Natalie Waters

Natalie is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their own lives and live the life they truly want. She is committed to assisting others in unlocking their true potential, follow their passion and take risks so that they can achieve extraordinary success, whether that be career and professional success, personal, business aspirations, relationships or just within life itself.

Natalie has had an extraordinary unique career with many unseen twists and turns, that have all come from taking risks and looking for opportunities.

Previously an owner of a Sea Kayak Adventure Business on the Sunshine Coast, she had an Australian Customs Border Force boat pull up at the back of her waterfront business.

A natural curiosity for adventure, saw her apply for a new government initiative that presented an opportunity within patrolling in the Southern Ocean. Though having no previous law enforcement background, and through numerous psychometric behavioural profiling , Natalie proved to be the ‘wild card’ as she had been profiled and identified as a ‘risk taker’.

As the only female in amongst 25 others, she commenced her new role as a an Armed Boarding Party member employed to patrol the Southern Ocean for prolonged deployments. This risky, dangerous and male dominated law enforcement role also saw her take up patrolling the top end of Australia’s coastline in the fight against illegal drug importations, illegal immigration and other crime.

This was to be the first of the next 12 years that she would spend in many various unique Government roles both in Australia and the Middle East.

A move with her family to the United Arab Emirates, saw the next 8 years working for both the Australian and British Embassies, which involved working with many Government departments such as Intelligence Agencies, Australian Prime Minister’s Office, Governor General, Foreign and Trade Ministers, various British and UAE heads of Governments as well as working as close personal protection for H.M The Queen.

Facilitating Hostage Negotiation training for the UAE’s Special Forces and other varied enforcement roles, has given Natalie an in-depth understanding of the different behavioural types in the law enforcement space, which has provided her with the interest to become a specialist in Human Behaviour and Behavioural Profiling.

Natalie’s passion is passing on these highly impacting Behavioural Profiling skills within Corporate and Business to enable greater understanding and awareness into why we do what we do. She also works with assisting Individuals and Businesses in growing and improving their overall performance to reach their potential.

Her approach to life is with adventure and variety. Natalie lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and her 8-year-old daughter.

Speaking topics

  • The Importance of Leadership and Leading your Team
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Dealing and Adapting to Change - The Importance of Being flexible
  • Risk Taking – How crucial it is for Growth and Development (Business and Personal)
  • The Codes and Patterns of Human Behaviour - Being able to Relate and Create Rapport with Anyone and Everyone. (The importance of Effective Communication)
  • The Codes and Patterns of Human Behaviour - Understanding Why People Do What They Do (This topic can be tailored to any Industry or specific business)
  • The Codes and Patterns of Human Behaviour - How and Why Your Prospects Buy (Sales Industry Related)
  • Self Belief and the Importance of Following your Passion – Using my personal story and varied career as inspiration
  • Being 1/1 Female Shouldn’t Stop You - Using my personal story and varied career as inspiration
Natalie Waters speaker

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Natalie Waters - Speaker Showreel

Natalie Waters - Speaker Showreel

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