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Mike Wittenstein has been helping companies solve problems for over 20 years starting with the customers' experience. A human-centered design is proven to exponentially multiply the return to your company in all areas.

The result? Sales increase. Profits increase. Attrition decreases.

Where most companies take a "balance sheet" approach to problem resolution, it is the human element that ultimately moves the needle. Mike demonstrates this with Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses, including many non-profits.

Mike's passion for moving businesses from the middle of the pack to the top is supported by a lifetime of experience.

His experience spans two decades, more than 25 countries and over 300 companies.  Working with companies like IBM, founding his own company and consulting with organizations of all sizes around the world, he has nearly perfected the art of great customer experience design.In the earliest years of Mike's career, he was given some good advice, "Take notice of what's going on around you and catalog those experiences. They will be useful later".  As it turns out, observation and application is second nature for Mike.  Seeing how the physical environment impacts the customer experience from his Uncle Sam to how damaging it can be to your brand to overstate your promise, Mike relies on this wealth of experiences to create customer experience design with great results.

The term "customer experience" gets thrown around quite a lot.

But, Mike connects the dots on how to architect real problem resolution.  What many find today is that few can get in the trenches and actually design the customer experience that changes a brand from commodity to truly remarkable. Where many will jump from data to experience "fix", that doesn't really fix anything, Mike's sweet spot is in bridging that gap with excellent design. This is where big change leads to solutions for real success.

Speaking engagements give you an opportunity to see Mike in action.

From the boardroom to the front desk, audiences find that his messages ignite their creativity and promote a unified force for significant change. You can expect to hear comments such as:

"He connects my activity to a bigger purpose."
"Mike uses organizational dynamics to create alignment."
"His ideas stick. They work, and they multiply."
Mike has many academic accomplishments in addition to a successful career in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. But, did you notice the direct phone line here on the website?  He really is that accessible and easy to work with. He's big on collaboration and is skilled at moving things along without rushing the process. And, even though he is a captivating speaker, he is a good listener as well.

A lifetime of experience to solve big problems. And, the end result? Mike guides big changes that create value for your customer and bring lasting value to your business.

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