Oriel Morrison

A finance expert who's covered the industry from both sides, Oriel Morrison has built a national profile as one of the Nine Network's leading financial journalists. She began her career in the financial markets trading equities for one of Australia's most prominent brokerage houses. She then moved on to trade, and advise on the futures and foreign exchange markets. That experience led her to one of the world's financial hubs - she headed to London to work as a reporter for the Reuters Financial Television network.

In London she covered news on all of Europe's major equity, currency, bond and commodity markets. Returning to Australia, she joined the local operation of Reuters Television as a presenter and the lead television reporter.

Oriel then covered finance nationally for Channel Seven, and internationally for Sky News, as well as being a regular presenter on Sky Business Report.

In addition to television, she appeared as a regular finance expert on the Macquarie Radio Network, featuring mainly on Sydney's premier station 2GB.

Oriel is now a presenter and senior financial journalist with Australia's premier free-to-air television network, the Nine Network. She also appears as a regular finance expert on the Radio station 2UE.

Aside from her media commitments Oriel is an accomplished corporate presenter and spokesperson.

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