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If you want to build a stand-out reputation for yourself and your organization, you want to learn from someone who’s been a leader in that arena for more than three decades.

Dr Neryl East’s deep expertise in media, influential communication and credibility spans the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

In a world full of hype and fake news, Neryl brings to your event her unique blend of down-to-earth, warts-and-all experience, considered and insightful perspective and irreverent humour.

Who else could bring so much life to a story about an anti-corruption case that the audience is laughing while they learn the lessons?

After a career that saw her reporting on TV, announcing at the Olympics and advising leaders through some of Australia’s biggest public scandals, Neryl now works with organizations that want to communicate clearly and credibly when the pressure is on, the stakes are high and the outcome really matters.

She has a PhD in Journalism, is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the author of five books including an Amazon best-seller on media and reputation.

Speaking topics

Ignite your influence

The keys to communicating with confidence and credibility

Do people sit up and take notice when you communicate?

With trust at an all-time low, people are looking for credible voices. It’s never been more important to step up with influence – even if it’s not your natural state.

By engaging Dr Neryl East to deliver this keynote, your audience will:

  • Rapidly establish trust and rapport so others listen, respond and act on their information
  • Communicate so clearly that their message is understood the first time it’s heard
  • Break through fear of conflict with a positive, confident approach to difficult conversations

Even if you’re the shyest person in the room, this session will transform your internal messages and your external performance!

From the secret stories we tell ourselves to powerful lessons learned in a career spanning TV, the Olympics and some of Australia’s biggest public scandals, Neryl takes you on an enthralling journey that will awaken the influential communicator within you.

Leading in the spotlight

How to be a leader who commands centre stage through outstanding communication

Today’s leaders must be stand-out communicators, especially in spotlight situations – when the pressure is on, the stakes are high and the outcome really matters.

In this keynote, Dr Neryl East draws on her extensive experience in the spotlight and reveals the secrets of communicating with such clarity and credibility that people sit up, take notice and act on your message.

Your audience will:

  • Super-charge their credibility in pressure situations by knowing how to authentically communicate the right balance of strength and warmth
  • Implement a unique framework that ensures they connect with their audience – whether in high-stakes conversations, presentations or media interviews
  • Be equipped with a highly effective structure in crisis situations so they know what to say and when to say it

Harness the power of AI without killing your credibility

AI can save time and resources but use it unwisely and your credibility will take a hit.

This keynote unveils the sweet spot, where the time-saving brilliance of ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI can co-exist with your personal and business reputation.

Your audience will:

  • Implement a new awareness of generative AI tools, well beyond ChatGPT
  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the benefits and risks of using generative AI in their business
  • Take away a framework for how to use generative AI to speed up tasks without impacting human relationships or reducing trust with clients and customers

Regardless of your sector, it’s essential to be aware of what’s available and the implications of this emerging technology, so you can harness its many benefits while protecting your organization’s credibility.

Be extraordinary, one choice at a time

How to take more action, break through obstacles and achieve beyond expectations

This joyful, compelling and invigorating presentation shows audiences how setting a “giggly goal” can transform their business, relationships and life. Ideal as a closing keynote, it’s a fresh take to re-set hope and optimism in a post-pandemic world.

Your audience will take away:

  • How to use the momentum of negative experiences to propel you to the next level of success in any area of life
  • The keys to making high-quality choices that will shape your extraordinary future
  • A clear path of action to take your results beyond what you dreamed you could achieve

The new way of leadership

How to rebuild trust in a changed world through credible communication

Clear and credible communication is the key to rebuilding trust and shifting organizations from disengaged to high-performing, transforming leaders from feeling out-of-control to seizing possibilities and elevating results.

In this keynote, Dr Neryl East shares her Six Lenses of Credible Leadership, giving audiences specific action steps to magnify their communication performance so they’re clear, open, compassionate and highly effective.

Your audience will:

  • Learn how to be a steady anchor for their team in a sea of uncertainty
  • Implement a framework to ensure they always communicate authentically – even in a world powered by AI
  • Leverage tools to be people-focused and compassionate, without compromising their strength and results
  • Adapt to different platforms so they’re outstanding communicators in any environment, whether face to face or online
  • Effectively lead teams into a better future through a focus on forward inspiration


We highly recommend Dr Neryl East. Her stories were highly engaging for our members and her presentation was very practical.
- Teddy Kosasih FCPA, CPA Australia

She was fantastic. Each pillar she focused on seemed deeply experiential and road tested.
- CEO, Melbourne

Her passion, energy, immense knowledge and easy style has made her a favourite.
- Caryn Morgan, Conference and Event Organiser

We have received lots of positive feedback on your session – lots to think about!
- Rhiannon Grebenshikoff, CEO, Local Government Professionals Australia SA

Neryl is no doubt the best speaker I have ever heard.
- Somerset College, Gold Coast

I can’t recommend her more highly
– Michele Adair, CEO, The Housing Trust

Extremely powerful
- Telstra

Very motivating, inspiring, funny and full of fabulous advice.
- Jane Holdsworth, Australian Local Government Women's Association

A fantastic presentation.
- Peta Moore, Professional Conference Organisers Association Inc.

Dr Neryl East speaker

Speaker Video

Speaker showreel | Dr Neryl East

Speaker showreel | Dr Neryl East

Leading in the spotlight
Ignite your influence
The keys to firing up your team
Be Extraordinary

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