Keynote: Accelerating Your Productivity

Keynote: Accelerating Your Productivity

Keynote: Becoming Pressure Proof

Keynote: Becoming Pressure Proof

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