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International speaker, Leadership Guru, author and coach, Omar was rated by the Young President's Organization (YPO) as an "All Star". He has shared the stage at the international symposia with former President George Bush, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and World Trade Organization's Secretary, Dr. Supachi amongst many others.

Omar Khan, the author of Timeless Leadership and Synergy, has worked with organizations across North America, Asia and Europe. His articles on leadership have appeared in THE WASHINGTON POST, CONFERENCE BOARD Magazine, CONSULTING Magazine, EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE Magazine, Peter Ducker's LEADER TO LEADER Magazine and STRATEGY & LEADERSHIP magazine.

Omar Khan founded Sensei International, which focuses on improving the quality of business through leadership. The Sensei vision is to make leadership 'possibility' REAL. Sensei operates in the Americas, the UK, Asia Pacific, South Asia and the Middle East.

The Sensei approach is to build successful companies on the basis of successful relationships. Which is why, Omar Khan excels at emotionally engaging leaders, helping them enroll each other, to produce significantly better results.

Omar is also the co-creator of Sensei's Leadership Journeys, an exhilarating new approach to building leadership ability, authentic communication and creative community among teams at all levels of the organization. Past journeys have included crossing the Sinai, exploring the ruins of Machu Pichu and the rainforests of Malaysia while living with the communities. It is about adapting, coping with change and understanding community. It is about transformational learning and living the ideals of leadership. A senior leader of a large transnational organization, having experienced being on one of these journeys said "A Group of friends and acquaintances left for this journey and returned as the company's top team". Sergio

All companies have areas where they should be doing far better, either in resolving problems, or better yet in also creating the future. The limit often isn't the lack of strategy, capital or technology. There is a 'non-technical' barrier. By implication, there is therefore an adaptive opportunity. That's leadership. And leadership is "the difference that makes the difference".

Keynote and Training Topics:
Leading With Passion
Timeless Leadership
Mastery of Self (NLP)
Real Leadership Real Results
Winning Globally...Through People
Coaching for results

Drawing on his years of experience working in the U. S., U. K., Europe, The Middle East, South Asia and Asia Pacific, this keynote will drill deep into some of the most pressing issues facing corporations today:
- why change campaigns often fall flat
- getting rid of initiative overload - starting too much and finishing too little
- building a team that's emotionally engaged

Today's leaders face global challenges and changes that compel them to adapt, innovate and strategize in order to thrive professionally and personally in the exciting and turbulent times ahead. These include:

Hitting the Strategic Plateau: Maxed out in terms of growth? Re-imagination and reinvention will breathe new life into your efforts. Free your organization of 'paradigm prisons' and optimize the collective intelligence of your team to transcend the status quo.

The Shared Results Conversation. Omar will share his ground-breaking experiences on creating powerful partnerships.

The Positive Focus. The focus is on what happens when change efforts sputter out. This simple multi-faceted tool and approach to sustain energy and recharge batteries can help transform our relationship to life and all those we engage with.
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