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Pauline Grogan is a dynamic, challenging and entertaining speaker whose presentations have drawn critical acclaim in Australia and New Zealand. She has been described as "a speaker who can capture and enhance any audience. Her presentations are a triumph as she recounts true life stories with humour, honesty, humility and conviction."
Pauline's life and her triumph through love and faith in the face of apparently insurmountable odds was the subject of a Television New Zealand documentary, following the publication of her autobiography, Beyond the Veil.

Pauline's book tells the extrodinary story of her mentor James Lynch who spent 44 years paralysed in Tauranga Hospital and of his influence on hundreds of other people.

A former nun, mother of four children, a distinguished career in education, and a passionate involvement in the sphere of disability, Pauline draws upon her astonishingly varied life experiences to inspire audiences with her stories and the insights she has gained. Through her stories Pauline challenges each person to ponder, "Who are you in the silence of your room?" or "Who are you when no one sees?"

In 2002 Pauline began a new full time career as an Inspirational Speaker and a Writer.

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Pauline Grogan

Pauline Grogan

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