Monty Hamilton

Australia - Vic

In 2010 and 2011 Monty consulted to clients in Government Business Enterprises and Telecommunications with projects in M&A, Digital Business and Payments/Financial Services. with Australia Post, co-founding of Belong - Telstra's direct broadband business and the large-scale digital transformation of Telstra.

Monty Hamilton led the Digital Operations within Telstra Digital. Monty’s team was responsible for the day-to-day running of the Telstra Digital business across all of their segments - Consumer, Business and Enterprise & Government channels. His team was responsible for, mobile apps, social media and user experience. Monty is motivated by the design and delivery of digital experiences that empower customers and has over 15 years experience in digital, project management, sales & marketing in the banking & finance industry and more recently telecommunications.

At Telstra, the digital activities span across consumer, business, enterprise and government segments. Monty was responsible for the digital operations across web, mobile and social. He says

....'It's a super exciting time to be at Telstra, we're not only enabling connectivity - mobility and speed - like never before, we're combining this with customer-focused digitisation - making it much easier for you to manage your products and services....'

Hamilton believes that digital transformation is industry agnostic and driven by people and culture first - then enabled by technology and connectivity.

He is a a regular contributor at leading conferences on topics including digital business strategy, online sales, customer experience and corporate use of social media.

Monty co-founded the Australian Digital Summit - Australia's leading digital event - in 2012.

Specialties: Leadership & Cultural Change, Indigenous & Community Relations, Proven digital delivery/transformation, Strong commercial aptitude, Financially Savvy, Risk Taker, Customer focus, Gets the job done, Conference presentation/panel moderation.

Signature stories:

  1. Telstra's digital transformation, a 6 year journey to a 'digital first' telco
  2. Start-up story "UBank" - Australia's largest direct bank
  3. Start-up story 'Belong Broadband' - launched from idea to customer in 12 weeks
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