Niale McLoughlin is a talented trainer, an inspiring speaker and a gifted workshop leader. His workshops guide people towards building stronger relationships, boosting personal effectiveness, and reducing stress.

Living in Asia since 1975, Niale has more than 25 years of experience in facilitating management retreats and corporate workshops. He has led workshops in 11 Asian countries, for groups ranging in size from 7 participants to over 3,500. He has been based in Singapore for 18 years and is well attuned to the local environment.

Niale has an outstanding track record of leading successful learning events, as indicated by the many positive comments offered by his clients and workshop participants. (See attached for a sample of typical comments). Over a 15 year period, more than 90% of his training assignments have led to repeat engagements.

Niale focuses on assisting people in service industries, as well as sales and marketing professionals. He leads acclaimed teamwork and service improvement programs, including Passion at Work and Service Mastery.

Niale is also an expert in stress management techniques. He teaches a range of stress release methods which are easily applied and highly effective, including powerful Energy Psychology techniques. He has been exploring different methods of stress relief since 1976, after witnessing his boss collapse from an overdose of stress. (Later, Niale took a time-out from his career and spent 6 months learning how to teach meditation)

In addition to his skill in leading corporate workshops, Niale is adept in a variety of personal development methodologies. He regularly attends workshops for continued personal growth and professional development, most recently Byron Katie's School for The Work.

Niale has conducted workshops on Customer Service, Teamwork, Managing Relationships and Well-Being for a wide range of organizations, including: ABN Amro, Aspial, Ascendas, Bank of America, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Credit Swiss First Boston, Citigroup Private Bank, Emerio Corporation, Fortis Bank, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, Kato Spring, Kimberly Clark, Lexmark, Mandarin Oriental Macau, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Microsoft Operations, MRI, Oracle, PepsiCo, Peninsula Hong Kong, Rabobank, Raffles Hotel, Rolls Royce Marine, Siemens Medical Solutions, SingTel, TNT Logistics, Tyco and Yum! Brands.

Why Hire Niale?
Here's why Niale is an outstanding choice as your workshop leader:

1) He is highly experienced: Niale has an outstanding track-record of delivering successful management workshops in Asia, as you can see from his clients' comments. You can trust Niale to deliver excellent results.

"Brilliantly organized and completely captivating..." EggSystems.Com

2) He is exceptionally competent: Niale's expertise enables him to work skillfully at different levels (from MD to front-line staff) and be effective in a wide variety of settings. You can rely on Niale to get the most from your people.

"You really get the best out of people." Credit Swiss First Boston

3) He is very flexible: Everything Niale does is customized. His workshop approach means the client is never locked into a rigid program structure. Also, Niale is highly adept at adapting his workshops to match the human dynamics of each situation. You can be confident that Niale will meet the needs of your group.

"We heard great comments from the team. It was a super experience, and I thank you for being flexible and responsive to our needs." Kimberly Clark

4) He is a skilled facilitator and a terrific trainer: Niale has more to offer than typical facilitators. In addition to his wide range of performance enhancement tools, he always delivers solid, practical know


It was one of the most timely, on-target workshops I have attended, and I know everyone on the team felt the same way.
- ABN Amro

I have had the opportunity to participate in many training sessions over the years and was pleasantly surprised to find yours filled with so much humour, wit and energy. We also received very positive feedback from the group on your expertise... Congratulations on a job well done.
- Bank of America

The feedback was fantastic and with the time allotted I don't believe we could have done more... Great job!
- Pizza Hut/Yum Brands

Thank you for the entertaining program in Dubai. It truly was a wonderful experience and the Redington team loved it. I am glad that the concept of team spirit and focused approach towards achieving the company objectives was well received. I have never seen the team so charged and involved as was evident from the spirit of participation in the various games and I would like to say that we all benefited from your program.
- Redington Gulf

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