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Pauline is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs – but with difference. She is inspiration with substance. She teaches with warmth and humour, telling her own story of what can be achieved through key alignment of thoughts and intentions. She has a high-performing Western business background combined with an Eastern slant of spirituality.

Pauline is a best-selling author and award-winning businesswoman – and her achievements are all the more impressive for her having escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp. She has overcome these adverse beginnings to transform her approach to success by re-engineering her beliefs, questioning the status quo and hacking cultural norms.

To become one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs takes hard work, determination, inspiration and substance. It also takes the courage to defy conventional wisdom and the tenacity to get back up again, no matter how many times life knocks you down. Pauline has learned to reframe the events of her tumultuous childhood, and often describes her upbringing as her ‘training’.

Pauline became a master of her thoughts, behaviours and emotions and approached everything with an unshakable spirit. Her day-to-day professional life was in orbit around her life principles, and not the other way around. This self-actualisation has carried her to prosperity while running the awarded restaurant Red Lantern, (the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world) and authoring bestseller, Secrets of the Red Lantern. Her unique philosophy also inspired her newest release, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur – The 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life

In 2012, Pauline and Red Lantern won the Australian Telstra Business Award for Medium Business. But that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pauline’s achievements; her memoir, Secrets of the Red Lantern, has been critically acclaimed around the world and appeared in numerous bestseller lists. She holds a BA in Communications from the University of Technology, Sydney, and in 2008 won Newcomer Writer of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards.

Pauline has achieved outstanding success as an entrepreneur, author, businesswoman and acclaimed speaker, and also has the skills to connect with her audience and her clients in a profound way – she helps awaken and focus people to change their own story for a better future. Pauline is proud to be represented by ODE Management who look after only 20 of the top ‘non celebrity’ speakers in the world.

Pauline is an original ‘Rare Bird’ – one of Australia’s top 50 influential female entrepreneurs – and is included in Blackwell and Hobday’s global recognition of 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World.

Following on from her success with Secrets of the Red Lantern, Pauline has penned a new book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur – the 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life. Through direct experience, she knows that ‘happiness’ alone won’t solve our business problems. To be Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable are more powerful traits.

Pauline describes The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur as a no bones, honest and forthright methodology of business, life and spiritual practice designed to disrupt standard ways of thinking, bringing the unconscious into the conscious and catapulting the reader into an optimistic mindset of abundance and possibility.

The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is the recent winner of ‘Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book of the Year’ – 2019 Business Book of the Year Awards. She believes that any person or organisation who follows The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur is destined to have a competitive advantage in business and in life.

Pauline’s unique life experiences have given her a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals and businesses alike, allowing her to pass on the invaluable skills of self-mastery, courage, resilience and grit. As Pauline says, ‘If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence with others.

When Pauline talks of commitment driving outcomes, people listen.

Speaking topics

Secrets of the Red Lantern

Through the mastery of her story telling, Pauline will take you on a delicious and tumultuous journey of how and why Red Lantern, after 21 years in business, still holds the mantle of ‘The Most Awarded Vietnamese Restaurant in the World’ in what is a truly challenging, fickle and competitive industry.  Find out what it takes to sustain a business for more than two decades with Calm Courage, Resonating Resilience and Tacit Grit to do what needs to be done for yourself and your people.

The Four Essential Ingredients for Evolving Leadership

Dive into deep, controversial and complex topics, distilled eloquently for execution today. Pauline Nguyen shares how true leaders hold others accountable while being “compassionately assertive.” People who want to join the new future of leaders must walk the walk, not just talk the talk. From her experiences as a refugee to being named one of the 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World, Pauline shares why the greatest leaders lead with diversity and inclusion not just as social responsibilities, but as powerful weapons for business. Find out why The Huffington Post described Pauline as “the most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet.” Discover the 4 pivotal components of evolving leadership: conscious leadership, self-mastery, competent vulnerability and diversity and inclusion.

