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Neville Norman's distinctive (Professor 'Never Normal') approach to economic forecasting has been rewarded with several 'gongs' and high demand as a speaker. Neville was the only published forecaster to predict rising interest rates through the course of 2009 (Age Economic Survey - acknowledged by Editor Tim Colebatch, 5/7/2010) combined with 'no recession for Australia' and an earlier than expected return to Budget balance. Neville combines these insights with real practical advice for business in presentations that use economics but address business.

Awards and Recognition granted to Neville Norman in 2010:
1. Official  Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University Economics Faculty, UK (July 2010-Jan. 2011)
2. Most distinguished research professor, Global business and economics conference series, Oxford UK, awarded by The University of Virginia USA
3. Economic Society of Australia Honorary Fellow award for 2010
4. Leading economic forecaster 2009/2010, The Age Forecasting Panel, July 2010.

Present Positions
Associate Professor of Economics, the University of Melbourne
Official Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge, UK (July 2010- January 2011)
Vice President, Economic Society of Australian (Vic.) (Immediate Past National President)
Member, Law Council of Australia (restrictive practices group)
Business consultant, adviser , professional speaker and business executive trainer.

Recent Credentials in Management Education
Devised and taught new course in business economics and e-commerce at UniMelb 2010
Taught Management Economics in Master of Enterprise, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur 2008-10
Devised taught Advanced Economic Policy analysis for Master of Management, UNiMelb, 2010
Management Economics Short Course, Chinese delegation, Uni Melbourne, 2010
Summer School Professor, University of los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, 2006 and 2011.

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