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Paul Wallbank is one of Australia's leading experts on how industries and societies are changing in this connected, globalised era . Paul helps businesses, governments and community organisations identify the opportunities in this time of rapid change.

In explaining trends and technologies such as cloud computing, social networking and broadband technologies, Paul deciphers the jargon and helps audiences identify opportunities and understand the risks in the new economy.

As a broadcaster, Paul has two regular monthly radio segments with a combined audience of over a million listeners discussing change on ABC Local Radio stations across Australia. He is also a frequent commentator on Television, print and other radio outlets.

Paul also has a regular computer column and has written seven books including  eBusiness; Seven Steps To Online Success and the Australian Dummies guides for PCs, Internet and Laptops. He's also collaborated on a number of other book projects.

In business Paul has been involved in building a number of new ventures, including PC Rescue which, thanks to Paul and his team's focus on customer service, grew into a national support business and led to his embarking on writing and broadcasting career.

Paul also worked with the New South Wales state government building Sydney's profile as a global centre in the digital economy. This work resulted in the Digital Sydney strategy with $2 million of initial government seed funding and gave Paul  close insight into how governments can engage with digital businesses and communities.

With experience in media, government, customer service and business Paul brings a wide and unique perspective to his practical advice on how to benefit and profit in today's rapidly changing society.
Corporate, government and community groups can engage Paul on a range of topics relating to how society and business is changing with the rise of digital industries, connected communites, fast broadband and pervasive computing. Paul  carries out extensive research for his client prior to a presentation.


Paul does the most important component of speaking better than most- and that is: Taking the trouble to understand who his audience will be, where they are at and how he can create value for them. He is knowledgeable on a range of topics and his agile mind can knit together relevance in an instant which always make for a fun Q&A session.
- Director of Innovation, AMP Society

Paul Wallbank is an engaging speaker who knows how to distil technical concepts into stories that any audience can relate to. He is entertaining, informative and understands how to establish a strong rapport with the crowd.
- Managing Director of the Sydney Writers' Centre

Paul delivered an engaging and informative keynote presentation for the City of Sydney Let's Talk Business series in 2011. Paul also served as moderator and emcee for another Let's Talk Business event. Paul is extremely well prepared, speaks with authority on his topic and relates well to both the audience and other panellists. He has a friendly, approachable, style, and makes excellent use of case studies and examples to illustrate points. He's also highly professional and delivers on time and as promised. I highly recommend him as a speaker at your next event.
- Managing Director The Events Agency

We were fortunate to have Paul present a session at our Independents' Day event in Sydney in September 2011. Members of our 300+ audience gave Paul a 9 out of 10 rating and of the many comments received this probably summed him up the best, "a great session packed with great information". There are many speakers purporting to cover the tech space, I've yet to see anyone who does it as comprehensively and passionately as Paul.
- Founder of Flying Solo, Australia's micro business community

Paul is an excellent communicator between clients, contractors and government and has wide experience in media, startups, government, business and enterprise. Most importantly he is an innovator and really knows the IT &T business sector locally and globally. He is always looking to explain new technologies practically and offer advice on state of the art tools to get the best results he can. A great presenter for big audiences to engage them and a pleasure to collaborate with him. I can highly recommend those interested in his work, or potential clients to not hesitate.
- Economic Development Coordinator, Warringah & Pittwater Councils

At the last ASCCA National Conference Paul was the first keynote speaker of the two day event. He gave it a wonderful start as he introduced our audience, from the newest user of technology to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy, to the theme of the conference with his presentation Reaching Connected Communities. He is extremely popular with our audiences. That is why we keep asking him back!
- National President, Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association

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Paul Wallbank

Paul Wallbank

Paul Wallbank - The Future of Magazines

Paul Wallbank - The Future of Magazines

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