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Dr. Pat McCarthy is a rising star of speaking in New Zealand.
For 12 years Dr McCarthy has spoken to a huge variety of medical audiences, once to over 7,000 people. He is renowned for his easy humour and his ability to simultaneously inform and entertain. He makes the complex, understandable by painting memorable images in the minds of the audience believing that "a picture paints a thousand words".

Dr McCarthy studied medicine in a medical school in Glasgow, Scotland. He trained as a general practitioner and honed his persuasive emotive skills to get people to look after their own health. He worked in a mission hospital in Africa and at times was the only doctor (or one of 2) looking after 250,000 people. He learned how to operate in a crisis with no backup and no fear. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1986 and took up medical hypnosis in 1991 and by 1994 was the President of the New Zealand Society of Hypnosis. Since then he has opened the first medical hypnosis practice in New Zealand. He has lectured both locally and internationally always leaving his audiences intrigued and entertained.

Given his fascination with the mind for so many years he specialises in talking about sloppy thinking in all its shades and varieties. Sloppy thinking is common but is fixable. For many people the space between their ears has the greatest soil for real estate development.

Listen to the man who's been a streetsweeper and a surgeon.A charity fundraiser and a cancer doctor. A delivery boy and a baby deliverer.
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