“I loved Nick’s presentation. In fact, I liked it better than Cats.”
So said a recent audience member at one of Nick’s presentations.

Either this person really dislikes musicals or Nick is a true speaker with a difference. He is known as the Man with a Thousand Stories – principally because he has had almost a thousand careers. From Hollywood Studio Executive, Stand-up Comic & Producer to Dotcom COO, Author, Lawyer & successful Entrepreneur – he has what could be regarded as Career Attention Deficit Disorder.

One thing is for sure, no one has a resume like his. It is his breadth of experience that gives Nick’s audiences a unique journey via his witty storytelling and hands-on insights. His presentations are not untried theories or blogger’s guff. Nick successfully uses these methods in his various businesses every day.

Currently, Nick is the Global Head of Technology & Innovation for an organisation with 7,500 employees in 30 countries. As a side-hustle, he founded LawPath, now Australia’s leading online legal service with over 120,000 users.

The Australian Financial Review calls Nick a “Digital Transformation Guru”.

Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy chatbot, Parker. He is on the board of directors of:

  • ASX300 software company, Integrated Research;
  • global genomics leader, the Garvan Foundation;
  • the Vodafone Foundation; and
  • the Sydney Film Festival.

He is the author of two Amazon best-selling books Digital Disruption in Australia and Big Data, Big Responsibilities and co-hosts the popular tech trends podcast, Smart Dust.

As a reward for having read this far, you get Nick’s favourite tech joke:
A photon goes to the check-in counter at the airport and the check-in person asks: “Do you have any luggage” and the photon responds, “No, I’m travelling light.”

Speaking topics

Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat… Forever

We live and work in a multiverse. Business is now an aggregation of physical & digital spaces connected by tech without regard to geographic boundaries. That multiverse is changing and becoming more complicated at an exponential rate. Alchemize today’s fear, uncertainty and disruption into a massive opportunity for you, your team and your organisation. In this session, leaders and those who would like to be leaders will discover:

  • the secrets of organisations that have turned adversity into success
  • a proven strategy for effective innovation
  • the key tech trends you need to embrace or be crushed by
  • a blueprint for establishing a unique value proposition in the multiverse
  • the new world of being an “Accountable Organisation”

Lighten Up…
How Leaders Can Use Humour to Create Great Organisations

A sense of humour is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done – Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A Robert Half International survey found 91% of executives believe a sense of humour is important for career enhancement and 84% feel that people with a good sense of humour do a better job. As a former standup comic, Nick is able to provide insight into how to create more open and relaxed cultures – which lead to better innovation, engagement and profitability. In this session, leaders and those who would like to be leaders will discover:

  • how to find your own appropriate humour-style
  • how to create a culture where the use of playfulness breaks down barriers
  • how to safely encourage the use of humour in the workplace

Eureka - How to Lead Hi-performing Innovative Teams

Every organisation needs to innovate to stay alive. But most innovation projects fail. Nick is a global innovation leader in an organisation of 7,500 people spread across 30 countries. He has studied and worked with some of the world’s leading innovative organisations. He distils his learnings into a proven methodology for leading hi-performing innovative teams.

In this session, leaders and those who would like to be leaders will discover:

  • Developing & communicating a compelling vision
  • How to build an innovative team, from on-boarding to outcomes
  • Measuring & managing innovation
  • Communication strategies that really work
  • Leveraging collaboration platforms correctly
  • Nurturing a culture of collegiality & success
  • Change your innovation culture – take the 60 day MVP challenge


Nick has an insiders understanding of the world of technology and innovation. His speech was funny, fast-paced and insightful as well as being motivating for our people. Happy to recommend Nick.
Gary Wingrove, CEO, KPMG

Nick's insights have been invaluable to our business and to our customers. Nick has facilitated a number of round table events that we've hosted for our key customers, and his incredible knowledge together with his wit, charm and experience has resulted in high-quality engagements. I would highly recommend Nick as a speaker or round table facilitator.
Kira Bomberg, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Mimecast

Nick Abrahams speaker

Speaker Video

SARS Bump & Pivot

SARS Bump & Pivot

Introduction to Nick Abrahams

Introduction to Nick Abrahams

[Introduction] Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat… Forever

[Introduction] Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat… Forever

Cliftons Elevate virtual showcase - Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat… Forever

Cliftons Elevate virtual showcase - Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat… Forever

Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat…Forever

Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat…Forever


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