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Nenad is the author of Emerging Markets: Lessons for business success and outlook for different markets. After excellent reception in business circles and strong sales when initially published in 2004, the book is in its second edition since the summer of 2007. Nenad can assist international companies that are looking at deepening their presence in emerging markets or going there for the first time. In his speeches he can advise companies on how to avoid strategic and operational mistakes other companies have made, how to organise for emerging markets, and discuss the latest international business trends and his original thinking about them. In addition, he can assist companies prioritise markets for further business development investments.

Nenad is Vice President at the Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company of the Economist Group. In addition to his managerial responsibility, he has been working with some of the largest corporations in the world, helping them expand and succeed in emerging markets. The long-standing clients include companies such as Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Henkel, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Bristol Myers, Eli Lilly, Du Pont, and many others.

Nenad has performed over 600 speeches over the years to global and regional managers of major companies, as well as at various open conferences. He has chaired/moderated over 100 Government Roundtables run under the Economist Conferences brand name, in markets as diverse as Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Chile, Kazakhstan and many others. He meets 15-20 prime ministers every year in various countries.

Nenad also closely follows global economic developments and their impact on various regions and markets around the world. In particular, his strength is to interpret in simple language what some of these developments really mean for business planning and strategy. His presentations are known for the straightforward style, wit and very deep knowledge about economic and business issues. He has been invited to guest lecture at various universities such as London School of Economics and University of Vienna. He studied business, economics and finance in Vienna.


  • Emerging Markets
  • International Expansion
  • Global Economy
  • Strategy
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