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Peter Legge is an inspiration to anyone who meets him! He lives his life dream as an internationally acclaimed professional speaker. He is also President and CEO of the largest, independently owned magazine publishing company in Western Canada, with a network of 20 magazines, and annual sales in excess of $25 million.
Peter travels the world as a motivational speaker, accepting more than 100 assignments each year from clients who know that when he speaks, his words will be a catalyst for positive change.

His presentations are based on his everyday experiences as a community leader, husband, father and CEO. They are filled with stories that reach the heart and with words that move and motivate. Peter's keynote addresses and seminars are nothing short of spectacular. Some titles include:

  • How To Soar With the Eagles

  • 25 Success Secrets

  • It Begins with a Dream

  • Taking on the Giant

  • Five Smooth Stones

  • As Simple as One, Two, Three?

In company with very few others, Toastmasters International has awarded Peter the Golden Gavel, and honoured him as Top Speaker in North America. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional, a proudly earned designation of the National Speakers Association.

Peter is tireless in his commitment to the community. Among his good works, he is a Director of Variety Club of British Columbia and a Variety Club International Ambassador.

As a successful businessman, community leader, father and husband, Peter's wry observations on life are crafted into powerful messages. He has told many of his stories in four best-selling books - How to Soar with the Eagles, You Can if You Believe You Can, It Begins with a Dream, and If Only I'd Said That. He has also released a two-cassette audio album, 25 Success Secrets, a tremendous reinforcement of the motivational message.

Peter is topical, on target - and guaranteed to be a great speaker!


How to Soar with the Eagles - inspiration for personal and business success
What counts? Persistence, patience and a positive attitude. You'll hear his unique take on leadership, motivation, goal setting, thriving on change and overcoming adversity - and when he's done, you'll walk away inspired to make changes of your own.

25 Success Secrets - proven ideas to jump-start your life
Peter has grown with his team for 25 years, and he's always ready to tell the world the secrets of his personal and business success. It's a powerful story. You will discover new tools to help you get ahead in your personal and business life; learn why some people succeed when others fail; develop skills to help you manage change; identify the kind of people you need as teachers and mentors; master techniques that will help you achieve your goals. Peter will talk about leadership, motivation, goal setting, thriving on change, overcoming adversity and continuous personal development.

It Begins with a Dream - how to win the race of your life
Races aren't always exhausting physical endeavours. They can be as simple as setting a goal that you think might be just beyond your reach, and going for it. In this presentation, Peter says that if you have a dream, that if you're at the starting line and you're ready to go for it, you will savour sweet victory.

Taking on the Giant - the challenges of leadership
We admire, respect and follow great leaders - and as the world evolves, we keep looking for more of them in every field of endeavour. Leadership is never given, says Peter. Leadership is always taken. Leadership at best is making promises to people, and keeping those promises. Leaders are the models that organisations look to for guidance. Leaders establish the ground rules and the parameters for those who follow. Any good leader must first have followers who want to be led. Not managed, but le
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Peter Legge

Peter Legge

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