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A recent Global Workforce Study revealed that employment mobility is at a decade-long low point, and many are sacrificing career growth for a secure job. A volatile economic environment exacerbates the feeling of helplessness, as many people believe that they cannot escape their situation. During such times, it is no wonder individuals may feel stuck; taking the leap of faith when there is no safety net feels overwhelming. Organizations are also taking a cautious approach; opting for the status quo instead of taking risk...in effect, reacting rather than responding to change and uncertainty.

Born in Australia and now residing in Vancouver, Canada, leadership expert and author, Michelle Ray, is an award-winning speaker and founder of the Lead Yourself First Institute. She helps people and organizations of every description to take the lead, get out of their comfort zones and develop the willingness to risk. As an in-demand international business conference speaker and trainer, Michelle challenges audiences to take charge of themselves in any work/life situation in order to become the leaders of their own lives.  Delivering her powerful message on self-leadership with insight, humour and passion, Michelle's engaging, interactive presentations resonate with a diverse clientele who are seeking to inspire their teams and take personal responsibility for creating their own reality at work, in business and in life.

Michelle's recently-released book, Lead Yourself First! Breakthrough Strategies to Live the Life You Want has received rave reviews. She has appeared as a guest on numerous news and current affairs programs including CBC Radio, Global TV and featured in renowned publications such as Investor's Business Daily, Inc.com, the National Post, the Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, and the Vancouver Sun.


Presentation Topics include ...

The Power of Personal Leadership... Attitude makes the Difference

We all possess the ability to profoundly impact another person by the manner in which we conduct ourselves. When we go out in the world with a happier disposition, we impact others positively. By our own demeanor, we create an energy force that has the power to change attitudes and change lives. We should never underestimate our own personal power! This humorous, highly energized and insightful presentation offers a deeper understanding of the power of positive thinking and personal initiative, as well as specific tools to implement when faced with our own 'stinkin' thinking'. Whether your group needs an attitude adjustment, tune-up or makeover, audience members experience a memorable, popular keynote that reinforces the concept of leadership being a state of mind. They learn the true meaning of becoming the leader of themselves in order to make a difference in their professional and personal relationships.

Learning objectives and benefits for attendees:

  • Implement immediate solutions to workplace stress and negativity
  • Realign your core personal and professional values to those of your workplace
  • Learn how to re-energize attitudes to co-workers and management that brings profound results
  • Discover how to influence others with outstanding communication skills
  • Master the art of personal leadership in all relationships

The Most Challenging Team to Lead is a Team of One

Is leadership the influence you have on others? The respect you get from your peers? Your ability to implement a business strategy? The number of sales you make? Or the number of friends you have on Facebook?

Over the course of her professional career, Michelle got hit with two deep recessions that brought her face to face with the true meaning of leadership....the challenge of leading oneself. From starting out as an administrative assistant during the first recession and working her way up to management for 23 regional radio and TV stations...to helping the largest cinema complex in the southern hemisphere increase revenue when everyone else's budgets were shrinking... to dressing up as Cat Woman to teach her team what it really takes to win business during an economic downturn... Michelle learned that the true test of leadership is how you lead a team of one.

Michelle now challenges you to be the leader in your own work and life. Are you tapping into your own innovative potential? Are you leading yourself by demonstrating unwavering confidence in your personal and career decisions in an unpredictable economy? Are you ready to lead the team of one? It all comes back to YOU. Are you ready?

Learning objectives and benefits for attendees:

  • Implement specific strategies to develop an engaged workplace
  • Discover power of positive influence with teams and clients alike
  • Take charge of yourself - at work and in life
  • Apply the incredible leverage of modeling a 'do-what it takes' attitude

Operation Cooperation: How to Build Outstanding, Collaborative Workplace Relationships

In these volatile times, teams within every type of organization are grappling with the challenges presented by the different values, attitudes and expectations present in today's business climate.  'Operation Cooperation' offers you a winning strategy to build an outstanding workplace culture where everyone is empowered to communicate, collaborate and connect. In this interactive presentation, the concept of cooperation will be reinforced with an emphasis on the importance of successful internal workplace relationships to achieve an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect. Our external professional relationships are compromised when the spirit of a unified team is lacking. Participants will have the opportunity to refocus, re-energize and be reminded of the value of collective wisdom... prerequisites for outstanding team relationships.

