Monte Huebsch

Australia - QLD
  • Monte knows his stuff - he has been appointed by the Commonwealth Government as the e-business trainer for the Australian Electronic Business Network and the advanced trainer for the Queensland Government's E-Business Integration Program. A Certified Management Consultant, he is the author of the highly successful multi media CD

  • Monte's presentations are NOT academic or theoretical but practical and supported by Australian case studies. His experience with over 100 e-businesses spans tourism and manufacturing to retail and professional service firms.

  • At a time when many seminars on e-commerce, e-business and e-marketing are presented by hardware or software vendors, Monte's independent business approach is both refreshing and informative. "Well presented - entertaining - informative speaker. I remember and still am using the content a year later!" - Department of State Development, Queensland Government.

  • Repeat audiences, who improved their business processes and PROFITS through Monte's workshops, seminars and keynote addresses included:
  • Certified Practicing Accountant Australia
  • Real Estate Institute Australia
  • Queensland Hotel Association and Clubs Queensland
  • Institute of Management Consultants Australia
  • The Logistics Association Australia
  • Aged Care Queensland
  • Motor Trades Association Queensland
  • Department of State Development - Queensland
  • Prior to Monte's experience as an independent consultant, he worked for the United States Space and Shuttle Programs. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture, with a minor in Economics, from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Testimonials

    A lot of audience questions, Monte was well received and very informative. With good presentation.
    - HIA

    Monte Huebsch speaker

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