Mike Le Roux

Ultraman World Champion, Mike Le Roux is a 35 year-old ultra athlete who is always looking for a new challenge to push the limits of his body and mind.

Mike aims to participate in as many exciting and exotic ultra, endurance and adventure sport events as he can afford. He focuses his passion for endurance into an everyday lifestyle of being in the great outdoors, enjoying the journey of reaching a new goal and trying to be in the moment of every footfall, and each pedal stroke.

In the new frontier of ultra and endurance training, Mike believes that sharing knowledge and know-how in training and racing will make the sport more competitive, more interesting, more scientific and more accessible. He hopes to inspire other athletes out there, and he is always on the lookout for new connections that motivate and improve his own performance.

with the World Ultraman Champion and current Australian 100 mile trail run record holder.
Mike is a natural presenter, with a humorous take on his remarkable and current tenure as an Extreme Ultra Endurance Athlete.
Sought after for his motivational presentations, Mike uses dramatic photos and race footage set in remote and exotic places like the Moroccan Sahara, Papua New Guinea's Kokoda trek, Hawaii, South Africa and trails and bushland in Australia and America, to demonstrate his winning philosophy of 'More than the Finish Line'. Mike is able to relate his corporate experience to his presentations from years of working as a Project Manager with International Consulting firm ARUP.
Suitable for small groups or large audiences Mike tailors keynote presentations for 30 minute to 2 hour time slots, or is available half or full day workshops.


In an era when athletes are more famous for their "after hours" pursuits, than their prowess in the sporting arena, Mike Le Roux is a refreshing change. It is difficult not to be impressed by Mike and his achievements; nevertheless he leaves you feeling that with the right attitude we can achieve anything. His luncheon address to the Cairns Business Women's Club, was entertaining, awe inspiring and compelling. He had finished the Challenge Cairns, ultra event, less than 48 hours before our lunch, and was fresh, geared up and professional; a further example of his generous spirit, and amazing positive attitude. "It's more than the finish line" is a mantra that he lives and breathes, and when you spend time listening to Mike, it is a mind-set that is quite infectious......
- Cairns Business Women's Club

Mike has a great story to tell, he has spoken to several groups within our broader business and the feedback has been overwhelming. Mike delivers his message in a clear and relevant manner that truly inspires others to achieve greatness. He provokes emotions and a positive mindset that drive his audience to apply some key learning's to their own everyday business setting. A memorable experience!
- Commonwealth Bank Australia

Mike was a guest speaker at our annual team conference and the fantastic feedback received highlighted he had really connected with every team member. His humble and genuine style captivated the team as he shared his inspiring stories of personal growth and achievement. The way he then linked this back to core principals of planning, preparation, attitude and support systems we can all apply in our personal and professional lives was practical and meaningful for all. A really great experience...
- Commonwealth Bank Australia

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