The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur

It’s time to disrupt the disruption.  For the life of the modern conscious leader, the highly competitive business environment can be a battlefield. Having worked with, coached and facilitated entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, corporate executives and leaders from all walks of life, Pauline has seen many incredibly gifted, driven, passionate and purposeful leaders fraying at the edges diseased and dis-eased.  Sure, they may boast that they have a lot of money in the bank but they are spiritually bankrupt and are struggling to find joy, purpose, satisfaction, happiness and harmony.  At an organizational level they are burned out, stressed out and frazzled. In this riveting keynote, Pauline speaks to The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur and why ‘The Way’ ultimately presents a radically new and meaningful paradigm that enhances and enriches everyone who embraces it.  Especially if the goal is to build and sustain vibrant, creative and profitable organizations with engaged, energised, inspired and productive teams over the long run. 


Every so often, there is a speaker who graces a stage and creates a seismic shift in the energy of the room. Pauline Nguyen knows how to transfer her knowledge and experience in a way that creates inspired and insightful opportunities for change and growth.
Mirjana Novkovic, Co-Chair, 2022 Engage IASB

An incredible share of values, insights and transformation. Pauline’s presentation style made me feel like she and I were the only people in the room.
Business Development Manager – OSTRO

Your inspiring personal story resonated deeply. The audience felt inspired, supported, and connected. The response has been overwhelming!
Women Intuitive Network leadership team

Pauline's content and delivery were so powerful she kept me in rapt attention for the entire presentation even as I watched remotely.
Co-Chair, 2022 Engage IASB

Pauline was highly responsive to the audience, enthralling and capturing their creative minds. We highly recommend Pauline as a speaker who succeeds in exposing leaders to the limitless landscapes of leadership.
WA Secondary School Executives Association

Pauline was captivating, arresting our 600-strong audience the second she took the stage, and displayed a generosity of spirit from brief to prep to execution, making our partnership a real privilege and pleasure.
VP Channel APAC (Foundry, formerly IDG Communications)

Pauline took us on a journey, she made us laugh, she made us cry and she inspired us to improve ourselves. Pauline connected with us, touched us all and left us forever changed.
Women in Digital Programs Lead, Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

Pauline was electric. She controlled the room. I was captivated from the very start.
Sales Manager, Microsoft

Pauline's Keynote was so personalized that it literally felt she was looking each one of us in the eye and speaking. No one fidgeted. I looked around and no one moved.
Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2021

Pauline is one of the most powerful, engaging, and inspiring speakers I’ve had the pleasure ever to see. Her compelling and heartfelt story filled with courage, innovation and self-mastery is one all leaders should hear.
Anne Petracca - CEO Lorriane Lea

Real Raw and Relevant. Pauline gave us so much to think about through her life story, sprinkled with experience and wisdom.
Celine Egan - CEO The Juice Plus Company

Pauline’s presentation was breathtaking, mind-blowing and one of the best leadership keynote speakers I have ever heard. She was raw, vulnerable, generous, open and so insightful. I am truly blown away. If anyone hasn’t heard her speak, they need to!
Allana Hinks – Managing Director Modere Australia

Pauline was beyond incredible. Not one person dropped offline during her keynote – the entire audience was riveted by her story – We definitely hit the jackpot with Pauline! Today on LinkedIn people are still posting about her presentation.
Executive Director | Diversity Alliance for Science

Pauline’s story of inspiration and honesty was one of the most impressive presentations I have ever seen - and kept the entire audience engaged and wanting to hear more.
Crestone Wealth Management

Pauline captured the attention and hearts of everybody in the room as she told her story of her life - one of the best professional speakers I have seen.
Capability Project Manager - Westpac

Pauline combines honesty and vulnerability with a confidence that is engaging to listen to. The audience was captivated. Without a doubt one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.
Director, Senior Marketing and Business Leader - Optus

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