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As a world, we are facing our "Cape Horn".  More than any other time in history, people must have the attitude to be open to finding the many ways to develop the systems that will bring results. We need to be focused, have a solid strategy, create a dependable team, respect the competition and get to the finish line in the most efficient method. This is how one survives a 27,000 mile solo race around the world. In this process, there will be headwinds of resistance, stormy seas of change, or just the immense challenges of having daunting objectives on a limited budget. Neal Petersen's keynote will have an enormous impact on your meetings, as he will provide the necessary direction and the vision to navigate these challenging times ahead, not just to survive, but to thrive.

Neal's keynote has never been more sought after and necessary - he challenges and empowers his audience to think differently, outside the box, with responsibility and with accountability.  How to navigate through these current uncharted waters.  With choice there are consequences - make your decisions and choose your future wisely.

Neal Petersen is an award-winning author, solo "Around Alone" racing yachtsman, co-founder of an investment bank and so much more. Few people have realized their dreams, but even fewer have raced solo around the world and in a boat he designed and built. It is an unparalleled adventure, the longest, most extreme race for any man or woman, 27,000 miles in a boat, nine months at sea ~ alone!

Neal has demonstrated what can happen when one truly lives by goals, planning and preparation, believing there are no obstacles so great that they cannot be overcome. In sharing his high-impact extraordinary adventure of the sea, Neal uses his story to compare to the swirling waters, wind shifts and unsettling weather patterns of today's challenges.  Neal delivers a powerful message that, "In life there are no barriers ~ only solutions!" Find your solutions!
As a gifted storyteller, Neal has over fifteen years experience internationally delivering  history-making experiences to corporations such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, HP, American Express, Genetech IT, many associations, including numerous state and local government. 

Neal's keynotes are based on life experiences which deeply connect with audiences as opposed to speakers who speak on topics.

Neal is known for his uniqueness, high energy, humor, adaptability and most importantly ~ valuable content.

Neal's messages include:

  • The importance of realizing goals; perseverance, determination in reaching them.
  • The role of social responsibility in corporate America.
  • Turning perceived disadvantages into advantages:
  • The power of positive attitude and how it affects one's performance.
  • With choice there are consequences - choose wisely.
  • Change is constant ' it's how you play the cards. 
  • Neal was hit mid-ocean by a Russian freighter and uses this comparison with what has hit today?s economy and shows audiences how to stay afloat in these most challenging times.

No Barriers ~ Only Solutions Program:
Neal's keynote is unique in his delivery, carrying a treasure chest on stage - Neal challenges his audience to carry treasures - not baggage. He takes his audience on a journey filled with content they can use everyday.  Inside the chest are things symbolic to Neal?s success in overcoming his insurmountable barriers and challenges the audience to think about their treasure -what they have in experience to aid in planning for a successful future.

Halfway through the presentation Neal shows actual footage of rounding Cape Horn - solo. It is a very powerful video.  How do you go forward once you have achieved your dreams and goals. Our goal is to be a part of your conference to assist meeting planners in generating maximum results for their audience. At no additional fee  - Neal is willing to do in-house welcome videos, book-signings, lunches, receptions, awards, media appearances, executive breakfasts and any special requests you may have to maximize audience impact - just ask!

Neal's keynote becomes the talk of every event. Audiences walk away with a renewed attitude that anything is possible - "There are No Barriers ~ Only Solutions!"  

Neal has appeared on CNN, National Public Radio, PBS, The Discovery Channel, airs a documentary about his life story - more information is available upon request.

Partial Client list include:

  • Million Dollar Round Table  - 2008
  • HP
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • American Express
  • McKesson
  • Intel
  • India's CTO forum 2009
  • Cisco
  • IBM - multiple keynotes
  • Genentech
  • Motorola 
  • Microsoft - multiple keynotes


I owe you a great deal of gratitude - you truly provided the inspiration and motivation for this team that I was looking for externally and the success of this presentation has been heard throughout the IBM Corporation. You were nothing short of a genius.
- WW Events

Neal was rated the best speaker ever at IBM's Global STGU Conference. After Neal's opening keynote to 8,000 attendees, Neal sold and personalized over 1,000 copies of his award winning autobiography, Journey of a Hope Merchant, with a solid line out the door for six hours! Unscheduled, but willing, Neal was asked to be on a plane three days later to open the sister conference in Europe to another 5,000 attendees. It was history at IBM.

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