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Nicholas describes himself in his own words as a "sales speaker but with a twist".

Nicholas' experience includes delivering keynotes to companies such as Oracle Netsuite and Toastmasters International as well as Master of Ceremonies (MC) for Oracle's ANZ Partner Forum.

He is a gifted presenter both in-person and virtually, having used COVID to build a dedicated in-home virtual presentation studio.

Nicholas has learnt through 25 years of international sales experience in the U.K, Denmark, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and India and having closed $ millions of dollars of technology deals for clients across multiple industries that sales is not just a useful skill-set for sellers to benefit from. We all can. Nicholas has spent 16 years as a high-achieving sales executive selling large technology deals in the enterprise market. He transitioned into high-performance sales training and coaching and has spent the last 5 years empowering sellers and their managers to "succeed beyond their capacity"

Through these experiences and decades of learning and honing the skills required to be successful in sales, he has learnt some truths and lessons that are not only applicable to audiences interested in developing their sales acumen but they are also highly applicable to audiences that are interested in the development of people.

Nicholas will complement your company's annual kick-off meetings, annual sales success summits, annual company reward events, employee celebration meetings and/or annual award events and/or evenings. He is an inspirational, engaging and educational speaker who will deliver a presentation that will help your audience think differently about how they can contribute whilst empowering those around them to do the same.

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Always Be Discovering

Sales make the world go round. Sales, selling. closing deals is one of the most necessary parts of running a business. We don't teach it at schools, or universities. As a business, your success is predicated on how successful your people are selling to your target audience. The golden rule is this, we do not need to have "salesperson" on our business cards to be in sales.

This presentation is developed after 25 years of sales, selling, and sales leadership along with thousands of hours of delivering sales training and sales coaching to hundreds of individual sellers.

This presentation is for any business that wants to improve, increase, and create more momentum in your sales engine. It will be funny, entertaining, engaging and most of all...action orientated.

Get your people in the room to learn;

  1. What makes buyers want to say yes.
  2. What mindset do you need to truly succeed in modern sales
  3. How can you beat your competition, every time

Sell Me On It

Learn to leverage the dynamic parallels between sales strategies and talent development.

This keynote explores the compelling synergy between the art of selling and the nuanced craft of developing people in the workplace.

We have two sets of customers in the world of business. Our external customers pay for our products and services and our internal customers help develop and sell those products and services.

The great news is that both sets are customers are similarly motivated. The not-so-good news is that many of our engagement initiatives fall short of aligning with these motivations.

The way we help buyers make more empowered buying decisions is very similar to how we help our people remain engaged, fulfilled and empowered with the work they are doing.

Book this keynote if you want to learn;

  • How 25 years of sales experience unlocked the secret to truly engaging your people.
  • Learn that what buyers need from sellers is the same as what employees need from their managers.
  • The one simple secret to unlocking the potential of your people.


Nicholas heard in the corridor that we were going to host an ANZ partner forum in July 2019 and volunteered to MC the event. I was initially very sceptical, however understanding my shortcomings, I immediately reconsidered, which was one of my best-ever decisions. Right from the Introduction, it was obvious that Nicholas was going to transform what was inevitably going to be a rather boring afternoon, into a high-energy event, and he managed to keep the audience participating right through to the end. In fact, most of the 120-plus partners who attended actually congratulated me on having such a highly energetic and entertaining MC who in there their view, was the most exciting part of the forum.
GM, Alliances and Channels, Oracle

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