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Nic Feteris helps teams make big jumps, to the next level, something new, or just forward.

Nic's jumping credentials include parachuting from great heights. From mountains, starting even before he had heard the term, base-jump. From monuments, like the Statue of Liberty. From the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for a Mission Impossible film. From buildings, like the former World Trade Centre in New York. And from hot air balloons, as high as 36,600 feet.

A career highlight was producing a documentary about making "the world's highest base-jump". National Geographic rated footage of that jump, from the 20,600-foot Great Trango Towers in Pakistan, their most "amazing moment" on film.

Nic's professional background is advertising. He held positions ranging from Sales Executive to Publisher for major media. Nic is now the principal of a media agency he formed over 20 years ago.

Nic speaks of how base-jumpers, mountaineers, sea kayakers and other extreme adventurers think; why they do what they do, what they do to be responsible, and how anyone can launch into new territory using the same approach.


Business development
Salespeople go on an emotional expedition every day. They are mountain climbing explorers. Their capacity for using courage to succeed is an unarticulated secret. Nic tells them what they always knew about themselves but have never heard expressed before. He leaves them raring for adventure.

Risk taking
Whether it's salespeople facing rejection to make sales, or investment managers risking losses to make profits, professional risk-takers must expose themselves to succeed. Nic reconciles the ambiguity that's part of respecting compliance and following rules, on the one hand, while pushing limits to reach performance targets on the other.

Risk management
It works best when it's part of part culture. The problem is that to professional risk takers risk management can get in the way and to everyone else it can be just plain boring. Use Nic to get risk management on the agenda at your meeting. He'll make managing risk about performance as much protection. And he'll make it exciting.

How does anyone jump off a cliff? The same way you do anything that's a stretch: muster the courage to stick themself out there, then use expertise and judgment to manage exposure. Nic will tell you how base-jumpers and other extreme adventurers think in ways that helps to muster courage and manage risk.

No organisation can provide a risk-free work environment. Not just because it's impossible to do so, but because equipment, processes and training are only tools. Safety is a product of people exercising judgment and doing the right thing. Following the rules does not get anyone off the hook when it comes to making work safe.



Thank you for creating a magical and motivating experience that will long stay in our minds. I left the 'experience' feeling quite emotional; and I'm still reveling in your success against all odds. You hit the bulls-eye when it came to demonstrating teamwork, trust and partnership. You demonstrated that 1 and 1 does not equal 2 - it equals success.
- Nortel Networks

We were all inspired by his courage and determination to succeed. His enthusiasm infiltrated the group and set a productive working environment for the weekend.
- Macquarie Bank

Thank you for a superb presentation. The buzz around the office was amazing - your presentation created exactly the response we had hoped for. The way in which you presented your story and related it to our business was superb and speaks highly of your professionalism.
- Price Waterhouse

Nic's commentary was enthralling. Concepts of vision, setting goals and practice was very relevant.
- Samsung

Excellent job of bringing people's focus back to planning, preparation, and team work as key ingredients for success.
- Westpac

Everybody was delighted with the presentation by Nic. Many people have commented on how well he linked the purpose of the sales rally into his presentation and how relevant the messages were.

Nic rounded off the marketing seminar brilliantly. Our clients have been talking about the presentation long after the event was over.

Nic took the time to research our company and the reason for our conference then worked his presentation to suit. He had everybody awe struck. Nic was a very good re-energiser for the audience, his enthusiasm to goal setting was inspirational.
- Energy Australia

Nic made exactly the right links with regard to ICI and what he's done. All the speeches on the following day made a reference to Nic, what he's achieved and what we need to achieve. Slick, professional presentation. Everybody thought he was great!
- Orica

Nic has a very exciting story to tell and does so in an entertaining manner. He skillfully related his messages re planning and teamwork to the selling business. Nic tailored his presentation to ensure his comments had relevance for AMP people. Lots of enthusiasm and energy.

Your talk was interesting, challenging, exciting, inspirational and above all highly relevant to our workshop. Your ability to project knowledge of our industry, our business, our culture and our future vision after only a short briefing was a mark of your true professionalism.
- Franklins

You were fantastic - I had goose bumps at times. The feedback was fantastic from staff - they raved about you! The way you tied in your adventure to API’s change program was exceptional - people sitting there would have thought you worked for API! Really brilliant.
- Australian Pharmaceutical Industries

Our delegates have not stopped talking about your presentation! I would personally like to thank you for delivering one of the most powerful presentations I've seen, and integrating the content to incorporate a Toshiba focus.
- Toshiba

Nic was well researched, brilliantly prepared and had us all in the palm of his hand holding our breath!
- Australian Tourist Commission

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