Nadine Neumann

As a speaker Nadine is INSPIRATIONAL. Whether she is addressing a classroom of primary school children or a corporate conference, her style is relaxed, engaging and vibrant and the contents of her talks are always relevant and fascinating. Nadine can speak on a range of topics from Goal PIanning and Time Management to entertaining anecdotes of her experiences as an Olympian. She will tailor a speech to your requests and deliver it with professionalism and energy to motivate every audience.

When she speaks, the Olympic Swimmer and former Australian Swimming Team Captain, Nadine shares that Olympic Spirit which drives so many people to search for perfection. She can give you the insider's perspective on what it takes to achieve at the highest level, how to overcome almost insurmountable odds, and how to continue to learn and grow in the ever-changing world we live in.

Nadine made a complete and stunning recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to be on track for the Barcelona Olympic Games only to have her dream shattered by a broken neck just before the trials for those games. Again she made an extraordinary comeback from her near fatal injury to be selected on the Atlanta Olympic team. Nadine has made a huge impression on the Australian public with her amazing spirit and friendly, outgoing nature. She has been a valuable member of every Australian Open team from 1995 to 1999.

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