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Nils is a reinvention and innovation expert who delivers high-energy keynote presentations that challenge audiences to reinvent their thinking and results. Audiences love his practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally. Meeting planners love working with Nils, often describing him as the creative catalyst for their events.

Nils is the founder of Innovation Agency Ideas With Legs and earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation from Professional Speakers Australia. Organisations around the globe, like Nestle, HP & Pfizer, turn to Nils to share his proven techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

Nils has authored four books, including “The Reinvention Sprint - The Fast Track Method To Rethink & Rebuild Business”, Ideas With Legs - How to Create Brilliant Ideas and Bring Them to Life”, “Innovation Archetypes - Principles for World Class Innovation”, and “Life’s Little Toolbox”.

Oh, did we mention that Nils is an extreme sportsman who competes in Hang-gliding World Championships and is also a yoga teacher? Why does that matter? Well, it means he’s a bit adventurous and knows how to help other people get their energy up and turn it into action.

Speaking topics

Scramble - Validated ideas on demand

Rapid, risk-free innovation that won't cost you a fortune.

When business operates at a supersonic MACH 3 pace, we don't have the luxury of taking a few days to think of a solution, especially when
someone else is gunning for your position.

On the fly, we need to be able to analyse a pressing problem and generate profitable solutions, followed by validation and a strategy to validate and execute. In short, we must create rapid commercial solutions as quickly as possible.

Audiences will learn

  • Validate your ideas rapidly and inexpensively to eliminate the riskFlip the bottlenecks costing you time & money into innovationsTap into the innovation cognition regions of the brain
  • Facilitate and prompt innovative thinking ideas with just one
  • Create rainmaking ideas from scratch


Insider secrets to change performance mindsets

We live in a rapidly evolving world that needs people to be adaptive and open to changing how they think. Rethinking business and life challenges, and having the ability to think differently to create groundbreaking ideas that effect positive change.

Being able to 'un-think' how things used to be done and then rethink how things 'need' to be done in our evolving world are a must. In this session, you will learn how to identify the habits and thinking that hamper your ability to contribute to game-changing thinking & how to rewire your mind in order to accelerate your success by thinking the unthinkable.

Audiences will learn

  • How to break your limiting habits and beliefs
  • How to start rewiring what you thought was possible
  • Ways to eliminate unwanted behaviours
  • How to deal with discomfort
  • How to create valuable ideas effortlessly

The 5min innovator

Everyday innovation for the time-poor. Innovation doesn't have to take long. In fact, we can innovate with as little as five minutes a day.

Now more than ever, innovative ideas are the currency for success. While we know innovation is valuable, it's a sad fact that too many people in organisations don't have the time to innovate... Or do they?

The good news is no matter how time-poor or how crammed our heads might be with traditional business management skills, with Nils' 5minute innovation techniques, anyone can start innovating to improve their results.

Audiences will learn

  • Mental deck of quick practical processes to solve problems
  • Redefine problems to discover the crux of a problem
  • Use models to deconstruct & prevent mistakes
  • Simple daily activities that generate improvements


Uncover what your customer really wants to pay for.

Insights that will fuel your business growth. Want to know the starting blocks for the world's best innovations? It's insights. An insight is a word commonly used but seldom understood. It's a human truth, be that a customer frustration, need or desire, or emerging trend that has yet to be capitalised on.

Most of us make the mistake of generating ideas without clarifying what customers think and the emotional undercurrents that drive their purchasing behaviour. Focus groups don't work due to biases, and people suck at predicting how they will behave in the future.

The secret lies in observing and decoding how they behave to what you put in front of them and what they are thinking but not saying aloud.

Audiences will learn

  • Spot critical trends that will affect your industry and market
  • Uncover the emotional undercurrents that are driving your customer
  • Learn the drivers to shift customers from inertia into action
  • How to join the conversation your client is having in their head with the product or service you are selling


Compelling, informative, stimulating, hopeful. Great confident delivery.
 - Sharon Leadbetter, mental health association of NSW

Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.
- Rory Muscat, Bankwest

Great presentation - clear message.
- Kylie Donovan, NSW department of training & education

Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at our CBA conference. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we would use him again in a heart beat.
- HR manager Commonwealth Bank

Nils Vesk's ICSP's Cool Under Pressure Keynote and workshop was brilliant. Nils Vesk would have to be one of the most congenial and passionate presenters ICSP has ever showcased. Our members and guests were given many practical and achievable skills to use during their busy work schedules... and ones that work!

It was so fantastic that Nils was able to spend some time with the team prior to our session, as I felt it made it more personalised. He has truly inspired and ignited the enthusiasm within our team, and we cannot wait to bring our new ideas to life.
- Sales Executive, Sane Event Group Pty Ltd

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Nils Vesk - Showreel

Nils Vesk - Showreel

Nils Vesk - 5 Minutes with O

Nils Vesk - 5 Minutes with O

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