Patricia Wheatley-Burt

Patricia Wheatley Burt (FCIPD) is an international motivational speaker, trainer and author.
She has over 20 years practical, board level experience in Business and Human Resource Management within the professional and service sectors.

Patricia has helped her clients and audiences realise their capability, helping them to set goals and be motivated to exceeding their wildest expectations. As a result of this, her clients have achieved considerable improved business performance and pro?its!

Patricia Wheatley Burt is a business and HR consultant and expert in professional practice management. She works with a range of professional practices and service based organisations and provides Consultancy, Training and Executive Coaching based on over 20 years experience in these sectors.Patricia established what is now Trafalgar - The People Business in 1990, and specialises in strategy, organisational design and workflow, performance and people management, communication and managing change, and of course developing profitability.

Clients benefit from Patricia's expertise in the professional world, finding that those 'tiresome management tasks' become easier, more manageably effective, that staff become fired up with enthusiasm and the practice achieves higher profitability.

As a keynote speaker and facilitator Patricia focuses on motivating her audiences to welcome change, to understand the personalities and motivations of others, to work together towards targets and goals which ultimately lead to success for all.

Trafalgar - The People Business is managed by Patricia and covers a range of Consultancy, Training and Executive Coaching projects all linked to the performance and profitability of people.

All training programmes can be tailored to meet clients' specific needs in the following areas:

  • Organisational design and structure

  • Leadership and Team work

  • Performance Management and Reward

  • Communication, Motivation and Management

  • Presentation skills, tendering & winning work

  • Business Development and Internal Branding

  • Interpersonal skills for individuals and managers

  • People Management - processes and procedures

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