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"The feedback from the team was spectacular!" DePuy Synthes

Beginning his professional life as a Chef, Murray's had several 'careers of a lifetime'. From food and fitness to an unexpected corporate career working in a global pandemic, he's worked in many parts of the world, including extraordinary days being in rooms with President Mandela, President Clinton and Bill and Melinda Gates.

With relentless optimism, Murray's clients look to him to empower their people to release a fresh mindset and embrace the future! In a Keynote presentation, half or full day workshop, he is a catalyst who connects with people in a genuine and fun way, delivering a captivating mix of expertise, empathy, humour and drive. From Medicine to Mining, his sought-after Professional Development Workshops leave a legacy of empowered individuals contributing their unique strengths to every room they're in.

Murray knows how BIG experiences, of all types, can disorientate an organisation's goals and how taxing it can be on your people's psychology and wellbeing. It's vital to have a game plan to refresh yourself and spark your thinking to make a success of the opportunities ahead. He helps you bring out the best in your people, to equip them to adapt to new conditions and nourish a mindset to step boldly and confidently into the future.

He is the author of the popular book Hard Boiled Habits: How to crack the code to a fresh start! As an Executive Coach Murray works with leaders, holding the ladder, as he helps them climb to the highest and truest expression of their potential, sharing powerful insights from those journeys with your audience.

Delivering a value packed fusion of skills, Murray will have your conference buzzing! Your audience will be equipped with clear insights and strategies they can immediately use to power up their future at work and at home!

Murray is on the scholarship committee of whose Patrons include The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG and Her Excellency the Hon Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria. The foundation provides scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to realise their full potential.

"Murray fosters intelligent, optimistic thinking. Fascinating, stimulating and uplifting" University of Queensland

Speaking topics

Winning Wellbeing!

Better health is always better business! It fuels stronger decision making, builds confidence, adaptability and leadership. It gives you a spectacular 360° positive impact at work and at home!

To launch your conference or for an energy burst in the afternoon this keynote is a spectacular inclusion because it's about the hottest topic on the planet... YOU!

From his experience as a Chef, Fitness Leader and overcoming injury to be fired up and fit at 59, Murray takes your audience on a high energy, entertaining and fun filled adventure through food, fitness and making the most of their genetic potential.

Audiences consistently rank achieving better health and vitality as their top priority, an also their number one frustration!

With relentless optimism and practical solutions, Murray shares five key insights to empower your audience to reach inspired levels of health, happiness and vitality!

Winning Wellbeing is an experience your audience and future business will thank you for!

A Mindset For The Future

'Growth is the only guarantee that things are going to get better; growth in your people drives growth in your results.'

As a leader you recognise that until robots completely take over, your future success is powered by the calibre and performance of your team. People are the asset that create all the other assets in your enterprise and many are having trouble keeping up!

  • Where is the new, vibrant thinking coming from in your organisation?
  • Are your people ready to navigate the galaxy of change ahead?
  • What is your game-plan to empower your team to step boldly and confidently into the future?

In this entertaining keynote, we explore the meta skill of HOW to think. Audience members will have three powerful mindset tools they can immediately deploy to experience a fresh mindset at work and at home.

People don't accidently grow so A Mindset For The Future will release the best and boldest thinking in your team!

A Mindset For The Future is an ideal stand-alone keynote or an extended half or full day program.

The Pharmacodynamics Of Excellence

'Every significant breakthrough in science is first a break with tradition, old ways of thinking and old paradigms' The book of Scientific Revolutions.

The Pharmaceutical and Medical environments are a rapidly evolving galaxy of discovery, with new challenges and opportunities demanding fresh thinking and novel solutions.

When bold expectations are layered on out-dated skillsets, this can frustrate your collective success. Leadership is being evaluated less for individual performance and more on your ability to activate the higher potential of your team. How do you empower your team to innovate themselves so they can excel and propel into the future?

With powerful experience from 20 000+ Specialist customer interactions, your audience will embrace hearing from someone who understands the nuances of your industry and delivers with a compelling mix of expertise, empathy, humour and drive.

Themes explored include communication, tenacity, empathy, collaboration and finding new ways to be exceptional.

  • In a world of distraction, how to zero in on what's essential.
  • Let's do an ECG on your conversation style.
  • The vital signs of a phenomenal attitude.
  • Therapeutic Momentum Monitoring, the secret to multiplying your results.

Audience members will leave this session with practical strategies to immediately inform their business goals, strategic collaborations and self-leadership.

The Pharmacodynamics of Excellence is an ideal stand-alone keynote or an extended half or full day program.


Murray is human Red Bull!
Go1 Digital Learning

One of the outstanding presentations I have ever been fortunate to be a witness to. Usually, I take away 1 or 2 thoughts or suggestions. During your presentation I wrote 7 pages of helpful solutions to inspire me and others.
Manager Finance & Business Services, University of Queensland

I have never seen new learnings used so prolifically and in such an organic natural way. Your session was called out as one of the highlights of the retreat.
Head of Global Engineering Excellence, BHP

Murray is an inspiring keynote speaker and an outstanding coach. He brings a unique blend of curiosity, humour, passion, purpose and a depth of personal experience. Murray has worked with my team and I for 8 years and every time he leaves us inspired to make the impossible possible.
Vice President A/P Laerdal

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Speaker Showreel | Murray Altham

Speaker Showreel | Murray Altham

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