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Australia - NSW

Peter has managed some of the finest luxury hotels in the United Kingdom, where he lived and breathed the beautiful craft of hospitality and service.

Later in his career, Peter’s team pioneered the ‘office-hotel’ concept at the iconic Tower 42 in London, the first-of-its-kind luxury hotel in a commercial office building. In 2008, the property became the first from Europe to win the International TOBY Award (The Outstanding Building of the Year).

Since moving to Australia, Peter enjoyed seven fabulous years as Head of Customer Experience across the Property and Asset Management division of JLL Australia. 2015 saw his amazing team crowned winners at the prestigious International Business Excellence Awards for Customer Experience.

As the NSW Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia, he has had the thrill of taking his leadership in a very new direction on behalf of some of the most highly acclaimed speakers in Australia.

Today Peter is delighted to be an Ambassador of BOMA International and recently served as Chair of the International Region Council for five years. Founded in 1907, BOMA is an international federation representing building owners and managers of all commercial property types, including nearly 10.5 billion square feet of US office space.

Energising performance

Fun is the best form of contagious

Peter’s fun-filled, turbo-charged messages will have you leaping out of your seats exclaiming ‘but of course!’.

His signature keynote Whatever Happened to Wonderful? playfully examines what happens to organisations when they lack the most vital of currencies – emotional connection – before getting to the ‘aw shucks’ stuff. This means businesses with Wonderful, what they look like, what they feel like and most importantly, how their newfound Wonderful spirit will lead to a culture of pride, increased market share and award-winning customer experiences.

Peter treats every moment on stage as a production, performance and theatrical opportunity. With an infectious sense of enthusiasm, he is, not without reason, regarded as The Willy Wonka of Customer Service.

Educational themes

With a penchant for playfulness

Peter is devoted to delivering a serious message with fun and elegance. He enhances his messages by making learning a blast by using props, the element of surprise and an oh-so-theatrical flair.

Then of course, there’s his penchant for playfulness. While each keynote is highly personalised, his themes tend to focus on culture, leadership, team spirit, permission and caring, all with a good sprinkling of fun-infused magic dust. By using real examples and real stories, Peter invokes real possibility and real impacts for people across all levels of an organisation. By extracting gems of actionable advice for audiences to take away, he brings fresh perspectives to the age-old problem of improving the way businesses operate. So hold on to your hats, folks. And be prepared for moments of deep reflection and illuminating insights. 

Enchanting audiences

with a unique delivery method

To say that Peter has a unique delivery method is an understatement. He is renowned for wowing audiences with a quality that has long gone out of vogue – old fashioned charm. He exemplifies his message of ‘going beyond the norm’ by doing just that. Whether it’s writing handwritten thank you notes to each audience member or using oodles of balloons, Peter goes all out to surprise. His magical touches transport people to another world, while instilling hope there is a simple, more remarkable way of doing things. A better way to retain talent, communicate in the business space, and make your organisation remembered. Don’t expect to hear a penny drop for all the belly-aching laughter.

One thing’s for sure, participants will leave with a treasure-chest of gems, along with a new-found enthusiasm and immediately actionable inspiration, advice and tools for long-term success. Sounds Wonderful, doesn’t it?

Speaking topics:

  • ·The Magic of Business Culture and Customer Experience
  • ·Ripple your Rhythm with Positive Leadership
  • ·Award-winning Teamwork
  • ·Making Customer Service Fun Again
  • ·The Art of Persuasion
  • ·The Power of Words
  • ·Luxury Hotel and Hospitality Excellence
  • ·Bringing the Spark Back to your Workplace
  • ·International Business Etiquette
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Peter Merrett - Bringing Wonderful to Life
Peter Merrett - Pure Wonder
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