Ngahihi o te ra Bidois is the Face of New Zealand and an international Leadership Speaker. He has many years of speaking and leadership experience in the Business, Education and Maori sectors and has been described as a Modern day Warrior and a living piece of Art and has presented to many organisations such as Google in New York. 

Ngahihi holds a Business Marketing degree, a teaching diploma, and a Masters in Education with honours and is has received the National Speakers Association (Auckland) Speaker of the Year and Inspirational Speaker of the Year Awards and recently received the Premier award of New Zealand Speakers Association New Zealand Speaker of the Year.

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois has helped many Business Leaders, Educational Leaders, Sports Leaders and Community Leaders to increase their spheres of influence. He has presented in various countries including Malaysia, Singapore, America, England as well as conferences and seminars throughout New Zealand. Applying Ancient Wisdom from his indigenous culture Ngahihi offers pieces of wisdom in an inspiring and informing manner.

Ngahihi o te ra believes the most important resource in many organisations are their people. If people feel valued and are appropriately developed their continued contribution is priceless. One of the Maori proverbs outlines this: He aha te mea nui? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing? It is people, people, people. Ngahahi helps organisations to develop their people.

In life, we can choose to be a victim of our circumstances or rise above our personal challenges to achieve our full potential/ideal self. To do this we need to reflect on who our ideal self is, what are our personal core values are, the impact our core values have on our lives and what masks we adopt to hide or protect ourselves.

Keynote Presentations  
Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions for Leaders
Ngahihi presents Ancient Wisdom from his Maori Culture as Modern Solutions for Leaders and outlines how all Leaders can identify their leadership skills and capabilities and increase their leadership influence. Ngahihi o te ra lead a business from a gross income of $800,000 to $3,200,000 in two years and is the Chair of a multimillion dollar Maori Lands Trust. He outlines keys to his leadership success in this presentation.

1. To help individuals identify and develop their leadership skills and capabilities
2. To inspire leaders to greater leadership roles and responsibilities
3. To increase an individuals leadership influence
4. To help organisations develop their leaders in all areas

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois uses methods such as reflective practice to encourage listeners to look in a virtual mirror and answer questions as he is presenting. This keynote presentation encourages individuals to self assess their skills and abilities, identify their leadership qualities and consider Ancient Maori wisdom as Modern leadership solutions.
Leaders will learn to increase their influence by looking like a leader, speaking like a leader, thinking like a leader and acting like a leader. This inspirational, entertaining informative and life changing presentation has helped many leaders around the world in Corporate and non-Corporate organisations increase their influence and develop their leadership in their personal and professional lives.

Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions for Teams

Ngahihi presents Ancient Wisdom from his Maori Culture as Modern Solutions for teams. This presentation will enable organisations to create, develop and maintain successful teams. As a leader Ngahihi o te ra Bidois has lead many teams in various tasks and situations including projects, Chairing Boards, Curriculum development and achieving Corporate objectives. Ngahihi uses his team leading expertise and experiences to outline keys to create, develop nd maintain effective and productive teams that achieve results.

1. To help individuals see why they should become a part of a team
2. To identify and develop an individuals team skills and capabilities
3. To inspire individuals to discover their role and remain a part of a team
4. To increase an organisations team effectiveness and productivity
5. To help organisations develop their teams in all areas and consolidate their brand.

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois uses methods such as reflective practice to encourage listeners to look in a virtual mirror and answer questions as he is presenting. This keynote presentation encourages individuals to self assess the importance of teams and consistent commitment to an organisations brand. It also encourages individuals to consider their team roles, skills and abilities while considering Ancient Maori wisdom as Modern team developing solutions. Participants will receive keys to creating and maintaining effective teams through Ancient Wisdom from Ngahihi's Maori culture. As Ngahihi points out everyone knows there is no 'I' in the word team, but there is a 'me' and also a 'mate'. Ngahihi outlines the importance of recognising the 'me' and 'mate' in creating and maintaining outstanding teams. This presentation has been delivered to many organisations world wide and has led to increased productivity and commitment to team and brand.

