Think Jamie Oliver meets Edward DeBono.

Nils Vesk is a professional designer but you won't find him designing your office layout or your company website. For the last 18 years Nils has been applying the process of design thinking to the business of generating and realising ideas. His clients include the worlds fastest growing companies who use Nils as a virtual think tank and change catalyst for accelerating business growth through innovation.

He's strategic but stops at number crunching, he's mentored Australia's most successful entrepreneurs yet stopped at becoming a venture capitalist and his fast thinking is in higher demand than instant coffee. Of course he's published books and been on TV but more importantly he wants to collaborate with you!

Nils began his careers as an urban designer, creating amusement parks and towns in Asia, but in the process became concerned with his colleagues inability to perform under pressure. So Nils became a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and went on to write his internationally-published book, Life's Little Toolbox as a foundation to help teach people how to utilise stress to get things done.

Nils' core services are often described as 'innovation to go'. Nils has a number of keynotes, workshops, and consulting services that are primarily focused on helping organisations innovate and create innovation from blueprint to bottom line.

So what sets Nils apart from the rest?

18 yrs experience in design thinking Processing power Ability to turn ideas into profitable projects Ability to generate ideas instantly Graphic facilitation and communication Tools that are instantly applicable

Challenges that Nils is called in to help solve include:

  • In-house innovation
  • Competitive advantage beyond quality, quantity and cost
  • Products and service similarity
  • Service experience
  • Failing to capture & utilise organisational wisdom
  • Project and personal procrastination
  • High stress and pressure commitments 
  • Innovation leadership


Graphic Recording - unlike other facilitators Nils has the incredible skill of being able to graphically capture the key points of a discussion

Ideation assistance - your ideas are gold, we help you discover them so that you reap the rewards

Aural recap/ summaries - as a speaker NIls has the innate ability to summarise points verbally and communicate clearly, succinctly and elegantly.

Post event follow up - we keep in constant contact pushing you and helping you succeed in achieving your agenda.



Energy management - Nils is an energetic master and knows just how to get an audience's energy peaking.

Multi talented - Unlike other MC's Nils has a vast array of talents suited to emceeing. From a wealth of knowledge of energisers to thought provoking keynotes. Nils can mix and match the perfect solution for whatever challenge their may be.

Return on investment - we make sure that your money making ideas happen so you maximise your R.O.I

Processing power - It's rare that you'll come up with an emcee with as much processing power as Nils. No matter how complex the topic or industry Nils has the capability to process and communicate the main topic points with every one of your event participants.

Speaking topics


How to create killer ideas on demand

Think on your feet

Fast solution thinking for tricky situations


Courageous thinking for a cut throat world

The next big thing

ow to spot and catch the waves of change


Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at our CBA conference. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we would use him again in a heart beat.
- HR manager Commonwealth Bank

Nils Vesk's ICSP's Cool Under Pressure Keynote and workshop was brilliant. Nils Vesk would have to be one of the most congenial and passionate presenters ICSP has ever showcased. Our members and guests were given many practical and achievable skills to use during their busy work schedules... and ones that work!

It was so fantastic that Nils was able to spend some time with the team prior to our session, as I felt it made it more personalised. He has truly inspired and ignited the enthusiasm within our team, and we cannot wait to bring our new ideas to life.
- Sales Executive, Sane Event Group Pty Ltd

Nils Vesk speaker

Speaker Video

Nils Vesk - Showreel
Nils Vesk - 5 Minutes with O

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