Peter Merrett

Peter inspires organisations to shine with extraordinary customer service

Drawing from his 30 years experience as a chef, luxury hotelier and corporate business leader, Peter delivers emotionally connecting, memorable and enlightening keynote addresses, coaching and facilitation of workshops to stimulate the culture of organisations around the world - with positivity, kindness and extraordinary customer service.

Peter reveals through uncomplicated, refreshing and economical recipes the benefits of transforming the heart of any organisation into one of greater workplace well-being, morale, motivation, imagination and appreciation.

Stimulating the spirt of your culture, with kindness 

Peter offers real-life strategies to achieve extraordinary customer service

We live in uncertain and challenging times. The future can sometimes look bleak, but it doesn’t have to be. Peter will nourish the spirt of your culture, your people and your customers with new and exciting meaning and it starts with something refreshingly simple. Wonder. From there he takes you through a journey of real-life strategies to achieve extraordinary customer service. 

Peter's practical insights

Authentic lessons learnt as a chef, luxury hotelier and corporate business leader

Peter removes the distraction of thinking that dazzling customer experiences requires huge budgets, complicated systems and processes and the latest gadgetry that promise a new way of customer excellence.

Instead, Peter shows you how to release your buried powers and heart, to make the unexpected become normal.  His stimulating ingredients of Wonder are a distillation of the lessons learnt throughout his career – the good, the bad and the ugly. The authenticity of Peter’s message offers more than just words, theory and mindless jargon, but the transforming and practical powers of hospitality in business.

Peter’s focus is his audience

From multi-award-winning hotelier to professional speaker

Peter began speaking 15 years ago after being asked to represent his employers at various international events. He went from being blinded by fear, to finding a passion so deep inside him that has since kindled his full-time purpose.

Peter’s devoted focus today as a professional speaker is his audience. He instinctively follows what he learnt in hotels, and attentively looks through the eyes of your team and customers, to tailor every experience. Peter takes the time to properly understand each opportunity and goes all out to serve a personalised experience that is inclusive, engaging and fun.

He is constantly evolving and perfecting his content and only uses authentic, real-life examples (as well as a quirky prop or two,) to nourish the heart of your team and customer experience.

Speaking topics

Putting 'extraordinary' back into your customer service

Peter’s keynote addresses and workshops are custom-made for each audience, but typically feature a blend of the following six topics:

  1. Workplace joy
  2. Customer service pleasure
  3. Positive leadership
  4. A culture with heart
  5. The art of hospitality
  6. The power of words


We call you ‘Memorable Mr Merrett!’. It’s 2 years since your keynote and we still talk about it today!
General Manager, JLL America

Wow! Peter, the energy with which you share your passion and knowledge reminds me of Walt Disney. You have fun ... while educating at the same time!
Author Disney U.

This was the first standing ovation we have seen in my 10-year history of running the annual JLL America conference. A truly memorable show that touched everyone!!
JLL President of US Property Management

Your message will forever change the way that I think about work. A must experience for any business who wants to increase employee and customer engagement!
COO Kingpin, Australia

This was my first virtual experience of 2020 that didn’t feel virtual... thank you for capturing our minds, hearts, and souls. I am so proud of all that you do for humanity!
Owner & Managing Director, ZeeTheCook Culinary Studio

I am incredibly glad you were born and that we got the opportunity to hear your wisdom about making the world more wonderful
Director Client Engagement,, Dallas

Peter set the bar incredibly high and many attendees told me it was the best BOMA event they’ve been to in over 20 years
COO, Hawaiian Building Maintenance

Peter’s ‘show’ was a real highlight of the South Africa convention!
CNN International Anchor & Business Reporter

You made me cry (in a good way!) I was moved by the inspirational approach you have to delivering exceptional service and the examples were great!
Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant at System Partners, Australia

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