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Michelle Pascoe (CSP) is an international speaker, business coach, accredited trainer, researcher, author and podcaster. Michelle lives and breathes her passion for customer service, mystery shopping and team motivation. She is an experienced businesswoman and a “retention” specialist in every aspect of service operations and processes and their impact on the customer experience. In 1994 she founded one of Australia’s most respected training companies, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services Pty Ltd (OOPS); now a thriving provider of mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, competitor audits, team training and leadership development. Michelle has applied the very tips and techniques that she presents on in achieving her own business success.

The emergence of the Extreme Customer, who is connected, competitive and optimistic, and relentless in their pursuit of value, is driving the changes in how businesses deliver their product or service. With over two decades of measuring and analysing her clients and their competitors, Michelle’s presentations are content-rich with real case studies delivered with passion and authenticity – walk away from her presentations feeling inspired, educated and equipped to deliver outstanding service experiences!

Speaking topics

Leading A Multi Generational Team Delivering The Customer Experience Journey

In a multi-generational workplace, connecting, engaging and leading a team that is united, delivering a consistent superior service experience is a key challenge to the customers of today who span six generations. Over two decades of research dedicated to the customer experience and service delivery, Michelle shares her knowledge of the generational drivers in customer expectations and service delivery including teamwork and leadership unity. Real case scenarios delivered in a fun and authentic manner will have you writing up your action plan on the back of the napkin, with aha moments and realisation of why the culture in your organisation is not what you had imagined.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Multi-generational customer expectations and service delivery
  • How to optimise the potential of your team
  • Equipping your team to deliver a superior customer service experience
  • Understanding the importance of a united leadership team
  • Discovering the generational diversity in your workplace

Brand Audit
Connecting the head with the heart, creating memories that will have your customers becoming advocates for your brand

Memories are the link between our past experiences and the present, that can be triggered by a thought, word, smell, even an ad on TV. Did you know that in our brain we have one centre for rational thinking and five emotion centres. It only takes a 12th of a millisecond for our emotion sensors to react.

As providers of the brand experience and creators of memories, no matter what your product or service offering is, you need to connect the head and the heart, having your customers experience the emotion, not just be exposed to it. It is about you making a promise to the customer and following through on that promise, creating a lasting impression.

With over two decades in business, Michelle brings her wealth of knowledge and experience, understanding that at times you just can’t wait for evolution you have to be a revolutionist

In this presentation Michelle will share tips and strategies on:

  • Brand audit and actions
  • Competitor Analysis
  • How to own your brand
  • Breaking industry stereotypes
  • Ensuring your brand stands out for all the right reasons

The VIP Guest Experience
Discover how guest experiences drive long term growth in your hospitality and/or tourism venue

Success in the hospitality industry is first and foremost about service and a memorable guest experience. Too often venues are amazing on the outside attracting guests, however, on the inside they do not meet or exceed the guests’ expectation because the team are not connected with the vision and values of the organisation. Instead the service is “lack lustre” from the lack of acknowledgement, information and focus on the guests needs. With over two decades of research working closely with the hospitality industry globally, Michelle shares real life case scenarios from the industry and equips you with some building blocks for the improvement journey.

Key take-aways:

  • Gathering customer “intelligence”
  • Importance of a marketing strategy
  • Leadership and team dynamics
  • Measuring and evaluating success
  • Building connections with your guests


Thank you for putting so much thought, effort and energy into your presentation.
Elizabeth Cutler, G2E Content Development
Global Gaming Expo 2019

Take time to get to know this lady… one of the most trusted businesses and ladies in the industry. Congratulations for being a fellow business owner in our industry who truly respects our clients! If you do not know Michelle Pascoe CSP, then connect with her now!
Jenny White, CEO
White Now

Michelle had the audience in the palm of her hand, sharing her knowledge of over two decades on how to build a united leadership team in an Intergenerational Business. Her style was engaging, content rich and funny. As the MC I see and hear a lot of speakers, yet Michelle stood out at the G2E Education presentations. I would certainly recommend Michelle as a highly motivated and professional speaker to anyone who would like to have their organisation focus on the intergenerational business. leadership, team retention and customer growth.
Ann Simmons Nicholson CEO
Simmons Group

Michelle is an engaging presenter and a brilliant story-teller. She was able to seamlessly connect and build rapport with the audience by sharing her personal experiences with the group. She has a number of years of experience consulting with organisations on employee engagement and hence was able to bring an external perspective to the panel discussion.
Shumaila Ali
AHRI NSW Talent Acquisition & Engagement Forum

Michelle really hit the spot for a lot of guests who have been struggling with following their passion to start something new.
Nichol Stark
The Femetech Revolution

It was an absolute delight to have Michelle Pascoe speak at our Inspiring Women event. Michelle gave our business owners great insights into the different age demographics and their customer experience expectations. Highly recommend! Thank you so much!
Sue Heins
Inspiring Women

The feedback on the content and delivery from our members was very good. I took away some effective key points which I will be presenting to my team. Definitely a very thought-provoking presentation.
Shaun Pereira, President
Narellan Chamber of Commerce

You did a fantastic job, what a great energy you brought to the whole conference.
Catherine McCarthy, Conference Producer
Workplace, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2019

We are so grateful for the contribution you made to the event – I thought your presentation was really fantastic.
Siobhan Hady, Content Director
Chief Customer Officer Sydney

Michelle Pascoe speaker

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[Introduction] Leading A Multi Generational Team Delivering The Customer Experience Journey

[Introduction] Leading A Multi Generational Team Delivering The Customer Experience Journey

Leading A Multi Generational Team Delivering The Customer Experience Journey

Leading A Multi Generational Team Delivering The Customer Experience Journey

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