Learning benefits for attendees:

  • Realign your core personal values to those of your workplace
  • Discover how to influence others with outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Experience first-hand the benefits of a collaborative atmosphere
  • Embrace the values of cooperation and respect - essentials for building a culture of excellence

An attitude of Gratitude... We Appreciate Your Business

The Customer Service revolution is still in full swing! Is your front line staff committed to an 'attitude of gratitude' for the business your customers provide? Are they giving a gold medal performance with every customer experience? No matter how high tech our workplaces have become, our organisations will always be about people. When we achieve an exceptional standard of excellence in workplace relationships internally, our external relationships benefit.  The first point of contact with a customer can make or break the relationships within seconds. Therefore, great service starts with leading ourselves. Is your team set up to go beyond the extra mile? The theme of this exciting keynote address or workshop is based on the reality that almost 70% of customers take there business elsewhere due to an attitude of indifference!

Learning objectives and benefits for attendees:

  • Recharge your attitude to client relationships: They are the reason you are in business
  • Learn the six secrets of customer satisfaction to outsmart the competition
  • Improve your internal client relationships to increase bottom line results
  • Learn dynamic communication strategies. Master the art of diplomacy with your most annoying clients!
  • Avoid the 'cost of loss', a bad service experience with your organisation has immeasurable consequences!

Leading the generations: Adjusting Attitudes in the Multigenerational Workplace

The notion of having one job and having it for life does not hold any appeal for the new generation of workers. Those days are gone forever and unless organisations are willing to invest in their people emotionally and financially, the best and brightest will unashamedly seek opportunities elsewhere, leaving you scrambling to replace them. In this context, employers must be willing to rethink existing hiring, mentoring and training practices and let go of old ideas that shaped the traditional organisational structures. In this fun and informative presentation, participants learn how to adjust attitudes regarding the secret to motivating and retaining our workforce to create outstanding intergenerational workplaces. Despite the volatility of the economy and the job market, we can develop an outstanding workplace culture by focusing on what is within our control. Developing an unbiased viewpoint and flexible approach, coupled with exceptional interpersonal skills and specific methods to keep all team members engaged, productive and satisfied. These are fundamentals for leadership success in managing our diverse workforce.

Learning objectives and benefits of attending:

  • Understand the 'push' and 'pull' factors regarding employees' decisions to stay or leave.
  • Learn how to lead yourself first and apply positive influence and motivation to all team members; regardless of age, culture and attitudes.
  • Practice the language of leadership to use when giving feedback to different generations.
  • Learn how to create a work environment that fosters retention by encouraging creativity, participation in decision-making, brainstorming problem solving.
  • Experience hands-on opportunity to practice the power of positive connection will all generations!

No More Drama: How to achieve high engagement, high morale and a happier workplace

The existence of people challenges of any description has consequences for your bottom line. Many individuals are working longer hours, spending more time with managers, co-workers, and computers than their own families. Stress levels have accelerated as organisations of every description feel the pressure of delivering results for their clients and shareholders in less time, with fewer resources. Teams are expected to be efficient, engaged and happy. However, the demands of today's workplace often take a toll on the most important resource of all - your people. Under these conditions, it is not uncommon for drama and chaos to reign. Is your business equipped to deal with personality clashes, emotional explosions, 'my way or the highway' mindsets, and other theatrics that undermine productivity and success? Are you ready to manage the high cost of low morale? Delivered with humour and insight, this exciting keynote or breakout session offers practical solutions to the most common workplace problems - helping your audience to put a stop to the drama - once and for all.

Learning objectives and benefits of attending:

  • Detach from the dysfunction and drama to be a better 'you'
  • Take a stand in the face of 'the blame game' and other theatrics
  • Practice objectivity and put the 'small stuff' into perspective
  • Learn the difference between people who have problems and people who are problems
  • Evict the colleagues, managers and others who are living 'rent-free' in your head



Your presentation left us all with many things to think about to take back to our work and our personal relationships. Your entertaining delivery also made it a fun way to end the first day of our business planning workshop. We have your bookmarks as a reminder to keep us on track and we sincerely appreciated your contribution!
- New South Wales Public Works-Project Management

At the recommendation of a colleague, I engaged Michelle Ray to present keynote sessions on "The Power of Personal Leadership" for both our Sydney and Melbourne Business Analyst World Conferences. Michelle prepared meticulously for the event, researching the industry and interviewing a number of consultants to ensure she understood some of the key issues of a business analyst role and the terminology that would resonate with the audience. The delegates responded with exceptional feedback - Michelle was our top rating speaker at both events.
- Business Analyst World Australia

Thank you for any exciting, entertaining and energizing presentation at our recent staff development day. You more than exceeded our expectations. We learned better ways to engage and communicate with our students as well as each other. The positive empowerment that was noticeable in staff at the end of the day has carried over into our workplace. Many are actively using your "hot ideas". Thank you again for a tremendous workshop.
- University of Western Sydney

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Michelle Ray

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