Nigel Collin

Founder and CEO - Ingenious Oz Project. Profitable Growth through Better Business Process.
Armed with a video camera, Nigel set off on the first of a series of solo motorbike trips throughout regional and remote Australia to discover and interview everyday Australians who have had ingenious ideas and made them happen. His hope was that by sharing their stories other people would also be inspired to pursue their ideas. He wasn't mistaken.

As Founder and CEO of Ingenious Oz Project, a not-for-profit movement to inspire the ideas of a Nation by discovering and documenting stories of ingenious people, Nigel knows first hand what it takes to be ingenious. With original research and case studies gained by traveling throughout Australia, as well as his own experience working in the creative sector, he has unique insight into what it really takes to be innovative and drive growth through ingenious ideas. He believes innovation belongs to everyone, not just the leviathans of business, and has a passion for seeing people fulfill their ideas.

Having spoken at countless conferences, he has advised Ministers of Parliament, C-Suite executives, sat on the roundtable for the Queensland Government's 'Year of Creativity' and organisations in a myriad of industries including IT, Events, Marketing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Telecommunications have benefited from his experience and expertise.

With over two decades of experience in the world of events, Nigel is also able to draw upon a wealth of practical hands-on experience when it comes to capitalising on ingenuity. In his creative life he holds the accolade of being Show Director of Australia's largest-ever corporate event and has worked on a multitude of corporate and public events including the Sydney Olympics and Paralympics.

An ambassador for 'Start-Up Australia', Nigel is also author of two books, a TED-Xer, an Alumnus of the Disney Institute and is a CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional) the highest designation offered by the National Speakers Association.

GAME OF INCHES - Business Keynote
This keynote is about giving participants an achievable process for small scale everyday innovation based on research from interviewing over 100 of Australia's top entrepreneurs and  business leaders and owners. It focuses on their  actions and behaviours NOT personality or character traits.
Business is a 'Game of Inches' and not a one off event. Successes come from many small, practical steps rather than the single ?Eureka? idea. The game of inches is what makes 'big' happen?
Drawn on interviews with a range of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, this session looks at the actions successful organisations people do, how to implement those actions, and most importantly measure them.

  • Understand the value of the ?Game of Inches? in business growth.
  • Explore four key actions successful  organisations and leaders take
  • Give participants an achievable process for effective improvement.

Igniting Viable Ideas
This session will give you and your people the process, skills and confidence needed to consistently generate viable ideas that will make a difference to your customers and your business.

Not all ideas are created equal. In fact the world is full of ideas looking for a home. So how do you consistency find ideas that are viable and make a difference to your bottom line.

  • Understand the value of everyday innovation
  • Discover the blocks to innovative ideas and what to do about them
  • Discover what it takes to bring viable ideas to life in your organization

Better Business Conversations
One conversation can spark an ingenious idea, improve sales and lead to new business opportunities. When we drop our agendas, let go of the sales pitch and are open to genuine conversations, we discover opportunities we never thought possible.Drawing upon conversations and stories from the 'Ingenious Oz Project', this session will challenge you to have real conversations that cut through the surface clutter.?

  • Understand the importance of having real conversations
  • Discover how to ignite real conversations within your teams.

This session looks at the four key actions, delivering them into an accessible process to achieve them in your work environment.
1. Understand the value of 'the game of inches' in business growth and success.          
2. Work through four key actions successful organisations take.
- Find a gap
- Take action
- Test and Measure everything
- Delete or Improve
3. Give participants an achievable process for everyday small-scale innovation.
The session includes video footage of interviews with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs and so participants will walk away inspired by hearing from real, grassroots examples as well as having worked through a practical and achievable model.
This keynote is perfect for both plenary and breakouts sessions, in particular as an opening session in order to frame the day and reframe mindsets.
This is about giving delegates an achievable process for small scale everyday innovation based on research from interviewing over 50 of Australia's top entrepreneurs and a similar number of business leaders and owners. It is about actions and behaviours NOT personality or character traits.
Suitable for
Top Management
Business Channels
Change management
Constant Improvement

Practical Outcomes
An achievable process which participants will work through bringing it into their own work environment
Actions and behaviours of successful businesses and leaders (no Guru's No BS)


Your role as MC was particularly well received by delegates. Some comments delegates made were that you were: - "Fun, inspiring, encouraged interaction" - "Lively, down to earth humour. Great!" - "Fabulous as usual, really liked Nigel's individual gifts for presenters, a nice touch. Well done, most entertaining.
- MIAA NSW Branch

I didn't know you were that talented - I like it - erratically, poetically nonsensical.
- Off Site Connections

You stand out as number one in professionalism in our industry.
- International Corporate Events

Fabulous - exactly what I wanted.
- St George Financial Services

I only have positive things to say about your workshop. I found it really inspiring as someone who doesn't feel that she is overly creative in her ways of thinking. Even in the short time we had with you, you challenged this way for me and I have been bringing more and more to the table at work and in my personal life every day because of a new 'can do' attitude.
- Unilever

Thank you so much for the session you conducted for the RTA Human Resource Strategy Kick-Off, last Tuesday. It was a great success and the feedback since that day has been very positive.

Fun, light, breezy and refreshing. It was very easy to engage with all participants and the experience was bustling with energy.
- American Express

Firstly, thank you again, it was surely by far one of the best workshops I have been to in some years

I'm always looking for new ideas and ways of looking at things and was quite motivated by your session.
- ING Australia

I received great feedback about your session. Scored 4 & 5 out of 5.
- Commonwealth Bank

Not just entertaining but useful - great ideas you can use immediately
- Empire Force Events, Inc. New York USA

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