Proverbs, People and Purpose
Ngahihi presents proverbs from Ancient Maori Wisdom as Modern Solutions to enable individuals and organisations define the importance of people and find their purpose. Ngahihi o te ra Bidois received his traditional Maori ta moko or tattoo on his face on March 1 2004 and in this presentation he outlines the processes required to receive this gift from his Maori ancestors. This process included the inspiration from proverbs, the support of people and a strong commitment to his life purpose. Ngahihi outlines processes that will help individuals and organisations find their purpose, recognise the importance of people in their lives and organisations and identify their personal and professional proverbs.

1. To help individuals identify their motivating proverbs or organisation mottos.
2. To create and establish new proverbs or mottos.
5. To identify and develop the significance of people in an individuals journey.
6. To outline the importance of clear decision making processes for individuals and organisations to achieve their purpose and increase their effectiveness and productivity

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois uses methods such as reflective practice to encourage listeners to look in a virtual mirror and answer questions as he is presenting. This keynote presentation encourages individuals to self assess the importance of proverbs, people and purpose in the success of the many personal and professional roles they have. This presentation also encourages individuals to consider their purpose clearly map out their plan to achieving that purpose through proverbs and people around them. This presentation answers questions such as What are your motivational proverbs? Who are the most important people in your personal and professional life and what is your purpose. We all have our favourite proverbs and people that motivate and inspire us to achieve our purpose. In this presentation Ngahi draws on personal and professional knowledge and experiences to help you identify and achieve your purpose through proverbs and people. 
Customised keynote  Presentations
Ngahihi will also develop customised keynote presentations to suit your people. He is the National Speakers Association of New Zealand Speaker of the Year and has a Business degree in Marketing, a teacher's qualification and a Masters in Education with Honours and has held various leadership positions in the Business, Education and Tourism sectors. He draws on these experiences to deliver informative, educational and entertaining presentations on areas more suitable to any particular client. Ngahihi o te ra Bidois is unique and offers Ancient Wisdom as Modern Solutions for you.



Thank you so much for participating in Google's Leading@Google speaker series in our New York City Office. We were honoured to have you share your stories and lessons from your new book Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions. You have supported and made an important contri- bution to the dialogue about leadership at Google and in the learning community at large on You Tube. I am also happy to report that the video of your talk on you tube is a success on You Tube, with over 2,000 views and a 5 star rating.
- Learning and Development specialist, Google

As an event manager I work with many keynote speakers, MC's and entertainers. Ngahi proved to be an MC / Speaker that I will never forget. The Convention attracted 1,400 participants and ran for five days. From the first day through to the last, Ngahi had the audience captivated with his insightful and entertaining speaking. Ngahi has a motivational twist in his speaking and leaves delegates feeling inspired and passionate about their fields of work. I recommend Ngahi to any event as a professional speaker, outstanding Master of Ceremonies, strong leader and inspirational entertainer. Ngahi is an amazing person with qualities that will benefit all people, events and seminars that he is involved with.
- Event Organiser

I was fortunate to be one of over 400 delegates who attended the Renal Society of Australasia (RSA) Conference in Rotorua . The program consisted of four workshops, 13 invited presentations, one panel session, 59 orals and 47 posters within both plenary and breakout sessions. The Conference was chaired by Master of Ceremonies Ngahihi o te ra Bidois. Ngahihi had a unique ability to inspire and move the audience with his beautiful stories. One minute he would have us laughing uncontrollably and the next there would not be a dry eye in the audience. He was able to convey the spirituality of the Maori culture to the point that moved many of us. Somehow he was able to apply aspects of Maori culture to our everyday work and provided us with useful insights into leadership and caring. His involvement in the conference was a true highlight.

Ngahi was absolutely amazing. I have never, in my life, met such a beautiful person like Ngahi. What an absolutely wonderful human being. He attended the whole weekend and made a huge effort to fit in with the clients and the staff, and everybody has praised him for that. Our feedback forms from clients also indicated that he was a real hit - his average score on a 1-10 scale was between 9 and 10.
- JLF Corporation

Ngahis interactivity, genuineness and simple message was incredibly powerful. He was easily the stand out speaker of the conference and understanding the impact that it had on my colleagues and I, I immediately set about planning his attendance at our end of year function.
- Director, The Selector Group

Ngahihi Bidois speaker

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